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395 Terrifying Strength

By then, Wang Ru's body had already gone soft.

It wasn't that her strength was mediocre, but that at some point in time, the numbers of the giant ants couldn't be counted anymore. Regardless of which direction they ran in, they discovered more ants there. They had already been surrounded. 

"Don't worry, we still have ghost silk pollen which can control various insects."

He Miao suddenly remembered something and hastily took out the ghost silk pollen, scattering it in the direction of the ants.

But the next scene caused everyone to fall even deeper into despair.

"How is that possible? Why isn't the ghost silk pollen working?"


At that moment, Li Yunmu took action. Seeing that the ghost silk pollen was useless, he knew that Zheng Quan had definitely concealed the secret behind it.

It wasn't that the ghost silk pollen wasn't useful, but that it needed to be mixed with some other ingredients to subdue the insect monsters in the island. Otherwise, Zheng Quan definitely wouldn't have made a trip to Cloud Island.

Li Yunmu kicked the head of an ant before him. With the strength of thirty oxen, his move shattered the chitin armor.

After that trial attack, Li Yunmu became even more shocked. He needed to use 40% of his physical strength to shatter the chitin armor.

It meant that a physical flux expert who had the strength of fifteen oxen would need to use their full strength to deal with one ant; otherwise, they wouldn't be able to break their defense.

So formidable?

In a split second, he understood how dreadful was the island.

The countless giant ants made his scalp go numb. The harmless insects became extremely fierce and savage in his mind.

Previously, the threat from them was small because heavens were impartial and had limited their body size. However, the usual laws didn't work in the dimensional space they resided at that moment.

One might as well ask how the ants who could lift more than ten or even hundred times their weight change if given the size equivalent to that of a dog?

After all, that exact scenario was playing in front of the group's eyes. Moreover, it wasn't just one ant or a group that they faced, but rather a densely packed crowd with numbers in several thousands and still increasing.

"We can't fight. Run quickly. We can only make a desperate getaway."

In just one exchange of blows, the difference between the two sides was clearly displayed.

Li Yunmu didn't use any flux energy and only relied on his physical strength, however. In ten breaths' time, he unleashed Wind God Tornado Kick and with each kick faster than the last one, his legs turned into machines of destruction. In the blink of an eye, twenty or so ants at the front were blasted away.

By then, Li Yunmu's control over his physical strength had reached an astonishing degree. His attacks contained the exact amount of power that he intended to use, no more and no less.

With every move, his kicking, thrusting, chopping, beheading strength was stable, exactly that of fifteen oxen.

Because of it, the ants rushing forth toward him weren't blasted away nor intimidated enough to retreat. His use of strength perfectly coincided with the amount of strength required to kill the ants on the spot, leaving behind their chitin shattered into fragments.

Lu Zhong, who was the second most powerful person in their group and possessed physical strength of twenty-one oxen and ninety points flux energy strength, used his flux energy in combination with physical strength. He unleashed a fist and kicking techniques, both of which displayed extraordinary prowess.

For dealing with one ant, he only needed to display 70% of his strength to easily suppress it. Within ten breaths, he had already gotten rid of five or six of them.

Among the flux experts, his strength could be considered pretty good and would be ranked somewhere around the middle. The most outstanding thing was that he was a physical flux expert before he started cultivating so his foundation in physical flux skills was unusually strong.

With his strength, he could easily deal with around a hundred of the ants.

However in front of the inexhaustible number of them, even ten Lu Zhongs would just be cannon fodder.

As for He Miao and Wang Ru, their physical strength was around eighteen oxen and flux strength was around seventy something points. In addition to that, they had no foundation in physical flux skills which could strengthen their bodies.

Thus, they had to use their full strength for almost every ant that they killed. On top of that, after panicking in front of danger, they weren't able to control their movements properly.

In around ten seconds, they had only killed three ants together while wounding six. Yet they had already lost most of their combat strength. In no time, Wang Ru and He Miao were in dire straits.

They were unable to quickly get rid of the ants in front of them because of which they couldn't move and got trapped. Soon, the ants surrounded them from all directions, forming a thick wall of several meters around them.

Li Yunmu was certain that with their combined strength, they could barely deal with around thirty ants, and that was already an optimistic estimate.

But the number surrounding them far surpassed thirty. Fortunately for them, even if they weren't formidable and didn't possess strong combat strength, they still had Li Yunmu in their group.


As the ants surrounded them to the point when it was difficult to make out their head, Li Yunmu moved like the wind and reached their side. He rushed the group of ants nearest to them who had been pulverized by Li Yunmu's kicks long ago.

"Calm down. It is only the beginning. After leaving with me, don't turn back and quickly run toward the beach to save your lives. The end result will only depend on your own selves…. Violent Blade, Tornado Kick!"

After advising them, Li Yunmu's moved again. At that instant, he also had a blade in his hand. He unleashed Violent Blade for the first time after descending.

With each strike faster than the last combined with Wind God Tornado Kicks as the main offense, Li Yunmu turned into a cold ant killing machine. He felt nostalgic. It had been a long time since he had used Violent Blade.

After all, Violent Blade's terrifying ability couldn't be well displayed in fighting against one person. It was more suited to his current type of situation. When there were a large number of enemies, its strength could be revealed.

In the blink of an eye, Li Yunmu's combat ability was displayed to the peak with his usage of Wind God Tornado Kick and Violent Blade in addition to Insect Step.

The Origin World didn't put stress on combat prowess alone, but strength as a whole. What was the difference between the two?