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418 Ling Shuang Returns

Mo Yue, who had been given the responsibility to take care of Fluxer Association by Flux Ancestor, surprisingly chose to stand on the side of Divine Religion and Frontline Heavens. In an instant, it balanced the power of the two sides.

Divine Religion, which had been the underdog at first, instantly saw their fortunes change.

These events led the chaotic situation on Earth!

Both factions blamed each other for selling all of humanity on their Earth. People's lives and future prospects had sunk into unprecedented abyss, to the point that no one could be trusted. If Earth's situation was to be described in one word, it would be 'collapsed'.

With the six transcending powers losing all public credibility, the continents also became hostile to each other and entered the whirlpool of war.

If a power with absolute dominance didn't intervene, the internal strife would continue until one of the two factions was completely annihilated. 

But finally the situation changed for the better, after more than two years of chaos. However, this better turn wasn't because of good news from the transcending powers as the people of Earth had hoped. Instead, all the people of Earth, including those of transcending powers and influential clans, had been overtaken by a terrifying malicious energy.

"The enemy has called for a peace conference. I guess we all know the reason."

Battle God, Battle Sage Vega, Barbarian Kings, and Ocean Emperors reached a decision at lightning speed. They sent a message to a secret meeting point with Divine Religion where supreme pontiff, Frontline God of Frontline Heavens, and Mo Yue had also gathered.

"I hadn't expected that the uncompromising Battle God would surprisingly concede because of this matter."

Frontline God sighed, but Battle God's decision made them feel extreme pressure from the malicious energy rising from the Black Dragon Island.

"What are they saying?" asked a woman with an enchanting body over which she had draped a black gown that covered her entirely. Only her hands and lower leg could be seen, where her snow white skin was revealed.

She was the type of woman who didn't need to show her skin, for just by seeing her voluptuous body most of men would be intoxicated. But only Frontline God and Supreme Pontiff knew that Mo Yue wasn't an ordinary female.

"Let bygones be bygones. Ally with us to face the heavenly transformation as well as this malicious energy," Supreme Pontiff read the message aloud.

"I feel like we don't have any choice other than negotiating a peace," Frontline God agreed without raising any conditions.

"What about you, Madam Mo Yue?"

Supreme Pontiff narrowed his eyes toward the enchanting Mo Yue.

"Ask them to publicly acknowledge my status and existence," she suddenly said.

"I will talk to them about that. Time is of the essence, so I doubt they will make any excuses. Then let's stop war and go talk peace," Frontline God said to her.

After that, something happened which neither of the three hundred million people on Earth had expected. The internal strife between the six transcending powers which no one could've stopped was suddenly over because of the sudden eruption of the malicious energy from Black Dragon Island.

Of course, the only reason it happened was because when the energy erupted, the quasi deities felt incomparably heavy pressure.


According to legends, in ancient times before Dark Ages, Kunlun Mountain was a sacred mountain within the western part of the Central Continent. It possessed the Palace of Heaven which humans couldn't even imagine, and a deity level existence resided there.

But all of that was just a folktale or perhaps a rumor, maybe even a simple myth.

Kunlun Mountains of Central Continent just possessed a large amount of evolved beasts. It was the only region where humanity approved of their existence, because there were nine sage beasts residing on the mountain range.

The nine beasts were all comparable to Chaotian Bird. If their blood was refined to produce a drop of sage blood, it could create a sect or a sage bloodline.

Each of the sage beasts was comparable to two or three battle sages or quasi deities because they possessed innately formidable bloodlines.

Thus, Battle God representing Central Continent, had signed a secret non-interference treaty with the sage beasts. The nine beasts agreed that the evolved beasts of Kunlun Mountain wouldn't step outside the mountain range to create problems for humans and humans wouldn't enter the Kunlun Mountains.

It could be said that this was a secret of highest level which almost no one knew about, including even the outstanding people from the younger generations like Hai Yue and Man Tian, let alone Li Yunmu.

On that evening, the mountains which weren't open to humans had a visitor. No, it would more accurate to say two visitors. They walked from far away toward the Kunlun Mountains at an unhurried pace.

"Nine senior sacred beasts, you all are already old and your sage blood has been silent for a long time. It's time you returned nature..." a strong and robust silhouette mumbled near the entrance of Kunlun Mountains.

From his tone, it seemed like he didn't put the nine sage beasts in his eyes. After they used their power, the entrance to the Kunlun Mountains couldn't be seen or found.

Ordinary fluxers who didn't have any special secret techniques would never be able to walk into the true Kunlun Mountains. Even if they tried to search for them, they wouldn't find the entrance, let alone manage to intrude.

But at that moment, the concealed entrance to the Kunlun Mountains seemed to be wide open in front of the newcomer. If Li Yunmu had been there at that instant, his mouth would have dropped to the ground from astonishment.

The two people, the master walking in front and the servant walking at the back, were surprisingly his former followers, Barbarian Niu and his close friend Ling Shuang. Unexpectedly, they hadn't died in the dragon mist of Black Dragon Island.

Instead, after two years, they had again appeared in the world. But their appearances were quite bizarre.

And Ling Shuang was a servant?!

How could this woman, with her proud and arrogant nature, become Barbarian Niu's servant?Kunlun is believed to be the representation of the Supreme Deity (Taidi). According to some sources, his throne is at the top tier of the mountain and known as the "Palace of Heaven". As Kunlun was sometimes viewed as the pillar holding up the sky and keeping it separated from the earth, some accounts place the top of Kunlun in Heaven rather than locating it as part of the earth: in this case the Supreme Deity's abode on Kunlun is actually in Heaven, and Kunlun functions as a sort of ladder which could be used to travel between earth and Heaven. Accordingly, any person who succeeded in climbing up to the top of Kunlun would magically become an immortal spirit