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392 Gigantic Coconut Trees

Li Yunmu believed that it was best for him to just sit and wait, having gotten an opportunity to observe the tricks of other descenders. Since both of them were from others planes, he wanted to see how large was the difference between the two planes? Which plane was the more powerful among them?

"En, I won't worry."

Li Yunmu didn't behave like a chauvinist, which would have made it more clear that he was afraid of Zhang Yuan, and changed the topic. "What were you saying when you were interrupted by Luo Honghua?"

"Brother Yunmu, I will explain this matter in detail after we return."

Wang Yan face turned completely red.

"I heard it quite clearly. You were asking me whether I would be willing to go to a completely unfamiliar region for you," Li Yunmu said.

Wang Yan's eyes went wide, then she excitedly nodded.

"My answer is, what if I asked you to abandon everything and follow me?" Li Yunmu suddenly smiled.

"This… Why would you want me to abandon everything?"

Wang Yan was quite embarrassed. She felt quite confused, discovering suddenly that her understanding of Li Yunmu was quite low.

After that, Li Yunmu didn't say anything more, dropping the topic. He simply stopped talking, leaving behind a bewildered Wang Yan.

He knew that she would come to understand it sooner or later. Although he hadn't replied to her question, it was a response in itself; it meant a covert rejection. Li Yunmu didn't want to entangle himself to deeply with Wang Yan. 

"Brother Yunmu…"

The dazed Wang Yan muttered those two words, but Li Yunmu didn't reply to her, instead walking forward in large strides to catch up with the main group.

"Seems like you still have some understanding of your own place. Wang Yan's status isn't something which you can hope to come in contact with. Although you are also a noble, people like you aren't worth anything in our eyes. For instance, that Zhang Yuan who's bouncing excitedly, see what will happen to him…"

At some point of time, Luo Honghua had come to speak to him.

She could be considered as a stubborn person. All the time, she had been monitoring Wang Yan and Li Yunmu. By then, she was quite satisfied with Li Yunmu for understanding his own position, which made her feel quite relieved.

She wasn't like Wang Yan who had lived her life like a princess and didn't think twice before developing feelings for a native.

In her eyes, regardless of how remarkable or superior Li Yunmu was, he was still a native who would never be able to break away from his background. Although the people of the Origin World were quite formidable, they were just country bumpkins when compared to their world where science and technology was developed.

Besides, the natives like Li Yunmu could be only be considered as somewhat outstanding at best. So who would put them in their eyes, apart from a stupid girl who hadn't experienced the world?

Li Yunmu pursed his lips and smiled toward Luo Honghua, then stopped paying any attention to her, completely ignoring her existence.

He couldn't understand from where came her sense of superiority, or for how long she would be able to keep it. Not that it mattered much to him; he soon forgot all about it.

The passage of purple mist was longer compared to what everyone had imagined. After walking roughly three hundred meters, they were welcomed by the dazzling sunlight.

"This is…"

When Li Yunmu saw the conditions outside the passage, he was startled. Blue sky, ocean sand under his fee, large coconut trees rising up to cover the horizon, and in the distance, a large tropical jungle.

Regardless of how one looked at it, this was completely like an island on his Earth.

In fact, for an instant, Li Yunmu even believed that he had returned to Earth. It had to be known that the Origin World didn't have any coconut trees, for there weren't many trees which were as delicate and defenseless as them.

The vegetation of the Origin World had an expansionist nature. There were very few trees which had a height lower than thirty meters.

Not only were they extremely large, they also had methods to protect themselves and were filled with offensive capabilities. This was true for all parts of a tree, be it the trunk, the leaves, or the fruits.

Usually, if one saw a sweet and succulent fruit, they would find that it was covered with thorns or perhaps some sort of poison. If a person without any knowledge tried to eat them, they'd die right away.

It wasn't just Li Yunmu who was shocked by the sight, Zheng Quan and the other two descenders were also staring at everything blankly. Based on their reaction, the environment in Wang Yan's world was quite similar to that of Li Yunmu's Earth.

However… the true reason why everyone was startled wasn't this.

The dimensional space possessed the characteristics of islands on Earth, which startled Li Yunmu and other descenders, but the real problem lay in the fact that the coconut trees which were just too enormous.

Compared to those on Earth, they were identical in appearance, but who could say how much larger they were?

Ten times?


A hundred times?


Those motherf*ckers were at least several hundred times larger.

When Li Yunmu saw that each tree seemed to tear a hole through the sky, he couldn't close his mouth. He hadn't seen such gigantic coconut trees, let alone such enormous coconuts.

The tree closest to them was seven-ten kilometers high and had the diameter of close to two hundred meters according to Li Yunmu's estimation.

It was difficult enough to imagine a tree which almost tore a hole through the sky, but people would be even more shocked upon hearing about a diameter which crossed hundreds of meters. What sort of plant was this?

Even if the trees in the ancient times were wide enough for more than ten people to join hands to complete a circle, they were pathetic compared to the trees before the group at that moment.

Suddenly, Li Yunmu discovered more than ten dried up coconuts lying near the trees. Each one of the shells had a diameter of several tens of meters.

Previously, everyone had mistakenly believed those dried up coconuts to be brown hills.

But anyone who carefully observed them would discover that they were just coconuts and nothing more. At several tens of meters in height, they were just coconuts which were larger than houses and nothing more!

"Spectacular, it really is too magnificent. What sort of tree is this? Doesn't it seem comparable to world tree grade?"

"This place is really worthy of being called a legendary dimensional space. Such large trees and fruits. After seeing this, even if I didn't obtain any harvest here, I would still be satisfied."

Compared to the shocked Li Yunmu and Zheng Quan, others, like Zhang Yuan, Liu Yangwei, and Lei Jin, didn't have such fierce reactions. They were natives and knew that there were a number of trees in the Origin World which were even taller than the ones in front of them.