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The four of them disappeared in the cave. Li Yunmu didn't have many hopes toward their excursion, since the pathfinder wasp had already went to investigate the cave. If even that minute and nimble insect who flew at a fast speed also couldn't return, then the four would most probably not have any good outcome either. But he had no other way to investigate the cave.

However, something unexpected happened after some time passed. In less than a week, the four returned alive. Apart from their complexions being somewhat haggard, they didn't look any worse for wear.

"Ya Yan, is it? Tell me what the situation of the cave."

Among the four, the person who was somewhat good with his words was called Ya Yan. He was a twenty year old barbarian with a height reaching close to 2.3 m. As for his strength, it was barely passable.

Ya Yan was at least more formidable than the other three. He occupied the one hundred and twenty something room in the residential region fifteen with ninety oxen of physical strength and seventy three points of flux energy.

However in front of Li Yunmu who occupied the fiftieth room, it was completely useless.

It wouldn't be the slightest exaggeration to say that with his strength of fifty oxen, even without using any flux energy, he could blow away more than ten people like Ya Yan. Although the disparity was only of thirty-one oxen, the strength disparity of ten oxen formed a layer, so there was already a gap of three layers between their strength, making Li Yunmu basically invincible in front of Ya Yan.

Thus, Li Yunmu wasn't afraid that the four of them might have any malicious designs in their minds.

"The cave was very deep, extremely deep. We didn't encounter any creatures in there, not even a small plant. At first we thought to continue investigating, but when we saw that it was virtually endless, we returned in order not to keep you waiting," Ya Yan said cautiously while looking at Li Yunmu. He was afraid that if their investigation made him dissatisfied in the slightest, that all that would wait for them would be death.

Li Yunmu listened to his words without saying anything. His silent stare made sweat break out on their backs. Only after a while did Li Yunmu retract his gaze.

"Not bad, you all have done pretty good. Now go rest. Since I promised it to you, I won't make things difficult for you. Wang Ru, give them meat."

Li Yunmu waved his hand, indicating for them to depart. The four hurriedly expressed their gratitude and retreated while rejoicing. For the past few months, they had been forbidden to enter the jungle and thus could only eat the enormous coconuts and drink their milk.

So once they heard that they could eat meat, they immediately became delighted.

"Master, do you really believe everything they said?" He Miao asked in a doubtful tone.

"If we allow them to eat good food and drink tasty wines to make them lower their guard, they will certainly reveal something when the opportunity presents itself," Li Yunmu replied.

"I understand, then I will add two bottles of special wine for them." He Miao nodded and immediately went away.

After everyone had left, Li Yunmu mumbled, "Were they speaking the truth just now?"

[Most of it was true, but when he said they hadn't seen anything inside, their pulse and breath subconsciously quickened. Moreover, there were also some inconsistencies with their natural expressions,] the system said in Li Yunmu's brain.

"In other words, there was something in the depths of the cave, contrary to what they said."

Li Yunmu could clearly see the increase in the system's abilities after the upgrade. Although the four had ordinary strength and couldn't be considered anything in front of Li Yunmu, they were still flux experts and were considered legendary characters in the eyes of the majority of people of the Origin World.

They had experienced many things and had formidable mentality compared to others. Thus, if someone wanted to catch their lies, it wasn't an easy task.

System said that their pulse and breath had quickened slightly. In fact, this slight increase was only captured because of its extremely keen perception. If a normal machine had been used to test the pulse rate, then given Ya Yan's mental perception, no difference would've been found in his pulse rate compared to ordinary times.

But the system analyzed him in-depth and thus was able to detect the slight peculiarity. On top of that, in the past three months, the system had gathered data on the four's habits. Thus, after comparison, even if the other party only showed the slightest deviation from their natural tendencies, it would be discovered by the system.

Although those details provided no assistance in ordinary times, they were extremely useful at that moment. Sometimes, even the slightest detail would be enough to change everything.

[Yes, they had lied at least on this point.]

"Alright then, we have finally made two breakthroughs."

Li Yunmu's mood finally improved.

After that, a few days passed. During them, Li Yunmu fulfilled his promise, and the treatment given to Ya Yan and the other three improved. After three days, Li Yunmu called on them again.

"I want you to investigate the cave once more. Stay there for a long time and do your utmost to find its end."

When the four heard it, they were initially startled, but later didn't say anything and obediently entered the cave to investigate it.

"So?" Li Yunmu again asked.

[After hearing the host is commanding them to investigate the cave again, the brain waves of two of the four became more active compared to usual,] the system replied.

What did that mean? Li Yunmu understood it clearly. The four seemed to have had a lucky encounter during their first time in the cave; otherwise, they wouldn't be excited by the thought of going inside the second time.

Although they were quite experienced and didn't show anything in their expressions, the system monitored their whole bodies at all times. In the end, due to the good treatment the group had received in the last couple days, two of them relaxed their guard and a flaw had finally appeared. Ordinary people couldn't catch it, but the system could.

"Then let's go, we will follow them and see what's at the depths of the cave," Li Yunmu said to Li Yun and the others.

It had to be said that since Li Yun had obtained the acknowledgement of the island and become the successor, there wasn't any place on the island where he would have apprehensions before entering. The cave was the sole exception.