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452 Weak Should Know They“re Weak

Li Yunmu knew that the branch of Underworld Serpent in Whale City was one of its main branches, so it needn't be said that the restaurant should be one of its properties.

Thus, after sitting down, Li Yunmu said without mincing his words, "I wonder, what sort of matter does Underworld Serpent has that requires a trifling flux expert like me?"

Li Yunmu's complexion wasn't good. Among the large amount of information collected by the system on Whale Island, all of it had confirmed that Underworld Serpent was considered as the most publicly reliable organization.

Especially in regards to clients, they were extremely stringent and would never investigate their secrets.

But how long would it take until he was hit in the face with reality?

Since the other party had taken the initiative to say that they had another matter, Li Yunmu couldn't help but think that if they hadn't investigated him, then how could they have an important matter related to a flux expert like him?

Therefore, his expression was quite unpleasant and full of gloom. He didn't conceal it either, because he felt that the other party had betrayed his trust.

"First of all, Young Master Li shouldn't be mistaken. Our Underworld Serpent would never break that rule. The reason I have come to find you is mainly because Young Master Li is being watched by a powerhouse character in Whale Island.

"Given that we prioritize our clients' safety, we naturally investigated this person who was looking you. As a result, we accidentally discovered some information relating the two of you," An replied in a voice that was neither slow nor fast.


Li Yunmu was startled on hearing that someone was trying to find him. He was caught completely off guard. He had come only a few times to Whale City and hadn't made any eye-catching movements before. If he had caught someone's eyes because of revealing some wealth, it could only be some small thief.

But if it had been some third rate thief watching him, it wouldn't have attracted the attention of Underworld Serpent.

Could it be because of the transaction of power grains back then? Had it been leaked?

But Li Yunmu still couldn't understand what was happening. It has to be known that back then, he had used different identities when coming to the plaza.

While looking at Li Yunmu's gloomy expression, An took a small sip from the cup of tea in front of her and then said in a reminder tone of voice, "Young Master Li, this world is full of tricks which even gods and demons don't know about. Even the Underworld Serpent King who stands on the peak of our Underworld Serpent wouldn't have the full confidence in deceiving all probing methods."

If he still didn't understand what had happened after she spoke so much, then his cultivation journey would've been a waste.

Instantly, he became clear that he had made a miscalculation. Since he had used the thousand face mask and had the system scanning his surroundings and defending against the unexpected, he had thought that his business regarding extreme grade power grain had gone flawlessly.

But now that he thought about it, he understood that he had really been naive. 

An's words were correct. There were many tricks and abilities in this world against which any sort of defense might not work. Even if he possessed the assistance of the system, he still couldn't be too confident.

Li Yunmu was forced to learn a profound lesson.

If he didn't want his secrets to leak, then it was very simple—he had to make sure to never leak this secret to anyone else. Only then would it remain completely safe.

"Then Miss An, what's your opinion about what I should do? How much influence does the other party possess? Surprisingly he even attracted the interest of your organization," Li Yunmu bluntly said with a gloomy expression still on his face.

"Young Master Li speaks bluntly, so An also won't mince her words. Honestly speaking, we are only responsible in protecting the client while he is in business with us. But since we know that Young Master Li has a way to obtain a large amount of extreme grade power grain, our Whale City's branch would like to collaborate with you.

"As for the people troubling you, even if Young Master Li doesn't collaborate with us, our organization will still eliminate them. Even if they have no relation to our organization, Young Master Li has still entrusted a commision to the organization, so if the other party cannot differentiate between good and bad, still wishing to meddle, it will become our organization's matter."

An's words were quite mild and gentle, but her tone was filled with arrogance.

Is this the way this world's top organizations act?

Li Yunmu was shocked. He was again shaken by the confidence of Underworld Serpent.

"Collaboration is possible, but I must clarify something. The amount of the extreme grade power grain which I can trade is finite. I'm afraid that it won't be able to fulfill your needs."

Li Yunmu quickly thought about it and decided on a plan.

From An's words, three things were clear.

First was that the other party wanted to trade with him. This other party was the branch of Underground Serpent in Whale City represented by An.

Second was that this other party knew that he could produce extreme grade power grain from some unknown source. Although the amount he could trade wasn't large, they were still willing to collaborate with him. This clearly implied that the other party was paying quite a bit of attention to his extreme grade power grain.

The third important fact was that the other party said that even if he didn't wish to collaborate with them, they would still eliminate the trouble, following the rules of Underground Serpent of him being their client.

But once Li Yunmu heard this point, he could clearly understand that the organization was credible. They hinted to him that after their business was over and other administrative level powers came to look for him, it would no longer be related to Underworld Serpent.

After hearing this, if it was an ordinary person, they wouldn't find anything odd, but Li Yunmu was used to these sort of schemes. He naturally could understand An's meaning.

The hidden meaning was that after the business between him and Underworld Serpent was finished, then even if no one had been looking for trouble for him related to extreme grade power grain, then probably the Underworld Serpent itself would create some opponent to find trouble for him.

So this is the underworld?

It's quite dark, but everything in the Origin World is dependent on one's strength.

Clearly, Li Yunmu had encountered great trouble because of extreme grade power grain as the Underworld Serpent was indirectly hinting that they wanted to trade with him.

Becoming the enemy of this organization was far more dangerous than being hunted by the original enemy.

Because of that, Li Yunmu only thought for an instant before lifting his hands without any resistance, signifying that he was willing to collaborate!

His attitude had made it clear that weak didn't have any right to resist.

Since he couldn't fight back, then he had to take the initiative to join the other side. Li Yunmu's directness in understanding his position and making the decision caused An to take another look at this flux expert youngster.

"Your attitude is pretty good. Hence, An doesn't need to make things difficult for you."

She pursed her lips and looked at Li Yunmu with a smile. As for what her exact age was, Li Yunmu didn't knew, but she appeared to be around twenty-seven years. Her smile clearly displayed her mature demeanor.

"That's right, weak should understand that they are weak," he calmly replied.