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479 Yuanbi Yao“s Obession

In reality, the Origin God Sect didn't have just three hundred sect disciples, since all the people in the Origin God World were its disciples. The reason why the sect only accepted three hundred people was actually because the world ancestor tree's twig only had three hundred positions. From this, it was clear that Origin God Sect's strength couldn't be estimated.

Even Underworld Serpent probably wasn't much stronger than this Origin God Sect. Now that Li Yunmu was more aware of the situation, he understood just in what huge pitfall he'd fallen in.

Yuanbi Yao had pointed out previously that the people of the Origin God Sect had innately weaker body constitution which made it difficult for them to cultivate. Yet they possessed such an enormous number of great flux experts?

What was going on?

Every year, the Origin God Sect delivered a large number of newly born infants to the various sects in the Origin World to be nurtured. After they reached adulthood, they were recalled back to the Origin God Sect. But wasn't Yuanbi Yao in the same situation?

For some reason, no. He status had to be extremely special. She was personally escorted by an elder of the Origin God Sect, so how could she be ordinary?

Previously, Li Yunmu hadn't know the strength of the Origin God Sect, but now that he understood it, he was naturally frightened. There were three hundred disciples, the weakest of which was a great flux expert, so what would be the strength of an elder?

Probably an ordinary sage flux expert wouldn't be able to manage such a position?

Could it be the legendary deities?

The elder he'd met was surprisingly an elder level powerhouse? Thinking about this point made Li Yunmu feel even more frightened.

"Then what about the leaves above the ten layers, what sort of people have the qualifications to occupy them?"

Li Yunmu found that there were many more tree leaves on the eleventh layer.

It had one hundred and eight leaves, which far surpassed the number of leaves on each layer below it. Furthermore, the size of each leaf on the eleventh layer was greater than of those below it.

After the system's careful scanning, he found out that the surface area of one hundred and five out of the one hundred and eight leaves was thrice the size of the leaves of the first ten layers.

Additionally, there were some relatively unique leaves which were ten times larger than those below them. This left him astonished, and he wondered how the number of leaves could be the same as the number of flux points in a flux expert.

Sure enough, his thinking was on the correct path.

"You should have noticed that the eleventh layer has one hundred and eight tree leaves. They represent the one hundred and eight flux points of the Origin World. The eleventh layer is open to all the cultivators of the Origin World who need to cultivate there. Each one of the tree leaves represent the cultivation holy land for cultivating a particular flux point."

"As long as you stay on the leaf corresponding to a particular flux point, you will obtain twice the effect for half the work. That's why the cultivation speed here is much faster compared to the outside world.

"Besides, you also don't need to worry that the flux energy you're absorbing is impure. All the flux energy here is extremely pure, which saves our cultivators a lot of time required to consolidate the realm…" Yuanbi Yao explained.

Her words left Li Yunmu shaken to the core. He hadn't expected that the eleventh layer contained extremely precious leaves which were like a holy land for the lowest level cultivators.

Moreover, it was open to everyone in the Origin God World? This included Li Yunmu as well, right?

No wonder then that Yuanbi Yao had calmly agreed to provide him with the cultivation method for final three flux points to him. After all, they were basically open to the entire Origin God World.

It also explained how the Origin God World had so many formidable great flux experts.

It has to be known that after reaching the great flux expert realm, regardless of wherever one went in the Origin World, they would be considered as a high class expert.

And as for sage flux experts, they were considered powerhouses in the Origin World. Then what about deity level characters? Li Yunmu hadn't seen even one of those legendary beings.

"Then what about the twelfth layer, the bloom of the World Ancestor?" Li Yunmu asked. He was filled with extreme curiosity towards this sole bloom on the twig of the ancestor tree.

If the eleventh layer had one hundred and eight leaves whose each leaf was larger than the leaves of the previous ten layers, then the bloom on the twelfth layer far surpassed the size of any leaf before it.

The diameter of the huge corolla was several tens of kilometers, and it covered all the tender new leaves on the twig.

"World Ancestor's bloom on the twelfth layer is actually the location of our sect where all the important people live. Only the people who had entered the sage realm possess the qualifications to enter there," Yuanbi Yao told him.

"Then what about you, do you possess the qualifications to reside on the twelfth layer?" Li Yunmu suddenly asked.

"I naturally..."

As the words were about to slip out of Yuanbi Yao's mouth, she quickly managed to take control of her mouth and realized that she was being tested by Li Yunmu. She suddenly felt that the current "Brother Qingyang" wasn't the least bit like Brother Qingyang from before.

The previous Lin Qingyang wasn't that cunning, and a hint of killing intent was born in the heart of Yuanbi Yao. Li Yunmu seemed to have sensed it and indifferently smiled toward the crazy woman.

How strongly was she attached to her feelings of love?

Bullsh*t. It was more like Yuanbi Yao was only fond of Lin Qingyan, but she wasn't clear on her feelings and continued to get involved with him. It went so far that even after learning that he had died, she forced Li Yunmu to act in his place. All of that was only to satisfy the crazy obsession in her heart.

"What? Regretting now?" Li Yunmu questioned while watching her attentively.

"No, I'm not regretting. I know you are a outsider, and I want to trap you within the Origin God World for all time. I want to see who will be the one regretting in the end," Yuanbi Yao said while gnashing her teeth.

"Tch, you really are willful. Aren't you afraid about how I will treat you?"

Li Yunmu shrugged his shoulders and continued to add oil to the fire.

Yuanbi Yao wasn't a complete idiot and in time managed to control herself. After letting out a groan, she ignored Li Yunmu and walked away toward the large twig after stamping her feet.

Along the way, no one stopped her. Seeing this scene, Li Yunmu was once again verified that the foolish woman wasn't so simple. She possessed a unique position in the Origin God World, just like Night in the Hall Clan.

Regardless of whether it was Night or Yuanbi Yao, all of them a unique status. Otherwise, a person whose strength couldn't even raise waves in the flux expert realm, wouldn't have the qualifications to reside in the region where only sage flux experts lived.

Suddenly, Li Yunmu thought of something and remembered Yuanbi Yao's previous words that the twig had thirteen layers. Where exactly was that thirteenth layer?

However, Yuanbi Yao was annoyed with him and had already left.

At that moment, Li Yunmu saw a group of guards climbing up the twig. But he didn't follow them.