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426 Depths of the Cave

Anyone who tried to obtain the recipe—died!

Powers which could be considered as major by the system naturally weren't any ordinary powers like Blue Moon Island which didn't even reach the threshold. Powers which could be called major in the Origin World possessed formidable powers and origins. At the very least, they definitely had sage flux experts.

But even with such an existence, they were still annihilated, and not even one, but four such powers disappeared. From that, everyone with a brain could understand that it was a forbidden area of research.

Although Li Yunmu shivered in his heart, he still didn't waver on his choice. "Even if we cannot touch it, I still choose the third choice. System, start evolving."

[Alright, that is no problem. Sixth level evolution direction has been chosen, substantial increase in the research ability will formally be initiated now. Estimated time for evolution is one hundred and eight hours thirty six minutes and seventeen seconds. Requesting host to wait patiently.]

The upgrade this time was only the addition of a new ability and not that of a whole system, so it didn't need to enter hibernation and could continue working.

As for the reason why Li Yunmu still insisted on choosing research even though he clearly knew that he couldn't obtain any profit from the flux binding pill? It was very simple. Since he wasn't supposed to touch it, he just wouldn't sell the fruits of his labor outside. He still could use them for himself as well as for his people.

As long as he didn't share it with others, there wouldn't be any danger. Not to mention that after the researching ability had been upgraded, Li Yunmu could research about gathering space elements in the future. Moreover, as the system's ability grew more formidable, its assistance would become even more useful to him.

Although this point didn't sound like a great benefit, it would make his life much easier in the future. Because of that, Li Yunmu was insistent on choosing the research ability.

Li Yunmu didn't waste the five days while the system was evolving. Since it could still perform its regular functions and it had even upgraded after reaching sixth level in every way possible, Li Yunmu turned his focus on creating a channel to the outside world.

Now that the first shadow, Li Yun, had become the master of the island, he was no longer a simple shadow. He had obtained the inheritance of the island.

Li Yunmu quickly called him over and learned that, according to the inheritance he received, he could open a passage to the outer world. However, the previous master of the island had set a strict condition for reopening the passage so as to safeguard his successor.

The condition was that Li Yun had to grasp the ability of magnifying the vicious beast grade monsters, only then could he break the restriction and open the passage.

However, Li Yunmu couldn't wait for such a long time. The fact was that he wasn't a native of the Origin World, but a descender. He had an important mission on his shoulders and numerous opponents.

Due to that, Li Yunmu couldn't imagine spending his life trapped on the island. Even if he was forced to remain trapped for another year and a half, he wouldn't be able to bear it.

Time was money and opportunity. He was extremely clear that there were numerous descenders in the Origin World from the sixty-six parallel planes. Those who were in the lead would gradually get increasingly more ahead compared to others.

Since he was able to capture Zheng Quan's group of descenders, he had the opportunity to take the initiative to obtain a lead for his Earth. Li Yunmu couldn't possibly miss this opportunity; he wanted to gradually expand his dominance.

Thus, he had only one way to open the passage to the outside world, and was by relying on his strength to break the restriction. Li Yun was called again and he started to coordinate with the system to find a way to open the passage to the outside world. This task required time to analyze all the available data.

If Li Yunmu had set out to analyze all sorts of elements of the island by himself, then god only knew whether he would be able to accomplish this in one lifetime. But with the assistance of the system, this process was extremely fast.

"Master, I heard that you were searching for me.?"

After Li Yunmu gave the task of opening the passage to Li Yun and the system, he went to find his housekeeper Lu Zhong.

After blending into the island's lifestyle for three months and experiencing Li Yunmu's treatment, Lu Zhong approved of Li Yunmu from the bottom of his heart and compared to three months ago, his address toward him had changed to master.

This transformation clearly implied that Lu Zhong was willing to accept Li Yunmu as his master and serve him.

"What about the investigation of the underground cave?" Li Yunmu directly asked.

Lu Zhong forced a bitter smile and said while shaking his head, "It's not good. Although we tried to dispatch many insect soldiers, they possess extreme reverence and fear toward everything in the cave and thus don't dare to step inside it." He hesitated for a second, then suddenly suggested, "How about I organize a squad of a few people and personally go investigate?"

"That wouldn't be good. You cannot go, since I need someone to manage this place. Let the four of them go."

Coldness flashed through Li Yunmu's eyes as he made his decision.

"This… if we don't oversee them, what if they obtain some treasure at the depths of the cave?"

Lu Zhong was slightly hesitant.

They were speaking about the four turncoats who had previously joined Zhang Yuan's faction and had ordinary strength.

Lu Zhong's worries weren't unfounded. If the four were allowed to go into the depths of the cave by themselves and found a treasure there, they would certainly see it as their own.

"We don't have many options. In any case, even if they receive a lucky encounter in the cave, they still won't be able to escape from the island. It won't matter whatever happens down below."

Li Yunmu was also at his wit's end.

Clearly, the cave contained the biggest secret of the island. Moreover, it was also the goal of Zheng Quan and his group. But the insects of the island didn't dare to step into the cave.

Because of that, Li Yunmu had no other option but to find some cannon fodder to investigate the area.

It would be stupid for Li Yunmu himself to take the risk, so at first he'd thought of letting the shadows go inside. After all, they could be resurrected three times a day and wouldn't truly die. But Li Yun informed him that in the depths of the cave, there was something which gave him a sensation that shadows might truly die if they went inside. Thus, Li Yunmu didn't dare to let the shadows take the risk.

There was no doubt in his heart that the eleven shadows were his most precious treasure. Even if they weren't a part of him, if even one of them died, not only would his strength be greatly reduced, he would also lose a trusted subordinate.

The history of the Origin World was extremely long and full of fantastic mystical oddities which might even make the shadows disappear. SInce Li Yun felt that he might truly die, Li Yunmu definitely wouldn't trust the system's ability to resurrect them three times in a day as something that would certainly happen.

What if there was something in the cave which could kill even a shadow spirit? The shadows would truly die then.

Thus, the four unlucky cannon fodder were forced to go inside the cave. They might have been unwilling, but Lu Zhong was leading a group of giant ants after them.

"Listen clearly, this is your last opportunity. If you return alive, you will all obtain the same treatment as me, now go," Li Zhong said.

The four could only put up a brave front and under Lu Zhong's attentive watch walk into the depths of the cave while trembling in fear. After a turn, they soon disappeared from sight.