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417 Earth“s Chaotic Situation

It had already been two years and six months since Li Yunmu and the others had descended.

After full thirty months, the Black Dragon Island gradually began to fade away from everyone's minds.

With time, everything would be forgotten, or at least dulled.

Even the rumors which were previously flying around about Earth's hope for heavenly transformation being on the island lots its interest when no news about it came, and with time, the ordinary people began to forget about Black Dragon Island's experience.

It was until one day...

A loud bang shook the whole world.

Black malicious energy charged out from the Black Dragon Island like lava from an erupted volcano, and rushed into the horizon. This scenario was like the birth of a powerful monster. In a split second, everyone on the six continents was affected. Yes, it was everyone.

Even the consciousness sea of ordinary people who hadn't cultivated flux energy was occupied by the malicious black energy. Darkness enveloped their vision as well as other senses.

It was like light had vanished from the whole world, for everything had turned pitch-black. This was the result of a person's soul being completely blocked out by the malicious energy.

Close to three hundred million people, countless different beasts, and any lifeform which had intelligence had simultaneously closed their eyes at that moment, as if worshipping something, and concentrated their attention on Black Dragon Island.

"That direction is…"

In the main palace of War God Temple, Battle God fiercely opened his eyes, waking up from meditation. His eyes, which were extremely ruthless as if thunder was flying through them, turned toward Black Dragon Island.

But it was useless. Even if he was publicly proclaimed as the most powerful person on Earth, his vision, his five senses, and even his spirit were full of boundless darkness.

"Black Dragon Island?"

"It's the Black Dragon Island?"

On the six continents of Earth, one by one, quasi deities, battle sages, barbarian kings, ocean emperors, and all the sages, looked toward Black Dragon Island with uncertainty.

At that instant, all the humans of Earth rose in an uproar.

Before long, Battle Sage Vega's image appeared in front of Battle God in War God Temple and spoke in an extremely serious yet slightly forceful tone. "Stop the war. I feel that an unprecedentedly malicious creature has arrived at our great homeland."

After pondering for a moment, Battle God finally declared his position. "Alright. After the dark curtain retreats, I will personally arrange peace."

Everyone realized that an event which could cause the formidable Battle God to take a step back couldn't be resisted.

Moreover, after two and a half years had passed, the heavenly transformation was coming closer and closer. There was no other choice than declaring armistice, since Earth didn't have much time left. They had to settle all internal strife before the heavenly transformation.

In fact, after Li Yunmu's generation had descended to the Origin World, many major events had happened on Earth in the two years and a half.

Among them, two matter were the most important. First was that Flux Ancestor had left this world! It had sent the six continents into chaos.

Flux Ancestor perishing was something which the people of the six continents couldn't have ever imagined. So at first, people thought it was impossible. In the eyes of everyone on Earth, Flux Ancestor was an entity closest to god. But during the major descending two and a half years ago, he had perished.

Until that day, those who weren't privy to all the facts didn't know what his death truly signified. But the people and influential clans in the highest echelons were clear that his death meant that they couldn't send anymore descenders to the Origin World ever again.

In other words, they had lost all hope of following up with their infiltration. Their only hope was the final generation of descenders.

The second matter was internal strife between the six continents of Earth. Ordinary people couldn't understand why all the powerful people in the world had ruthlessly attacked the Sacred Continent's Divine Religion just after returning from the Black Dragon Island.

Similarly, those who didn't know the true situation could never comprehend why had Northern Heavens come to support Divine Religion to withstand the attack of War God Temple, Ocean Temple, and Barbarian Shrine.

All three of them condemned Divine Religion as the worst criminal in the history of humanity with countless rapacious designs. However, Divine Religion didn't fall back and condemned War God Temple, Ocean Temple, and Barbarian Shrine for betraying humanity before heavenly transformation.

In short, all the transcending powers were in conflict with each other, pushing the Earth into another chaotic period like the Dark Ages. People even came to call the last two years and a half as Second Dark Ages.

Every day, the powerful transcendent, temporal, and nirvana flux masters would die in the war between the two major factions. At an interval of every few days, a powerhouse which had recently entered sage layer would perish in the meaningless internal strife.

The only transcending power which hadn't participated was Bladewood, which was situated on the Higher Dimensional Continent. After returning from Black Dragon Island, it closed itself. It severed all connections to the outside world and also prohibited its disciples from going out.

Even now when the two factions formed by the transcending powers had entered a heaven-shaking earth-shattering war, Bladewood remained like a mute and deaf person, staying within its own world.

"Damned Fluxer Association. At that time, Flux Ancestor shouldn't have passed on the responsibility of Fluxer Association to Mo Yue."


The four barbarian kings were gathered together on the Desolate Continent, and Barbarian King Coiling Dragon smashed his hand heavily on the marble table.

When their Barbarian Shrine had allied together with War God Temple and Ocean Temple to suppress Divine Religion, the matter seemed to be very easy. Given that it was three against one, they could use the excuse of punishing the criminal of humanity.

Regardless of whether it was favorable terrain, weather, or number of people, they possessed absolute superiority. But when the three transcending powers had declared war against Divine Religion, they realized that they had been gravely mistaken!

Before the war was publicly declared, Divine Religion had kept waiting patiently and concealed itself deeply, which made everyone underestimate it. That's why when Frontline Heavens suddenly entered its faction, the enemies felt that the situation had suddenly become extremely complicated.

But the situation hadn't yet been too grave, the factor which had truly shaken the war between the two factions was the behemoth Fluxer Association after it had lost Flux Ancestor.