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401 Entering the Cave

In the end, Li Yunmu was still able to dodge at the critical moment by relying on his body's defense and power, because he had one more layer of defense compared to the shadow Li Ju. After all, he had the world power of his two star heavenly world.

With its damage absorption, he was able to withstand the wave of ant's deadly power. And thus he was able to dodge.

"Ahhhhhh, die, you must die."

Both frightened and alarmed, Li Yunmu burst forth with unrivaled power.

He used flame thunder energy, the power source which almost reached the divine level. His one punch, filled with blazing flames and thunder, blew away the formidable body of the ant. It instantly exploded into pieces due to flame thunder energy.

"Retreat, everyone retreat."

After killing the powerful ant in one punch, Li Yunmu wasn't the least bit sluggish and immediately ordered the remaining shadows to retreat. If he became reckless and didn't retreat, he would be a true idiot.

Li Yunmu wasn't someone who didn't know his limits. What had been the basis for his confidence to rush through the hoard of ants and reach the center of the island?

It was his defense. If the eight shadows didn't have the superior defense, then could they survive and continue fighting while trapped in the hoard of ants?

But that confidence of his had been shattered. So naturally, he didn't hesitate to retreat without a second thought.

[Host, while calculating the safest path, the system has detected an extremely special zone three miles southwest behind you. As long as you are able to reach that zone, you will be able to free yourself from the threat the ants pose to you,] the system said with absolute confidence at the most desperate moment.

It had already planned a way out, which naturally was based on the investigation done by the dimensional space eyes. Hearing it, Li Yunmu couldn't help but admire the disparity between human brain and the system.

Even if they were in a desperate situation and had to attend to many things at once, the system had still managed to come up with an escape plan.

Its news was the most precious thing to Li Yunmu, since it promised him survival after he and his shadows had been surrounded by ants on all sides.

And he wouldn't even need to withdraw completely. As long as he retreated three miles along the path he took forward, he would be able to escape safely.

Soon, Li Yunmu's group retreated from the frontlines. He used their original path to retreat from the great danger and entered a cave with his shadows.

Once he surveyed his surroundings inside, he became aware that the cave's structure was unique due to all of its walls being covered with brownish red stones.

He faintly sniffed and detected a surprisingly strange odor which was quite strong. It was not toxic, giving a feeling that people would neither like nor dislike.

At first glance, the cave seemed like it was naturally formed, but after careful examination, Li Yunmu was amazed to discover traces of it being cut artificially.

However, those traces had almost faded away over a long period of time. If not for a careful examination by an experienced person, it would be hard to notice that the strong brownish red stones had been cut out by someone to create the cave.

"A human has been here?"

Unexpectedly, a human had once lived on this island, long before they had discovered it. Moreover, it seemed that the cave had been created very long time ago as well. At least a thousand years, or maybe even more.

But at that instant, Li Yunmu couldn't focus himself on that question. Once he entered the cave and checked his surroundings, he discovered that there really weren't any other life-forms in the cave . It had also been empty for a very long time. 

Only then did he wave his hand and command the shadows to guard the entrance of the cave.

If the ants who had pouring over endlessly in the open field and trapped Li Yunmu from all sides continued to chase after him into the cave, where he had the absolute advantage, the situation would be quite good. With the eight main shadows taking turns to defend the cave's mouth, he wouldn't need to worry about anything.

Even if more of those powerful ants came, they wouldn't be able to launch a sudden attack. After all, they wouldn't be able to crawl through the ground which was covered with the hard stones, so Li Yunmu felt no fear.

Finally, he let go of his cautiousness and waved his hand again. This time, he released the two eight rainbow light devil kings from his two star heavenly world.

The two devil kings had originally been extremely terrifying king class monsters, but after being transformed by divine blood, their strength had become even more terrifying when compared to ordinary twelve rainbow light devil kings.

Just in terms of strength, probably only Man Tian, Xiye Hanbei, and people at their level could fight against them with a chance of victory.

Naturally, when compared to Li Yunmu whose strength and physical power had risen by a lot, the two devil kings changed by the divine blood fell short by a large margin.

But even then, given that their body was protected by eight rainbow lights as well as transformed by divine blood, the two devil kings had extremely strong physical bodies.

Thus, without much thinking, Li Yunmu sent them to guard the entrance of the cave as well. With them standing there with their strong bodies, coupled with the eight shadows, the sense of helplessness which Li Yunmu had felt before, when being pushed to his wit's end by the hoard of ants, completely disappeared.

But after a moment, Li Yunmu discovered that his cautious arrangements to fight his greatest enemy were unnecessary. After a while had passed, the ants were yet to move forward to attack him.

"Strange, why aren't they attacking?" Li Yunmu muttered to himself, but in truth, he was having a conversation with the system.

[It should be related to this cave. Previously, while investigating with the dimensional space eyes, an abnormality was discovered this cave. Host doesn't need to be concerned. The system can inform you that there are no traces of any living beings in this cave apart from us.

[Furthermore, after repeated scans, the system has concluded that no life-form has walked through this cave for eight thousand six hundred years, even including creatures such as insects.]

The system's voice was filled with complete certainty. It seemed to be absolutely certain of its deduction.

"Tsssss, eight thousand six hundred years… Such a long time."

Since Li Yunmu was a human from Earth, eight thousand six hundred years was an extremely long period of time for him.