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"They sealed the island so quickly? Seems like that old bastard figured out that his son won't be returning to this world, even if he doesn't have any definite proof for it."

Li Yunmu coldly sneered. Sure enough, reality wasn't different from what he'd thought would happen.

He was on Blue Underworld Island which was close to Blue Moon Island, and not much later, it had sealed it, prohibiting him from using Blue Underworld Island's teleport channel.

Because of that, even if he succeeded in killing the group of pursuers, his path of escape was still gone. When heaven doesn't leave a path, no one can enter or escape.

When banned from the teleport channel to leave the territory of Blue Moon Island, Li Yunmu was like a lone soldier trapped deep within enemy lines. Regardless of where he went, he would be surrounded by enemies.

"Fortunately, I still have this, so I can leave alive."

Li Yunmu nodded to Li Feng who merged with his shadow. He then took out an indigo pearl.

It had been given to Li Yunmu by the sea breeze whale, and he casually inputted his flux energy inside the indigo pearl.

Why had he chosen to escape to Blue Underworld Isle? Perhaps the main reason was because apart from the teleport channels of Blue Moon Sect, the town of Blue Underground Island was the closest region where he could use a teleport channel.

But Li Yunmu wasn't an idiot, so naturally he knew that the other party might try to restrict his movements. Sure enough, from that moment, he wouldn't be able to use any teleport channel in the territory of Blue Moon Sect.

It wasn't important, however, because he had been able to escape here before they could catch him. This place provided him another escape route by allowing him to summon the manatee.

The reason why Li Yunmu had chosen the manatee from the eight races serving under the sea breeze whale was mainly because there was a branch of them living in the vicinity of Blue Underworld Island.

This island was closest to Blue Moon Sect and so beasts of this race could be summoned faster than others, which was exactly what he needed. Li Yunmu had used his foresight to choose the manatee as his mount.

The formless energy fluctuations coming from the indigo pearl quickly spread through the ocean.

Before long, large waves began to billow around the shore of the island, and a two hundred meter large enormous beast emerged from the ocean with its eight glittering claws and three tails lashing around like iron whips.

Li Yunmu stood up and said with a slight smile, "Sire Ba Lu, I hadn't expected that I would see you again before long."

 "Annoying, annoying human. You are the most troublesome and annoying as well as the weakest human I have ever met…" Manatee Ba Lu said in a loud voice while puffing out a burst of hot air from its nose. Its tone was filled with annoyance and impatience.

In fact, given its strength, it had sensed Li Yunmu the instant he had fled to Blue Underworld Island. But as long as he didn't use the indigo pearl given by sea breeze whale, it wouldn't show itself. Li Yunmu was even suspicious that this manatee wished that he would die, saving it from the trouble of carrying him around.

But the reality wasn't the same as fantasy in this regard; Li Yunmu had reached the island alive.

"Sire Ba Lu, this time, I want to go to Whale Island."

Li Yunmu smiled faintly and stated his destination.

"Whale Island. Although it is the the largest neutral island in the vicinity, it won't stop the flies of Blue Moon Sect from coming after you. I advise you to follow me to deep ocean region to escape. In the place where my clan lives, Blue Moon Sect won't dare to intrude," Manatee Ba Lu said, not approving of his decision.

But Li Yunmu remained unmoved. He couldn't deny that the manatee's proposal had indeed moved his heart a little, but after thinking carefully about it, he didn't think it would be a wise choice. He would be a human living among manatees, and he had many secrets, so he vetoed the proposal of the extremely safe asylum.

He knew that enormous beasts possessed a bloodline unique to their clans. Their natural lives were very long and time didn't hold much meaning for them. In fact, their strength increased even while they hibernated for a long time.

Because of that, enormous beasts weren't fond of moving around and obviously Manatee Ba Lu had the same thoughts. Bringing Li Yunmu with him would've solved the problem of being summoned repeatedly.

However, Li Yunmu had already formed a plan. He shook his head without saying anything and stayed firm on his decision.

Before long, the manatee issued a heaven-shaking howl. Riding on it, Li Yunmu quickly left Blue Underworld Island. Zhang Yuan's father would've never thought that Li Yunmu could use an enormous beast to quickly break away from the groups of hunters sent by him.

Sure enough, before long, the core disciples who had come to the rescue of Fiend reached Blue Underworld Island. Although they weren't many in number, just three, they were anxiously welcomed by the hall master of Blue Underworld Island. The three great flux experts were like messengers of gods for the people of the small island under the jurisdiction of Blue Moon Island.


After several days, Li Yunmu reached the Whale Island once more.

What caught him off guard was that the person sent by Underworld Serpent to receive him was the woman called An. She quickly approached him and said with a smile, "Young Master Li, I hadn't expected to see you again so soon!"

Li Yunmu slightly creased his brows and said with astonishment, "Miss An, I didn't expect that your Underworld Serpent is so powerful that within a few days you have already located the targets."

He knew that people like Man Tian, Hai Yue, or Zhang Wuya along with the other ten descenders weren't complete idiots who would show off. Moreover, they had scattered themselves in the different regions of the Origin World, each of which was quite large in itself.

I hadn't expected that this Underworld Serpent will move so quickly.

But his thinking was wrong. Even if Underworld Serpent was powerful, it still couldn't dig out everyone's information within a brief few days. The reason why An had revealed herself was just to personally receive Li Yunmu.

"Young Master Li thinks too much of us. Truth be told, An had come for another matter to have a chat with Young Master Li. I wonder whether Young Master Li would be interested?"

"Another matter?"

Li Yunmu's heart jolted. After thinking about it, he nodded. He followed An into a room in a fancy restaurant's third floor.