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393 Willingly Acting as Cannon Fodder

There were trees in the Origin World which were larger than the enormous coconut trees in front of their eyes. They were the world class trees.

That was right, everything in the Origin World was distributed according to strict hierarchy. In fact, social order was one of the most important principles in Origin World!

Not only were people and monsters as well as the ocean divided into different classes, even the plants and vegetations also had a rigid order.

As for the world class tree mentioned by Zhang Yuan just then, it was the highest grade in the world. The minimum threshold for a tree to be considered as world class was to have the height of ten thousand meters. Only those trees who had attained such a height could be classified as world class.

Perhaps Zhang Yuan and the others hadn't seen a genuine world class tree, but they had heard about them. Because of that, even if they were quite shocked when faced with such gigantic trees, it wasn't too intense.

After everyone woke from the shock, Liu Yangwei looked at the people on Zheng Quan's side and said maliciously, "What should we do now? It wouldn't be good for us to enter this seemingly giant world without any information."

Zhang Yuan understood his meaning and instantly said in a loud voice, "Situation isn't clear. We need information and it is time to for us to do our bit. We will use old methods, you and you, both of you go investigate the jungle."

He then pointed at two women who were still loyal to Zheng Quan, which caused them to glare at him indignantly.

"What? You don't accept it."

Lei Jun stepped forward from behind Zhang Yuan, full of killing intent. In the world, only those who had large fists could speak of reason.

Confronting the killing intent of the other party, the two women didn't dare to say anything even if they were furious. At that moment, Luo Honghua stood up, "I have a suggestion. We can go investigate together. Given their mediocre strength, they won't be able to protect themselves."

However Zhang Yuan wasn't duped; he wasn't a fool. After all, the region had been discovered by Zheng Quan's group."It won't do. They just need to scout the region, so there's no need to send many people."

Who knew how much they knew about the dimensional space. That was why he wasn't willing to allow Zheng Quan's group to disappear from his sight.

"In my opinion, if we also added Li Yunmu and Lu Zhong to their group, that would be better. There's no need for you all to go," Liu Yangwei once again suggested maliciously.


"It won't do."

Li Yunmu and Wang Yan spoke up almost simultaneously. Once Wang Yan heard that the other party was conspiring to harm Li Yunmu, she opposed it without any thought.

But the person himself had agreed calmly.

"Brother Yunmu, you cannot go," Wang Yan anxiously said.

"It's alright. This island doesn't seem dangerous and with me as well Lu Zhong around, they will also be safe." Li Yunmu didn't accept Wang Yan's goodwill.

At that moment, he just wanted an excuse to disappear from the sight of the two descenders. Otherwise, how could they reveal the island's secret in front of outsiders.

Although he didn't know about the dangers he might encounter, Zheng Quan had dared to come with their strength. With that being known, why wouldn't Li Yunmu who possessed absolute defense and many other trump cards not dare to investigate the jungle?

If he didn't even have the courage for this, then his descending would have been in vain.

Without giving any opportunities for Wang Yan to open her mouth again, Zhang Yuan hastily said, finalizing the decision, "Good then, I think it's settled. Since Brother Li himself has agreed to this."

"You must be careful. Lu Zhong is quite reliable and a powerful person. If there's a problem and you two fight together, nothing should be able to stop you, so you mustn't leave his side."

Desperate, Wang Yan walked to Li Yunmu's side and spoke to him in a quick manner. Throughout her barrage of words, Li Yunmu sighed in his heart. The beauty had developed deep emotions for him, but unfortunately they were people from different worlds. When looking at her, he didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

There was a saying in his world: Regardless of how smart a woman is, she becomes weak the moment she fall in love. In the heat of the moment, Wang Yan didn't seem to realize that her obvious concern would bring even more hatred upon Li Yunmu's head.

Luo Honghua, who was standing behind them, actually let Wang Yan do as she wished. Clearly, she was quite willing to make Li Yunmu the target. If he could be harmed using Zhang Yuan's blade, that would be the perfect scenario in her mind. Then their group of descenders would regain it shape.

Li Yunmu was fully aware of everyone's intentions. But he didn't say anything. After all, his principle was clear: This elder brother possesses absolute strength, so naturally I won't care about the plans of you two parties.

"You should also take care of yourself and not be careless."

After reminding Wang Yan to be careful, he followed Lu Zhong and the two women into the jungle.

"Yes, I will be."

Wang Yan watched Li Yunmu leave with an unresigned gaze. She was filled with hatred toward Zhang Yuan.

When Li Yunmu's group of four entered the jungle, they immediately discovered that it appeared to be an enormous island. Everything on it was extremely enormous and even more enormous.

Only when he personally experienced the feeling of entering a gigantic jungle did he realize what the scenery looked like.



Before Luo Zhong's warning could register, one of the women almost reached the gate of hell. Her clothes from left shoulder to rib were easily ripped open by a leaf, leaving behind a huge hole.

If Lu Zhong hadn't pulled her away in a timely manner, then she probably wouldn't have escaped by losing just the clothes on the left side of the body. Instead, all of her left side would have been cut away by the leaf.

Tat woman was also a noble, and had perhaps joined Zheng Quan's group seeing that they were also nobles. Li Yunmu recalled her name was Wang Ru.

At that moment, her face was deathly white. How long had it been since they had entered the woods? In less than ten minutes, she had almost lost her life.

Her clothes from shoulder to rib had been completely ripped open by the tree leaf, because of which her supple left breast was revealed to everyone without her knowing.

Li Yunmu's heart went cold after what happened. It seemed like they were indeed in an extremely dangerous dimensional space. At least for the initial and middle stage flux experts.

The flux experts of the Origin World were different from the fluxers of Earth. As long as the latter cultivated to the ordinary crystal layer, they would be able to congeal a crystal armor with the flux energy crystals which would greatly boost the defenses of their body.