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398 Through the Siege to Rush Toward the Center

"What? He remained behind to cover for you?"

Wang Yan felt as if she'd been hit by a thunderbolt. When she heard that Li Yunmu was trapped by a hoard of giant ants and was unable to break out, she almost fainted.

But her reaction wasn't shared by others. When Zheng Quan heard it, his face faintly darkened. He had surprisingly lost such a loyal and deeply moral character who was filled with great potential and could have contributed greatly for him to establish his foothold.

Zheng Quan felt grieved in his heart and thought it was unfortunate, but nothing more than that. For him, regardless of who it was sacrificing their lives for him, he would only feel that it was unfortunate, but definitely wouldn't be influenced by it.

As for Luo Honghua, she breathed a deep sigh of relief. In all likelihood, Li Yunmu was dead for sure this time.

As long as he was dead, Wang Yan would remain hers. It was just a question of time. She would return under her control without Li Yunmu to distract her.

Li Yunmu dying to the insect monsters was the best outcome.

That way, she didn't have to conspire to kill him in secret, thus incurring Wang Yan's hatred if she were to ever find out. It was something Luo Honghua had been concerned about since she had decided to kill Li Yunmu.

As for the reaction of Zhang Yuan, Liu Yangwei, and Lie Jun? Although they hadn't started clapping in cheer in front of everyone, their expressions were extremely cheerful.

A powerful member of Zheng Quan's side dying was the same as Zhang Yuan getting one step closer to his goal. After all, Zhang Yuan didn't want to share even the slightest bit of resources they would find in this dimensional space with anyone.

First, he needed to get rid of the members of Zheng Quan's group, then slowly do away with the members of his own faction. After that he would kill Liu Yangwei and Lei Jun, which was the real end plan of Zhang Yuan.

An undiscovered dimensional space meant that this place was without any owner. So how could Zhang Yuan share this gigantic resource and secret with others?

Dying is good. Him dying is really good. This way the beauty will be mine as well as the whole island.

Zhang Yuan had already started indulging in a fantasy.

He couldn't keep his gaze from falling upon Wang Yan's body, following which his eyes traveled to the grieving Wang Ru and He Miao.

En, I will definitely leave Wang Yan behind. It would be too boring if I was the only one left alive on this island. Ha ha, this Wang Ru is also pretty good. She is quite honest, so I must have fun with her later. As for He Miao? Hmm, although her appearance is inferior and her personality is somewhat cold, she would be able to provide me with another taste...

Tch, these three woman should be left alive. As for that Luo Honghua, it would be better if she died…

Zhang Yuan was distracted, so he didn't notice that both Liu Yangwei and Lei Jun, who were standing by his side, were looking at him with intensity 

With one look, anyone would know that they definitely had some evil tricks in their minds.

Zheng Quan suddenly spoke up, which roused everyone from their fantasies.

"We have encountered a great problem. Given that all the monsters in the island have become gigantic, even the group of ants has become a huge menace. How then should we proceed to the center of the island?"

Reaching the center of the island!

That was the goal of everyone present. After all, at the center of every dimensional space, there was a boundary stele.

The person who discovered an island and managed to reach its center and obtain the boundary stele would be recognized as the master of the island. Although the power of that master of the dimensional space wouldn't be as absolute as that of master of a heavenly world in their heavenly world, it was still nothing to scoff at. After a person was recognized as the master of a dimensional space, all the creatures in it would pay respect to them.

It meant that if someone was able to become the master of the dimensional space, then not only the giants ants, but all the living creatures on the island would listen to their orders.

Naturally, even then the master couldn't drop their guard. If someone formidable invaded and there was a large disparity between the strength of the two, then the invader could kill the master and take ownership of the island.

Naturally, Zhang Yuan and others knew about this. As for Zheng Quan, although he didn't know the precise details, he had guidance regarding that.

Rushing to the center of the island and being acknowledged as its master was his ultimate goal.

At that instant, after swallowing three flux binding pills, Li Yunmu's physical and flux energy were restored to their peak.

The eight shadows had held on, providing him with the crucial time of half an hour. Li De and Li Mei had died once during that period. However, Li Yunmu wasn't worried about experience points. As long as a shadow hadn't died more than four times in a day, he could use experience points to resurrect them.

During the half an hour, the shadows had killed nearly three thousand giant ants. Yet their numbers on the island seemed to be endless. They kept on rushing in from all sides, coming one another toward the front, which was an extremely horrifying scene.

When Li Yunmu discovered his circumstances, he sensed a headache coming. Although the shadows were synchronized with him and possessed absolute defense and could be resurrected, for how long could they persevere?

Regardless of how many giant ants they killed, there was no end to them. Because of that, he decided to change the situation.

"System, send out the ten dimensional space eyes and help me explore the most optimum path to the center of the island. We will break through this siege," he ordered the system.

[Warning, the enormous trees on the island should have many types of winged insects hidden around them. If we release the dimensional space eyes at this time, it is highly probable that all of them will be lost,] the system warned Li Yunmu.

"I cannot deal with everything, and compared to obtaining the authority of this island, losing dimensional space eyes isn't a big deal," Li Yunmu said without any hesitation, not abandoning his plan.

[Confirmed, the plan is being executed.]

After the system's positive response, ten dimensional space eyes were released. One by one, all of them rushed to the sky and quickly entered stealth mode.

They began investigating all the paths to the center of the island after receiving the system's command.

At the same time, the system used the feedback sent by the dimensional space eyes to draw a map which continued to expand in Li Yunmu's consciousness sea.

[Three dimensional space eyes have been destroyed by six-winged insects. They possess extremely sharp instincts, capable of discovering the invisible dimensional space eyes.]

[Alert, the most optimum path based on the first hand investigation has been completed. Do you wish to take it?]