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455 Change into a Real Monster

Regardless if it was the Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets or the evolved Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets or the Spirit Pincer Step, all of them increased his physical strength. All of them were also at least A grade, besides Spirit Pincer Step.

Naturally because of this, Li Yunmu's physical strength had far surpassed that of other flux experts of the same level. Even if the natives of the Origin World had naturally powerful flesh, they were still unable to compare to his old self, let alone him when he had complemented the innate deficiency of his flux points.

"Now is the tyrant dragon point."

After the first step had succeeded, Li Yunmu's mind was shaken, and he chose to start cultivating the second flux point with great motivation.

Tyrant dragon point was another flux point near his feet. The previous one was mainly to increase the speed of flux energy movement near the sole of his feet while tyrant dragon point would increase the total amount of flux energy moving around the soles of his feet.

It was like a water pipe with one centimeter diameter being enlarged to three centimeter diameter. Naturally, after it was done, the amount of flux energy moving around the soles of his feet would increase greatly.

That being said, he now had opened two extremely important flux points which would increase the movement and amount of flux energy around the soles of his feet. From this, it could be clearly seen that among the thirty-six flux points which Li Yunmu hadn't cultivated, some were very important flux points. No wonder then that there was such a vast difference between fluxers and flux experts.

After experiencing the cultivation of the previous flux point, Li Yunmu had become much more proficient in opening another flux point. In less than three hours, he completely opened the tyrant dragon point.

Once he succeeded in it, Li Yunmu's flux energy strength increased by a terrific amount, rising to one hundred and forty five points. It was an increase of eleven points.

As for his physical strength, it had also swelled to sixty-two oxen from fifty-seven. This was equivalent to three months of cultivation. After understanding it, Li Yunmu had to accept that cultivating this way increased his strength greatly.

At that moment, even without using any trump cards and just relying on his flux energy and physical strength, he could challenge the old monsters of top five residential regions.

If he was to encounter Demon Flame and Fiend now, then with his present strength, he would definitely not need to run. This was the effect of opening new flux points.

Li Yunmu had to pay a price of seven flux binding pills to attack the second point. Unexpectedly, opening the tyrant dragon point had used up more than twice the amount of flux binding pills required to open pentium point. This caused even Li Yunmu's heart to ache.

It has to be known that the public price of a flux binding pill was three hundred contribution points. In other words, Li Yunmu had used up two thousand seven hundred contribution points to open two flux points.

There was no way ordinary flux experts could pay such a terrifying price. Not even speaking about them, even the flux experts from rich families didn't cultivate in such a way. After all, there was just too much money required for this sort of cultivation.

The cultivators occupying the front ten rooms only obtained ten contribution points per day. From this, they could only purchase one flux binding pill after occupying one of the front rooms for a whole month.

Thus, if Li Yunmu hadn't been able to refine a large amount of extreme grade power grain, then to cultivate thirty-six flux points, he could have only relied on the slow accumulation of flux energy every day. It would a far cry from now when he had opened two flux points in less than a day.

But although he was rich, he discovered that his wealth wouldn't be able to keep up with the cost of his cultivation. If it wasn't for the fact that the island he was trapped on was the Whale Island and the amount of extreme grade power grain which he had traded with Underground Serpent was several times more than in his previous two transactions, then he probably would've already used up all of his wealth away on cultivation, let alone speaking of purchasing the costly small courtyard.

Li Yunu looked at the remaining flux binding pills lying in front of him with a bit of anxiety. He still had thirty-seven pills remaining, but they would be enough only for another couple flux points. 

Shaking his head, he stopped thinking about it and chose to cultivate the third flux point. It was the strength point on his left arm. After two hours and a half hour, he successfully opened it.

Li Yunmu's flux point strength swelled from one hundred and forty five points to one hundred and forty-eight points. Clearly, the extent of rise in flux energy because of this new point wasn't that great, but when he saw the increase in his physical strength, he was stunned. His physical strength had increased from sixty-two oxen to seventy.

Other than the increase of eight oxen in his physical strength, the price of the strength point made Li Yunmu extremely happy. It had cost him only two flux binding pills to open it.


In the following five days, Li Yunmu seemed to have gone crazy. He shut himself in his small courtyard, trying to attack new flux points without stopping to rest.

During that, he cultivated all the sixteen flux points on his four limbs, and his strength had increased by an unimaginable extent. Even he himself could feel that he had turned into a monster.

There wasn't any complicated reason behind it. Although he hadn't opened the twenty flux points in his chest, his flux point strength had still reached one hundred ninety-two points, and his physical strength had reached one hundred and five oxen.

His strength had already crossed the threshold of ordinary great flux experts. It was especially so for his physical strength which more than doubled the threshold of fifty oxen.

In other words, even if Li Yunmu was yet to cultivate the remaining twenty flux points, he still possessed the qualifications to become a great flux master.

But what caused Li Yunmu to be gobsmacked was his own unique secret, which was that his flux energy strength crossed the publicly specified upper bound of one hundred and eighty points. How could that be possible?

It was a complete mystery, and if it spread outside, the cultivators of the Origin World would probably go crazy.

It has to be known that in the cultivation world, there was a jointly agreed fact that among those who cultivated one hundred and five flux points, their flux energy strength wouldn't cross one hundred and eighty points. This was a deduction obtained after the system's repeated scanning of several people.

It was really like that. It was a specific upper limit which was fixed because the innate flux points of the humans of the Origin World could only store so much flux energy. 

But Li Yunmu had smashed this rule, and he was yet to cultivate twenty more flux points. This extraordinary difference made him sense that his situation was extremely grave. But what was the cause of this transformation of his body?

Li Yunmu had a hint of an idea regarding this question. But he didn't dare to believe that the seemingly ordinary Meridian Nurturing Flux Point Method could surprisingly smash through the fixed upper bound of the Origin World.

Li Yunmu clearly understood the meaning of it. Presently, in somewhat exaggerated terms, he had turned into human-shaped monster. Not only had his flux energy strength had crossed the ordinary limit, his physical strength far surpassed the upper limit.

With one hundred and five oxen physical strength, even if he didn't use any flux energy and just relied on his flesh, he could easily annihilate any flux expert. It wouldn't matter even if they were were the first ranked people of the top residential region of Blue Moon Sect.

This was the enormous boost in strength which Li Yunmu had obtained after opening all the sixteen flux points in his arms and legs in five days.