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Flux experts were different. Their physical strength was pretty good, so they didn't need to congeal armor. That was why they wouldn't do it before reaching consummate layer.

It would be when they had stepped into the peak layer and could cultivate the great flux master layer at any time. Only at such a point would they create a flux expert crystal armor.

Flux binding pills, which were of great usage to flux experts of the Origin World, would be used for that.

As for using them for cultivation?

Not all flux experts came from a rich family nor were like Li Yunmu who used the assistance of the system and refining pagoda to obtain the secret of refining power grains.

Because of that, flux experts who hadn't reached the peak layers would rely on their physical defense. Apart from that, they would also cultivate superior defensive limit training methods to increase their defense.

But Wang Ru clearly didn't belong to the latter group. Her strength was mediocre and the room she occupied was outside the first hundred in the residential region fifteen. Being a noble, she also hadn't been forced to cultivate the limit training methods to become more robust and strong.

Because of that, the trip was bound to be tragic for her. She had almost lost her life just then.

Fortunately, Lu Zhong was a good person and his cautious action at the most crucial moment saved her life. The other woman, He Miao, quickly took off her cape and draped it over Wang Ru whose body was exposed.

"Be careful of these leaf blades which aren't like the usual plant matter. Given their sharpness and hardness, they can easily cut through your body."

Li Yunmu extended his hand and placed it on the leaf blade.

He used 60% of his strength and forcefully severed it in two, pulling it out of the underbush. Then he placed his hand on the edge of the grass leaf again.

Instantly, he felt a headache coming. The edge of the grass blade had become extremely rigid, almost comparable to that of an ordinary blade or sword. It was also quite sharp.

Among their group of four, probably only Li Yunmu himself didn't need to fear being cut by the transformed grass leaves.

Even Lu Zhong who cultivated some defensive cultivation methods of physical flux experts would definitely be bruised all over and end up greatly injured if he dared to move carelessly through the grass blades.

As for He Miao and Wang Ru, the two delicate nobles, the situation was even more dire. As long as they were a little careless, their head and body could end up at different places. And there wasn't the least bit of exaggeration in that description.

Usually the grass of ordinary tropical forests would only be able to reach a person's ankles; however in that dimensional space, everything was magnified by more than a hundred times.

The small grass which would only reach a person's ankle had transformed into more than ten meters tall grass blades. In truth, there wasn't much of a difference between the jungle Li Yunmu and the other three were about to enter and a forest of blades.

A normal flux expert couldn't move carelessly there, especially someone who hadn't congealed their crystal armor.

"I will open the path."

When Lu Zhong chopped each grass blade in their path, they made a 'ding' sound like a forged ironware. Opening the path was extremely difficult.

Li Yunmu kept holding the rear. He had no particular target, since his only goal was to disappear from the sight of Zheng Quan and the others. As for the scouting, he didn't care much about it and left all of it to Lu Zhong.

In fact, he was aware that Zheng Quan's group knew about the circumstances of this island, so there wasn't any real need to scout.

Without noticing, an hour passed with the four of them trying to penetrate the depths of the forest with great difficulty. According to the system's analysis, they had covered around four kilometers.

After adapting for a period of time, the group finally heaved a sigh of relief. Apparently, there wasn't anything dangerous on the island, apart from the grass blades. At least until then, no vicious beast grade monster had appeared.

There hadn't been a single howl, let alone a monster.

But suddenly, Li Yunmu's expression changed. "Wait a minute, stop," he suddenly shouted to the front.

"What happened?"

Both women turned their heads, while Lu Zhong looked at him with a blank expression on his face.

"Did you hear that? There seems to be some movement."

Li Yunmu didn't say much. In fact, even he hadn't heard anything with his keen hearing, but the system has detected some movement in their surroundings.

"No." After trying to hear something for a long time, they still couldn't hear anything.

"Wait a bit more."

Li Yunmu remained unmoving. He was certain that the system's analysis of the surroundings was correct. Since it had detected many life-forms in their vicinity, then it couldn't be false.

However, even after waiting for another while, they still didn't discover any movements. But at that moment, Li Yunmu suddenly pointed to the left. "I heard a large group moving with small steps over there."

Clearly, Li Yunmu's hearing was much better compared to that of the three people. After another ten seconds, Lu Zhong and the others also managed to hear something. Their group began to look in the direction of movement as if they were about to face some great enemy.

The unknown was always terrifying. That was true even if the four of them were flux experts who were considered as god like existences in the eyes of the lowest rung people.

After another ten seconds, the system issued an alarm, and the life-forms showed up. The one leading them suddenly pushed out its head from the dense grass blades.

As for the appearance of the head?

At first glance, it didn't appear like a monster's head, but it also didn't appear to be a human. It also wasn't close to the various tribes present in the Origin World. It had two large eyeballs which seemed to be bursting out and some thick whiskers? Its mouth was filled with sharp teeth.

When Li Yunmu saw it, he immediately realized what it was. An insect monster! It was definitely an insect monster and not an insect, because of its size. The head which had appeared from the grass blades was around the size of a soccer ball.

The unknown insect monster extended its antennae as if trying to explore the space, and the next instant, it seemed to have discovered something.

It rushed out of the grass blade forest, going straight for Li Yunmu's group of four.

"It's an ant. My god, such a large ant," He Miao cried out in surprise.

The others also seemed to have made the same association, and their complexions changed. But it was too late. Suddenly, one after another, giant ants began to bubble forth from the grass blades.

They seemed to have received some signal and rushed forth towards Li Yunmu's group of four. Their numbers continued to increase and all of them moved in a dense crown. Each of them was the size of an adult dog and would weigh no less than a hundred catties.

If the giant ants had only numbered between ten and hundred, they wouldn't be worth much of anything. But within a split second, their numbers reached several hundred, and there were still more of them coming.

At the sight of it, even Li Yunmu became worried about whether his absolute defense could last in front of the onslaught of the giant ants.