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433 One Turn, Ten Thousand Restrictions

[Yes, according to the analysis of all the data gathered, the remnant will in the cave wanted to encourage Ya Yan and the others to break some kind of seal and thus allow it to leave the cave or even this dimensional space to begin a new life,] the system explained.

"Then it would eliminate our previous guess that this remnant will belonged to the master of the cave?"

The system calmly analyzed everything and replied, [Yes. If it had been a will of that level, even if it was just a remnant will, it still wouldn't need to worry about Goddess Medusa's will.]

[It is very likely that the remnant will belonged to a destroyed mortal soul which had been trapped here long before we intruded upon this place.]

The system and Li Yunmu kept making their deductions until they came to a unanimous conclusion.

"Then we could just follow with the method of the remnant will without being worried about it. If we are mistaken, we could just adapt on the way."

Gradually, Li Yunmu reached a decision in his heart. It seemed that he could determine whether the cave contained any secret and whether the method described by the will could truly open the passage to the outside world only by testing it.

Li Yunmu was aware that after Li Yun obtained the inheritance and acknowledgment of the island master, he should have also gained the ability to open the passage to the outside world. But he couldn't do so until his skill reached a certain level.

A successor of a dimensional space couldn't even open a passage to the outside world… What sort of preposterous affair was that?

But it was exactly what was happening.


Li Yunmu could only think of one possibility which was that the master of the underground cave had used his mighty power to forcefully seal off the dimensional space from the outside world. That emperor didn't want anyone to intrude on the cave as he didn't want a pigeon to occupy a sparrow's nest.

Or perhaps his goal behind sealing the dimensional space was to conceal his secret. Regardless of whether it was the former or the latter, his methods and abilities were heaven-shaking.

Given that even Li Yun who was the inheritor couldn't open the passage to the Origin World, Li Yunmu had no option but to proceed according to the method given by the remnant will.

For his next expedition, he prepared even more thoroughly, and once more entered the cave. The difference compared to last time was that he didn't take his shadows with him.

He only took Li Yun while the other ten were to stay at the entrance of the cave. He instructed them to send one of their group down every five days. This measure would make sure that Li Yunmu didn't forget time and got trapped in the force field for all eternity.

Since the beetle had already dug the path, he didn't need much time to reach the mausoleum.

But this time, he wasn't completely directionless like before. He coldly sneered and first walked toward the several thousand insect sculptures.

"Left side, seventh row, sixty fifth column… En, found it."

Li Yunmu followed the directions given by the remnant will to Ya Yan's group and began to peer at the insect defender. It was a three meter tall creature with the head of a human and the body of a snake. It held a deathly sickle in its hand and had a savage expression on its face.

But that wasn't important. Li Yunmu quickly moved behind the sculpture and began to search its back. Suddenly, the sound of a mechanism being activated echoed through the underground mausoleum.

As the remnant will had informed Ya Yan's group, Li Yunmu found the button to trigger the mechanism on the back portion of the insect sculpture. He opened it, revealing the slot embedded in the back.

Inside it was a pearl. After observing it, he discovered a lot of energy fluctuations within it. Li Yunmu faintly smiled and pressed his fingers on the pearl, pushing it inside.

Surprisingly, he had to use a large amount of strength to do it. According to his analysis, it definitely couldn't be pushed in without pressing it with a force less than that of fifteen oxen. In other words, even if ordinary people knew about the method, they still couldn't do anything about it.

But for Li Yunmu, it wasn't much. He lightly pressed on it, and next instant, the eyes of the snake man began to shine. A red light was released from its pupils. It fell on the ground in the vicinity of the human emperor, forming a bizarre runic symbol. 

Seeing the effects, Li Yunmu knew that it was the method to break through the emperor's mausoleum. With his keen sixth sense, he sensed that there were very minute fluctuations at a place not far from him. Those fluctuations were very anxious and wrathful.

It was truly like that. When Li Yunmu had executed the method he had learned from Ya Yan, the remnant will hidden in the mausoleum began to grow anxious.

Its mindless fluctuations finally allowed Li Yunmu to sense its existence. Naturally, If Li Yunmu had chosen the Shadow Devil skill when the system had upgraded to the sixth level, then using the light shadow devil, he could have found the existence of the remnant will a lot easier.

But since he had already chosen the development of the research ability, he could only rely on his senses which may not produce the best results every time.

He didn't pay attention to the remnant will though, but quickly began to move.

"Right side, thirteenth row, twenty-sixth column, that is you. Oh god, you are really savage."

Soon, Li Yunmu found the second sculpture. He then used the same method as before. Another ray of light was emitted from the monster sculpture at that moment, which also fell in the vicinity of the emperor, forming the second runic symbol.

Third was south side, nineteenth row, and second column.

Fourth was west side, thirty-sixth row, and seventy-eighth column.

Fifth, sixth, seventh… Li Yunmu moved through the mausoleum like it was his home his movements growing increasingly quicker and his tempo faster. The mental fluctuations of remnant will were also growing more anxious.

Soon, it was unable to remain tolerant and tried to do its utmost to stop Li Yunmu!

When Li Yunmu used the same method on the seventh sculpture and was about to press the pearl, the remnant will took action. A sinister gale rushed through the space with unimaginable speed and pounced on Li Yunmu.

At that moment, Li Yunmu who had been about to calmly press on the pearl turned around and said, "One turn, ten thousand restrictions."

With his words, an enormous Void Disk suddenly showed up!