Shadow Hack
407 Taking Charge
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Shadow Hack
Author :Great Lord Of Cloudland
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407 Taking Charge

During the journey, the ghost silk pollen created using the secret recipe greatly reduced the island's danger level. Although the giant insects were still unwilling to let Li Yunmu approach the center, they didn't dare to get close to him and could only follow closely behind him.

The deeper Li Yunmu went, the more he discovered that the island with a diameter of 1400 km was far more terrifying than he could have ever imagined.

Compared to the giant ants and scorpions, the giant fleas which were the size of house cats, were far more frightening. Not only were they endless in numbers, they were also extremely agile. Although their individual strength wasn't very formidable, they would immediately swarm him if he wasn't using the polen, not giving him any opportunity to retreat. Soon, only a mummified corpse would be left behind.

During the journey, Li Yunmu discovered that many enormous monsters had died under the attacks of the countless fleas.

Of the enormous monsters, only a dried out corpse would remain, which was an extremely terrifying sight.

It was no wonder then that after coming to the island, Li Yunmu hadn't discovered any vicious grade beast. It wasn't that there were none, but rather that they were at a disadvantage in front of the evolved giant insects.

Here the giant insects were the true rulers.

"Oh, that should be a python."

Li Yunmu caught sight of something, and he discovered an enormous corpse of a python which resembled a mountain range.

It was really a python. However, it wasn't ten meter long like on Earth, but rather a thousand meter long.

Although the serpents had also evolved and become enormous, such a colossal monsters was still unable to stop the onslaught of the insect monsters.

From this, it could be clearly seen that even if a great flux expert came to the island, only death would await them. If someone didn't use ghost silk pollen, then whether it was Li Yunmu or anyone else, all of them would die soon enough.

After a long walk, Li Yunmu finally got close to the center of the island. At that time, Zhang Yuan and Zheng Quan had reached it before him, but they didn't continue advancing forward because they faced resistance from a terrifying monster.

When Li Yunmu observed it, it appeared to be a giant toad, one that would easily reach the size of a basketball court. It looked like a small mountain while crouching forward.

As for how many of them there were, at least a thousand!

Although this number didn't compare to that of the endless insects, one thousand toads, each of whom was of the size of a house, was sufficient to strike fear in anyone's heart!

Zhang Yuan's side was unwilling to give up and forcefully sent out two members to scout. However, the next scene drenched everyone's back in cold sweat.

Just as the two cannon fodder stepped into the one thousand meter radius of the toads, ten showed some movement. They suddenly opened their mouths widely and launched fireballs, each of which was equivalent to five artillery shells in size. Those fireballs exploded in the vicinity of the two cannon fodder.

Instantly, the two of them vanished from existence for all eternity.

Li Yunmu had barely reached the place in time to witness this scene, and he instantly concealed himself again.

Terrifying, too goddamn terrifying!

Who could've expected that at the centermost region, the final defender would surprisingly be a group of one thousand toads. They weren't like insect monsters who were only terrifying because of their numbers, but had managed to evolve into the island's only non-insect type monster.

And they were something that couldn't be challenged, at least for Li Yunmu. As long as one thousand toads were defending the center, then it was uncertain if even a sage flux expert could penetrate through them.

Sure enough, the system in no time supplied him with the data related to the recent attack of the toads.

[The strength of each of those ten fireballs ranges between two hundred sixty to two hundred eight nine points. Their average strength should be above two hundred and fifty while their attack range should be a thousand meters.]

The system quickly listed out the data regarding the strength of toads' fiery attacks.

As for what did it mean by two hundred and fifty points average attack strength? According to the system's reference scale, Li Yunmu's flux energy was around one hundred and thirty points after complementing the defects of his flux points.

In other words, the strength of each fireball could be compared to an all out attack from a flux expert who had just entered great flux expert layer. And they couldn't resist it without relying on flux energy armor.

If Li Yunmu wasn't in possession of Admiralty Cover as well as various other defensive techniques, then the explosion of a fireball would be enough to kill him.

Naturally, because he possessed Admiralty Cover and Safeguard which reduced 70% of the damage, he would have an opportunity to retreat even if he faced a fireball head on.

However, he could only resist the attack of one toad and not one thousand.

Despair, complete despair was born in the hearts of Zheng Quan and Zhang Yuan walking in front with their groups.

The final line of defense was something which even the three descenders hadn't known about. Zheng Quan's confidence was thoroughly shattered at that moment.

It was because his guidance had failed him at the most crucial time.

Why? It was probably because his predecessors had been exterminated at this point or perhaps they hadn't even reached it, so they didn't discover the final line of defense.

Despite being able to use pollen to intimidate the creatures, what nonsense was the talk of subduing them when they couldn't get anywhere near them?

Moments later, everyone stopped advancing, no longer following the path forward.

The previous experiment had clearly illustrated that none of them could take a step inside the circle of a thousand meter radius around the toads, including Li Yunmu. And the situation was becoming increasingly more detrimental to the intruders.

As it happened, at some point in time, all of them were quietly sealed in by all sorts of insects. There were giant ants, giant scorpions as well as giant fleas which had showed up before.

But there were many creatures which they hadn't even glimpsed earlier. For example, there was a swarm of giant bees which suddenly flew over from the north. The buzzing produced from tens of thousands of bees flapping their wings was akin to constant thunderbolts.

On the west, a large black cloud suddenly rushed out. When it approached the group, Li Yunmu realized it was a swarm of mosquitoes. Each one of them was comparable to a horse. Their slender legs could easily grab an adult male from the ground as if he was nothing more than a toy.
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