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447 Price of Weakness

Until then, Li Yunmu had thought that the four cultivation stages of flux experts in the Origin World were distributed according to flux energy strength.

However, the cultivation system of the Origin World was much more orderly and systematic. If he had cultivated according to the system, then not only would he not take any roundabout routes, he would also be able to use flux energy to the maximum, because of his cultivation forming a perfect network of flux points.

From just this fact, Li Yunmu understood that the cultivation system of the Origin World was far superior when compared to his world's where they could open flux points as they wished.

At that instant, he made a decision in his heart to make proper notes about this basic knowledge about cultivation. If he could take this systematic cultivation knowledge back to Earth, then even if the fluxers of Earth lacked in physical strength compared to flux experts, the disparity between them would become smaller.

"Late stage entails cultivating all the late stage flux points, altogether sixty of them. After you have opened them, then regardless of whether it is your speed or attack strength or boost to your attack, all will reach the peak," Night explained.

Li Yunmu pondered about it. He hadn't thought that cultivating the flux points of the limbs would surprisingly allow his combat strength to reach such a high level.

After careful pondering, he was filled with admiration toward the systematic learning. No wonder then that high level flux experts possessed such astonishing combat strength.

Although he didn't lack the number of flux points cultivated in the limbs by much, his present strength couldn't compare to the combat strength of late stage flux experts.

He hadn't expected that all of it was because he hadn't cultivated all the flux points in his limbs. Even if he just lacked one, he couldn't erupt with all of his flux energy.

"Then the peak stage includes opening all the flux points in the chest?" Li Yunmu asked, already knowing the answer.

"That's right. After you open the final twelve flux points in the chest region, you'll have reached the peak stage. At that time, you'll need to create flux armor to become a great flux expert.

"But as a matter of fact, if you only complete this step, you will only have opened one hundred and five flux points. Three flux points still remain and these three flux points are the most important. Opening them is the most important stage while cultivating in flux expert realm."

Night had made an astonishing revelation, but Li Yunmu didn't care much about this problem. He only focused on complementing the innate defects in his flux points. After he had finished with that, he would naturally open all of his flux points.

After Night's reminder, he carefully observed and discovered that of the so-called one hundred and eight flux points, he could only purchase one hundred and five. Then what about the last three?

"What concerns them, it isn't that Blue Moon Island wants to keep it away, but that there's not a single copy of the method to open the last three flux pints in the whole sect. The peak powers of the continent wouldn't easily release something like that. After all, if a person doesn't open the last three flux points, it means that they won't be able to become a deity," Night calmly said.

After hearing it, Li Yunmu was stunned!

Without opening all one hundred and eight flux points, he wouldn't be able to reach the peak stage and would remain unable to enter the deity realm. This was the largest barrier on cultivation in the Origin World.

"Why? Why would they do this? Is it to ensure that they can remain in the lead eternally and stay at the peak?" Li Yunmu asked with wrinkled brows. He hadn't expected that the people at the peak of the pyramid of the Origin World would surprisingly put fetters on those below them.

"It is part of the reason, but it is mainly related to the problem of natural resources. If the method to cultivate the three flux points was spread freely, then even if the Origin World possessed endless natural resources, they still wouldn't be able to satisfy our needs.

"In order to obtain enough natural resources to become a deity, the whole world would fall into chaos. There wouldn't be any peaceful corner in the Origin World, and bloodshed would fill the horizon."

Night's words painted an image in Li Yunmu's mind. It was of all clans in every corner of the Origin World fighting and killing each other to obtain more resources. Killing intent would fill the whole world.

"If you want to obtain the method to open the final three flux points, you will need to leave this small island, the faster the better," Night said in the end, implying something.

"What do you mean?"

Li Yunmu suddenly sensed that something was odd. No wonder then that Night had chatted with him for so long about basic knowledge which he didn't know.

"Something has happened. Zheng Yuan went with you on the faction's core mission, but only you have returned," Night said.

"So? Missions are filled with dangers. In our world, many unknown secrets exist, and it's not like Blue Moon Island doesn't understand. So why should they care so much about the life or death of someone who isn't even a core disciple?" Li Yunmu said with knitted brows, but in his heart, he had already guessed a possibility.

"Zhang Yuan is the only son of one of the eight great elders of Blue Moon Island. You shouldn't have killed him." Night sighed. "Go, leave Blue Moon Island's territory of influence before you are discovered. Tee farther you go, the better. Besides, I know you won't be willing to settle for just one hundred and five flux points. This small sect can't hold someone like you."

"Then what about you?"

Li Yunmu wasn't a fool. If he had left before meeting Night, then it would've been all right. But if he walked away now, then Night would also be implicated.

"I have a special status in Hall Clan so they won't do anything to me."

"Then take care of yourself!"

Li Yunmu was slightly shocked, but didn't say anything more besides telling her to watch over herself. He was a decisive person. If Zhang Yuan was truly the son of an elder, then he had poked the hornet's nest.

There wasn't any place in the southern part of Northern Blue where he could rest easy. Although Blue Moon Island was only a third rate sect of the Origin World and couldn't be considered anything formidable, it was only relative to the people standing at the peak of the power pyramid. After all, in the boundless Origin World, powerful organizations were countless, so no one third rate sect would ever be considered as anything extraordinary.

Li Yunmu knew that each of the eight great elders of Blue Moon Sect were late stage great flux experts. In other words, just a third rate sect of the Origin World had eight characters equivalent to the quasi deities of Earth.

Li Yunmu's action of getting rid of Zhang Yuan could be equaled to enraging half of the Earth's quasi deities. With no time to delay, he looked at Night deeply as if trying to burn her image into his eyes.

Naturally, he didn't forgot to complete the matter for which he had come before leaving and quickly purchased the method to cultivate thirty-three flux points.

"This is from my Hall Clan for you." Night suddenly took out a copper ring and placed it in Li Yunmu's hands.

"If I want to contact you in the future, how could I do i?" Li Yunmu took the copper ring while looking at her.

Night didn't evade Li Yunmu's expectant expression and calmly replied, "I am the next Widowed Nakht of Hall Clan. There is a wide gulf between our worlds!"

At that instant Li Yunmu understood what she meant although he didn't understand the significance of Widowed Nakht of Hall Clan, but Night also knew about his lack of knowledge in this regard.

"Regardless of how wide the gulf between us is, rules are only made to be broken by someone. Next time I return, I won't run away again."

After giving her one last look, Li Yunmu slowly retreated from the Contribution Hall, but he didn't turn around to look at her again. He immediately went to the western part of Blue Moon Island at a high speed.

He wanted to first collect the Refining Pagoda installed in mid sea level. He also had more than three hundred ape gods there. For the first time, Li Yunmu felt his weakness and had to pay a price for it.

"Blue Moon Island, I will return!"