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408 So Close yet so Far

After them, a group of sinister looking green flies appeared from the south. They were extremely cruel in nature and were rushing forward with a torrential momentum.

The east side also didn't fall behind. A black shadow had appeared at the horizon, approaching quickly. When it came closer, Li Yunmu could see green as far as his eyes could see; it was a group of praying mantis. They weren't many in number, but the group of more than a thousand mantis, each of which was ten meters in height, struck fear in the hearts of all the approaching insects.

At that moment, not only Zheng Quan and Zhang Yuan, but even Li Yunmu's heart grew tense when faced with such a situation. Only then did he realize how bad had been his decision to intrude on the island.

Unprecedented danger was approaching him.

All of the major groups, each of which controlled a section of the island, were rushing toward the center with the several minor insect races.

In a split second, everyone's scalps turned numb. The whole sky was filled with various insects who were so densely packed together that not even a single ray of sunlight could reach the ground.

As for the ground forces, they also weren't lacking.

More than a hundred thousand-feet centipedes, each of which was tens of meters long crawled out from various caves on the ground, revealing their fiery red malevolent bodies.

Not far from them, an army of beetles was marching forward. Although they were densely packed, they were moving in an orderly manner. With one glance, Li Yunmu could confirm that there were at least ten thousand of them.

But they were not alone. Many other insects usually hidden under the ground poked out their heads.

What was even more terrifying was that there were enormous earthworms under the group's feet, watching them fiercely, like a tiger eyeing its prey.

Zheng Quan had already decided to retreat. Although he wasn't willing, the knowledge his mentor had provided him wasn't sufficient, which resulted in him failing to obtain the boundary stele on his first attempt. On top of that, he had also ended up provoking all the insect monsters on the island.

He knew that the ghost silk pollen wasn't omnipotent. The insect monsters who were extremely powerful could resist its intimidation.

"System, record all these insects without exception."

When Zheng Quan and the others decided to retreat, Li Yunmu wasn't willing to give up. After some pondering, he stood up.

Li Yun wanted to rush to the center of the island. After all, the boundary stele wasn't very far from them; it was only three kilometers away.

"Go then, try your best."

Being the first shadow under Li Yunmu's command, Li Yun had the highest intelligence among all the shadows, and he also possessed profound battle experience. He could even be compared to Li Yunmu himself. Because of that Li Yunmu had complete confidence in him. Li Yun was also the only one which hadn't died until then, so he could try three times.

After obtaining the master's approval, Li Yun nodded, and the next instant, he began to move.

There was no ghost silk pollen smeared on Li Yun's body, for otherwise he would definitely be discovered by the densely packed insects. It might seem like a suicide to go without it, but he had an advantage as a shadow, which not even Li Yunmu possessed. It was shadows' innate property to conceal themselves among other shadows. And the current circumstances fully satisfied all the conditions needed to unleash it.

The enormous trees reaching the sky were preventing the sunlight from falling on the ground, and now even the endless swarm of insects covered the sky, making sure that not even a single ray of sunlight reached the ground.

When Li Yun transformed to a shadow from a human, none of the insects discovered him. Afterwards, he blended with the darkness and began to move toward the thousand toads with cautiousness.

Even with their keen instincts, the insects couldn't discover Li Yun's scent. It was because of no other reason than him being a shadow and thus possessing no scent.

1500m, 1300m, 1100m…

Finally Li Yun stepped into the thousand meter zone with extreme cautiousness. When Li Yunmu saw the scene of Li Yun entering the range of fireballs, his nerves were stretched taut.

However, in the end, there was no problem. None of the thousand toads showed any reaction to Li Yun's approach.

1000m, 900m, 700m, 500m, 300m…

At that instant, Li Yunmu's heart seemed to be up in his throat. Only three hundred meters to go. If Li Yun dodged all the toads and covered the three hundred meters, the boundary stele would be before him without anyone defending it.

Success was extremely close, and there couldn't be anyone who wouldn't be excited by such a scene. As long as Li Yun could get his hands on the control of the island, all the insects would lose their status as the enemy.

Instead, they would turn into a great force which could be used by Li Yunmu to obstruct the intruders in the future.

However, just when Li Yun entered the three hundred meter zone, Li Yunmu discovered that his thoughts had been too simplistic. A bright light rose from the boundary stele standing erect at the center and fell on Li Yun's body.

Instantly, he who had been moving in darkness was exposed to the gazes of humans and insects.


Given his combat experience, how could Li Yun not understand that he had been exposed. The next instant, a formidable power burst forth from his body.

He activated his great heart mode and applied an enormous force to his feet. With that, he shot forward like an artillery shell and attained his peak speed after remaining completely motionless for half a second.

Spirit Pincer Step!

Li Yun quickly unleashed the most agile and nimble footwork while traveling in a straight line. With the boost provided by the great heart mode coupled with the Spirit Pincer Step, even if the gravity of the Origin World was sixty-six times that of Earth, it still couldn't suppress his speed.

After Li Yunmu had complimented the deficiency of his flux points, his peak speed had attained an astonishing level.

He needed less than three seconds to cover three hundred meters. With his flux energy strength reaching one hundred and thirty points, he drew on it to rush forward. As it happened, his speed increased again, and an enormous amount of flux energy surrounded his legs like a propeller.

In less than two second, Li Yun was only ten meters away from the boundary stele. The sudden change in the situation left everyone stunned.

Regardless of whether it was Zheng Quan or Zhan Yuan, neither of them had expected that a human-shaped shadow life-form would surprisingly try to steal the boundary stele from right under their noses.

When they saw Li Yun only ten meters away from the boundary stele, they were both startled and frightened.

However, the next instant, more than ten blurry objects rushed toward Li Yun.

"Those are toad tongues!"

Li Yunmu fiercely stamped on the ground as his eyes went wide.