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Origin God World...

Li Yunmu kept foolishly staring at that ancestor tree reaching the clouds. The enormous coconut trees which he had seen on the island dimensional space had been extremely terrifying. With their height reaching close to ten thousand meters, they had broken Li his view of the Origin World long ago.

However, when he saw the legendary ancestor tree, he found out that he hadn't known what was truly imposing. 

In truth, the ancestor tree wasn't from the Origin God World. This dimensional space existed on one of its branches.

That being said, World Ancestor which Li Yunmu was seeing wasn't the complete tree, but one of the countless branches.

The one before him stretched through the sky of the entire Origin God World until it disappeared on the other side.

Li Yunmu could clearly see many leaves which were full of vitality. Each of them was shaped like a palm.

He estimated that they were more than a thousand meters long.

That was really the size of just one leaf.

The sea breeze whale had told Li Yunmu that if he used the juice of the leaf of World Ancestor tree to clean his eyes, his vision could penetrate the void and all illusions. Even all the countless dimensional spaces of the Origin World could be seen.

If a dimensional space had the branch of World Ancestor passing through it, there would be another effect. Regardless of whatever methods or abilities the other party used, they could never find the existence that world.

Suddenly, Li Yunmu was startled by a fact that the Origin God World had both of these abilities. What sort of terrifyingly fortunate place was this?

On top of that, how could a second tier sect have been able to grasp such a unique dimensional space? If Underground Serpent knew about such a thing, it would definitely be envious.

"Little Yuan, you mean that the entire Origin God World is under the rule of our Origin God Sect?" Li Yunmu asked in a low voice.

"Hee hee, senior brother, have you become idiot? It's called Origin God World. If it wasn't under the control of our Origin God Sect, what outside would possibly name it after us?"

Little Yuan came out running at that moment and heard their exchange. Instantly, her crescent-shaped eyes bent even more because of smiling.

Good god...

Li Yunmu took a deep breath. He was now certain that Origin God Sect had its word exclusive world which was blessed by World Ancestor.

According to what he knew, there were countless different dimensional spaces in the Origin World, but those which could be called "worlds" weren't numerous. There were only a hundred six of known world spaces.

But they were all under the control of first rate or higher level powers.

Naturally, it couldn't be ruled out that some people might not have made it public even if they had a world space.

But the majority of those who hadn't made it public most likely couldn't be considered as first tier powers. This was because if they made it public, they might not be able to defend their world space with their power.

That was why from the beginning, world spaces were considered to belong exclusively to first tier powers. Apart those with this level of power, others didn't possess the ability to defend them.

The island dimensional space which Li Yunmu had encountered previously could never be compared to a world.

After all, the surface area of the entire island was only several hundred square kilometers at best. That was why Li Yunmu called it as island space instead of an island world space.

The places which could be called world spaces had the surface area of more than three thousand square kilometers. In other words, they were almost equivalent to the moon while some were even larger. A few could be equivalent to his Earth.

And the Origin God Sect possessed a world of its own. Moreover, it was also blessed by the ancestor tree. This made the situation even more complicated.

"Then what is the population of our Origin God World?"

Li Yunmu was like a curious baby, asking questions without end.

He wasn't the least bit reserved in this field since it was a normal reaction for anyone who had been presented with such heaven-defying information.

"I heard master mention that the Origin God World has a population of more than thirty million. Perhaps the number might be a little higher, but there are people who live in the mountains that are like savages and unwilling to be governed by the Origin God Sect," Little Yuan replied with seriousness.

Li Yunmu could see that both Little Yuan and Little Bao were natives of the Origin God World.

More than thirty million people…

After hearing this enormous number, his heart began to beat excitedly. Incomparable envy and thirst was born within him.

If I could also possess such a world space, that would be so good.

But there was one question in his mind: since the Origin God World had a population of more than thirty million people, why did the sect insist on recruit disciples from the Origin World?

Regarding this, Li Yunmu couldn't understand what was going on. With a population of thirty million, regardless of how one saw it, there would definitely be at least several thousand people who could become the disciples of the sect. 

When asked this, Little Yuan and Little Bao found it difficult to answer him.

At this time, Lu Tingting's voice came from behind them, "I know the answer. Because the Origin God World had closed itself off for a long time, the innate body constitution of people here has began to degenerate."


For a moment, Li Yunmu was astonished, then he began to size up Lu Tingting. He was filled with suspicion after learning about her identity.

What sort of status did she possess exactly? She certainly wasn't simply the daughter of Profound South Sect's master. Then what sort of unknown relation did she have with the Origin God Sect that she knew so much about it?

These sort of thoughts formed an enormous question mark in Li Yunmu's mind.

He felt that his mission to sneak into the Origin God Sect had failed. He wasn't an idiot and knew that things weren't as simple as he'd thought after gaining first hand experience of Origin God Sect's treasure trove.

How could he not understand that the Origin God Sect wasn't that simple if people from Underground Serpent couldn't just sneak in casually?

Because of that, Li Yunmu could sense death looming over him, but he didn't try to think much about the question of his safety. What made him hopeful was the fact that although the other party knew that he was a hidden chess piece, she had yet to expose him. 

After all, this situation was far better than him being dead.

"En, because of closing the world for a very long time, the Origin God World couldn't access the origin flux energy of the Origin World. This led to the innate constitution of people to begin weaken. There came a time when they couldn't even cross the threshold for cultivating flux energy. In many cases, the physical strength of a youth wouldn't reach even one ox."

Lu Tingting had answered without concealing anything.