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456 Inner Sect Competition

On Blue Moon Island, it was the time for inner sect battles which were held once per year.

The only people who had the qualifications to take part in the battle on the whole Blue Moon Island were the top ten most powerful cultivators of each residential region. It meant only three hundred cultivators participated in total.

They were all famous figures in their residential regions and were the generation which would become the next batch of core disciples of Blue Moon Island. As long as they entered the great flux expert realm, they would become the core disciples and influential figures in the territory of this administrative power.

"Did you hear, a few days ago, our sect ran into great misfortune. A rookie of residential region fifteen offended our sect's elder for some reason. As a result, that elder dispatched more than ten of our substitute core disciples. But the majority of those people were killed by that person, with only Demon Flame and Fiend escaping alive."

Every year's inner sect battles was the most important event of Blue Moon Island. For those who didn't occupy the first ten rooms in any region, the yearly event was a chance to occupy one of the top ten rooms. Since the three hundred cultivators would participate in the competition, most of them would be seriously wounded or would perish wholy in the fights. Thus, a vacancy would open up in the top ten rooms.

As for those three hundred cultivators, this was their most important day. If truth be told, all of them waited for it for the whole year.

What was the aim of those top ten most powerful people of each residential region participating in the competition?

Their aim was to excel among their peers and step into the heaven from earth.

Usually on this day, during the inner sect competition, there would be many spectators from higher tier powers. All them were more formidable and domineering than Blue Moon Sect, and they would choose the participants they liked.

If any participant showed up to be to their liking, then that person would would experience a meteoric rise and could straightaway enter a second rate power of the main continent from Blue Moon Island, this third rate sect. If someone was extremely formidable and had great fortune, then they could even attain heaven in one step and directly join a first rate power.

But then the question arose about what did it mean to be part of a first tier or second tier power? And why were they so exaggerated?

Regarding this, all the participants or at least those who knew the facts would definitely express that their reputation wasn't exaggerated. It was just that this competition was that important, because it was the method to enter a second tier or higher tier power.

Without any special circumstances, an ordinary cultivator could only join a third tier power at most. If they wanted to join a higher tier power, they had display their best performance during the inner sect competition to catch the eyes of the higher ups.

Then the next question that arose was, given that a second tier power was just above the third tier, then how vast was the disparity between them?

The answer was quite simple—a second tier power wasn't just a few times more formidable than a third tier power, but rather a hundred or several hundred times, or maybe even a thousand times more formidable than a third tier power. And this was no boasting.

A third tier power like Blue Moon sect had thirty residential regions and around nine thousand inner disciples, around a hundred core disciples as well as several tens of thousands of outer disciples.

Yet the number of disciples in a second tier power was more than a hundred times that. Somewhat more formidable second tier powers even had several thousands times more disciples.

This was the distribution of organizations in the Origin World.

A second tier power was more formidable than all the six transcending powers of Earth added together. This was the influence of the environment in which they developed, since the population of the Origin World was far too enormous.

Endless landmass and inexhaustible natural resources plus harsh environment would naturally cause enormous organizations to develop.

Even a second tier power was that terrifying, let alone a first tier organization. This was the reason why Blue Moon sect was forced to reluctantly abandon their hunt for Li Yunmu and return after single line from a minor branch of Underground Serpent on Whale Island.

Moreover, if a cultivator could join a second tier power from a third tier power, he would obtain an enormous benefit. This benefit was something which no cultivator could refuse.

If they could join a second tier power, they would obtain the qualifications to purchase the method to cultivate the one hundred and sixth flux point.

If they could become the core member of the second tier power, then they would obtain the qualifications to cultivate the one hundred and seventh flux point.

If they could then advance another step and join the upper echelons of the second tier power, they would obtain the qualifications to purchase the method to cultivate the final, one hundred and eighth flux point.

Those who knew about inside dealings could clearly understand the preciousness of methods to cultivate the last three flux points.

After all, only those who cultivated the final three flux points, thus reaching the great circle of opening one hundred and eight flux points, could enter the deity realm.

Those who didn't enter a second tier power would have no hope of entering the deity realm. Because of that, there was a saying in the Origin World that those who weren't able to enter a second tier power were all dogs and fowls.

And now in Blue Moon Sect word had arrived that with three days remaining before the inner sect competition, suddenly, eleven of the three hundred participants had perished.

The eleven vacancies which had appeared were greatly desired by all the disciples of the thirty residential regions, and they were willing to pay any price for them.

"Yes, I also heard about that. It was quite tragic. I heard that Wang Tongming, De Zhu, Ba Moluo, and others were all killed while pursuing someone. Reportedly that person called Li Yunmu originally occupied the fiftieth room in the residential region fifteen. He had truly concealed himself deeply! This is too frightening!"

"Yes, but although it is unfortunate, the plans of heavens supersede our own. If he hadn't mistakenly offended Elder Zhang, he might have been able to jump ranks and enter this year's inner sect competition and might have entered a first tier sect in one shot," a senior inner disciple from the older regions said with a hint of regret.

"Huh, Qiu Min, what are you babbling. In any case, it's not us who lost this opportunity, and we are here just to watch the exciting show." Someone on the side laughed heartily.

"Yes. In any case, these opportunities aren't for people like us. Rather than wasting time discussing this, we should go and see who will manage to grasp those eleven vacancies which had appeared out of nowhere. You must know that this is an extremely rare chance."