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416 Long-Term Recuperation

The busy period lasted for full three days. In other words, the system had to postpone its upgrade for three days. 

After delegating the most important tasks, Li Yunmu began a tour of the island. He roamed around it for three days, and in the end, he was completely satisfied by the resources he saw.   

The island perhaps couldn't be counted among the highest level dimensional spaces of the Origin World, but it definitely wouldn't be low on the ranking. Besides, the power he had inherited was also extremely promising. The magnified insect monsters were the core strength of the island, but Li Yun still needed time to control it.

Nothing could be accomplished in one step. Everything required a period of time to be accomplished, even if it was inherited.

After three days, the four turncoat members finally finished a small wooden castle at the center of the island under Li Yunmu's command. It wasn't very large, only occupying three thousand square meters and having two floors.

But it was sufficient to act as Li Yunmu's temporary shelter. Especially since it was constructed like a holiday resort.

After some thinking, Li Yunmu decided to invite Lu Zhong, He Miao, and Wang Ru to reside in the castle as well.

As for the four turncoats, he didn't care much what they did. In fact, they should be grateful that he wasn't treating them like slaves!

Li Yunmu didn't bother himself with them and just allowed them to stay at the outskirts of the forest to drag out their ignoble existence. Compared to the four of them, Lu Zhong and the two women got far better treatment.

After a few days, the three of them gradually accepted their new reality. After all, they weren't fools and understood that it was impossible for Li Yunmu to let them out because of the secret of the island. It was his bottomline.

Even if Li Yunmu didn't want to lock them up, he had no other choice.

Thus, after three days, they accepted his invitation, and Lu Zhong took the initiative to become housekeeper of the castle. All the livelihood requirements were arranged by him.

He Mian and Wang Ru voluntarily took the jobs of cooking the food and cleaning the castle.

On the fourth day, they heard a piece of information which gave them a hint of hope. Li Yunmu declared in front of them that when his strength had reached the level when he didn't need to worry about the consequences of people outside finding out about the island, he would allow the three of them to return to the Origin World.

Thus, Li Yunmu urged them to not neglect their cultivation. He also prepared some extreme grade power grain to help them with that.

If the freedom in the Origin World wasn't enough to convince them, then this treatment was able to turn what they saw as tragedy into a fortunate encounter. Naturally, given that the three of them hadn't cultivated superior body refining methods, it didn't take much effort from Li Yunmu to make preparations for their cultivation.

After all, the amount of power grain which they could consume every day wasn't much, let alone the number of extreme grade power grain.

On the fifth day, the system had finally completed its survey of the island. It then immediately began to upgrade under Li Yunmu's request.

The time required for that was very long! It far surpassed the time taken by the system during the fifth upgrade. Surprisingly, it was three whole months!

Li Yunmu had to accept that the system's previous words were correct. The fifth level system could only be considered to be in the lower mid grade. But when it entered the sixth level, it would truly become high level.

Above the fifth level, the conditions to upgrade the system were extremely difficult to fulfill.

If not for Li Yun who had followed Li Yunmu from the start and had been carefully nurtured by him, probably none of the other shadow would've been able to develop intelligence so quickly and comprehend their very first shadow skill.

Since Li Yun had done so, it meant that the other shadows could duplicate it for themselves as well.

"Three months is just perfect. I also need to enter seclusion for recuperation and consolidation after the quick increase in my strength in the recent times."

Li Yunmu chose that period of time to enter seclusion in the castle.


Time continued to pass with the dreary life at the island.

Although Li Yunmu had spoken of recuperation and consolidation, the increase in his physical strength wasn't slow during this time, given that he possessed a sufficient amount of extreme grade power grain.

His strength continued to increase gradually reaching toward the peak. When he checked his strength after a month, he discovered that it had reached a new peak. If his physical strength had been thirty-five oxen before, then now it reached forty. It had broken through to another level.

Although it had only increased by five, Li Yunmu was still astonished by such an increase. It had to be known that the peak physical strength of flux expert level was fifty oxen. The closer one got to it, the more difficult would it become to increase.

The reason behind Li Yunmu's strength breaking through forty oxen wasn't simple. It was mostly due to the large number of extreme grade power grain which he had consumed everyday as well as the soaking in the medicinal bath made according to Meridian Nurturing Flux Point Technique. With those two things, his increase in strength was monstrous.

Lu Zhong, He Mian, and Wang Ru's improvements also didn't fall behind. In fact, they improved even more quickly than Li Yunmu.

After all, their individual strength had been at low level. On top of that, what caught everyone off guard was that the amount of flux energy drifting in the island exceeded the amount of flux energy moving through the Origin World.

Thus, regardless of whether it was their physical strength or flux energy, all of it had increased quickly during the month. In Lu Zhong's case, it was still all right, but in the case of He Miao and Wang Ru who were extremely weak before, the increase was the most prominent.

However, Li Yunmu's cheerful mood started going down when there was no news.

On the fifth day of the next month, there was still no sign from the pathfinder wasp. However, Li Yunmu had already determined that the underground cave for which Zheng Quan and other descenders had entered the island was precisely the cave in which he had taken refuge from the attack of giant ants.

This was because during the system's survey of the island before it started upgrading itself, many underground caves had been discovered, but there was only one which appeared extremely bizarre and mysterious.

But Li Yunmu wasn't too anxious about it. Instead, he continued to wait patiently until the system upgraded to the sixth level before exploring the cave again.

Perhaps that place concealed a way to return to every parallel plane from the Origin World.