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469 Great Surprise

Li Yunmu had informed An that his identity had been exposed by Lu Tingting and possibly even Lu Zhen.

But because of his intuition, the final part of his report said that the other party didn't seem to be thinking of taking any action to expose his identity.

In a bit over half an hour, the humanoid wooden carving returned with the answer from An.

She told him to not be concerned. As long as Origin God Sect didn't sense anything wrong, he should act according to plan.

Her exact words were that underworld Serpent had methods to keep Profound South Sect silent on this matter. If necessary, even the entire Profound South Sect could be made to disappear.

Although Li Yunmu had been mentally prepared, An's words had still left him gobsmacked. He could sense that her words which held the fate of countless people were filled with killing intent.

Just a branch of an ocean city has the power to remove a third tier sect from existence?

Once again, Li Yunmu sensed the terrifying power commanded by Underworld Serpent in the Origin World.

At dawn the next day, he walked out of his room. Fortunately, nothing had happened at night. Well, something might have happened, but at least he didn't sense any abnormality in Profound South Sect.

Li Yunmu guessed though that Underworld Serpent hadn't needed to take any action since Lu Zhen had chosen to compromise.

Lu Tingting appeared again, and he found her presence really strange. She looked at him with a complicated expression. It was so disconcerting that Li Yunmu didn't want to meet eyes with her.

"I'm not Lin Qingyang, you should know," he calmly said.

Lu Tingting suddenly became emotional and said in a high pitched voice, "No, you still are."

"If you want to believe that."

Li Yunmu was determined to not pay any attention to this woman anymore.

However, when the elder of Origin God Sect appeared, an astonishing scene happened before Li Yunmu. He saw Lu Tingting also about to step onto the skyocean ship.

Li Yunmu stayed rooted to the spot for a long while before asking, "Elder, what's she doing here?"

"Oh, you're talking about Lu Tingting? She has been selected as a successor disciple of our Origin God Sect long ago. We came here mainly to bring her back," the elder replied after an indifferent look at Li Yunmu.

From the looks of it, Li Yunmu didn't have much importance in his heart. It seemed that even if he decided to recruit this youth in the end, him beating the most powerful inner disciple of Profound South Sect with ease was no great feat. An invitation to Li Yunmu had been extended only on a whim.

In an opposite welcome, the elder was extremely cordial toward Lu Tingting.

"Come, Tingting, I will first take you to see your room. After we return to Origin God Sect, I will impart the foundation cultivation method of Origin God Sect to you… Little Yuan, Lttle Bao, you take him to tour this ship. I'm handing Qingyang over to you."

Li Yunmu looked at Origin God Sect's elder leading Lu Tingting to her room and narrowed his eyes.

Little Bao was extremely friendly and walked to him with a big grin. "Elder brother, don't look at her. Elder Sister Tingting's status is different from us. We should pay attention to our matters."

Little Yuan and Little Bao were the girl and boy disciples who had arrived with the elder. They were extremely young and should've just stepped on the path of cultivation; their age was around fourteen or fifteen.

Compared to the friendly Little Bao, Little Yuan was extremely curious and was looking at Li Yunmu with puppy eyes.

"What are you watching me for?" Li Yunmu asked, feeling weirded out by her gaze.

"Hee hee, elder brother, I'm researching you."

Little Yuan stuck out her tongue.

"What research?"

"You seem quite ordinary now, but yesterday, how did your body suddenly form that flesh block armor?"

Little Yuan's words made Li Yunmu cough blood.

Isn't this little girl pointing out that I'm not normal?

What surprised Li Yunmu most was the fact that she wasn't the least bit shy with him and had grabbed his arm to check it. After she discovered that Li Yunmu's arm was normal and wasn't in inhuman state like yesterday, she revealed a disappointed expression.

With just these two guys to receive him, Li Yunmu could clearly sense the contempt from Origin God Sect's elder. Although Li Yunmu had yet to formally enter, his impression of this second tier sect declined greatly. The old man who kept putting on airs relying on his age made him feel quite vexed.

Since this is the case, don't blame me later.

Yet Lu Tingting was surprisingly the successor disciple of Origin God Sect? How could that be? This was new information obtained by Li Yunmu.

Underworld Serpent probably didn't know it; otherwise, with her presence, why would they make him impersonate Lin Qingyang? For a while, Li Yunmu's thoughts were jumbled.

Fortunately, he was completely clear about his future actions.

Not long after, the skyocean ship of Origin God Sect finally began to move. It slowly and laboriously rise up.

After it reached the height of some twenty thousands meters and the buildings could no longer be seen, its speed began to increase. It was so fast that it startled Li Yunmu.

"Hee hee, this is your first time on an oceansky ship? When Little Yuan stepped on it the first time, he also had the same reaction."

Seeing Li Yunmu's astonished expression, Little Yuan covered his mouth and began to laugh.

"Why aren't we using teleport channels and are travelling with a ship?" Li Yunmu asked in confusion.

In the harsh environment of the Origin World, besides those who had entered the sage realm and could control the sacred deadly might, others didn't have the qualifications to fly in the sky.

Even the wings of wind which Li Yunmu possessed couldn't lift him more than a hundred meters above the ground, and even then it could only float in the air for a little bit.

Everything was because of the tremendous gravity of the Origin World and the suppression of the harsh environment.

But the oceansky ship was an exception, since it could also operate in the sky like the sage flux experts. Naturally, the cost of manufacturing such a oceanship was extremely high. Because of that, only second tier or above could possess them.

Yet Li Yunmu still couldn't understand why Origin God Sect wasn't using teleport channels which were a faster means of teleportation when compared to flying a ship.

But this question was quickly answered by Little Bao.

"Establishing a teleport channel would easily reveal the location of Origin God Sect. Elder brother, can't you understand this?" the girl said in surprise.

"Reveal the location? Why would we need to conceal it? Like Profound South Sect, what's the problem with making your place public?"

Li Yunmu asked those things, but suddenly his heart skipped a beat. He realized that even such an existence as Underworld Serpent hadn't told him the exact location of Origin God Sect.

Could it be possible that even Underworld Serpent didn't know where it was stationed?

This discovery made Li Yunmu realize that he had greatly underestimated the second tier sect.