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385 Secret Competition

"Elder brother, are you leaving?"

On the twenty-first day, Li Yunmu woke up early and bid farewell to the residents of the island. Before he left, the little lass Tutu stepped out from the group of people and summoned her courage to chase after him.

"Yes, live properly."

After seeing Tutu, he became free from worry and patted her little head.

"Then elder brother, will you be returning?"

The little lass looked at Li Yunmu with her gaze full of hope and nervousness.

"I might not. You must work hard and become strong."

Li Yunmu didn't look at Tutu's disappointed gaze. The next instant, he went to the coast and took out the deep ocean pearl given to him by the sea breeze whale.

It had told him that if any of the races subservient to it were in the vicinity of Cloud Island and he needed a mount, he could summon them. And at that moment, that was exactly the situation.

Li Yunmu was very curious since he didn't know what sort of sea beast races were subservient to the sea breeze whale.

He had just placed the deep ocean pearl in the water and congealed an intent to summon when the people on the Cloud Island behind him cried out in surprise.

Tutu suddenly pointed into the distant horizon. "Elder brother, a ship has appeared in the distance. Are they the people you were waiting for?"

For the people living on the small isle, the mast in the horizon wasn't that strange since the only thing possessing such an object would be a ship.

After another half a day, an enormous ship gradually appeared in the horizon. Even if it was still two-three kilometers away, the several hundred meter cruise could be easily recognized.

"Wow, what a large ship."

"How many small boats could be made from the wood of that large ship? It would great if my dad could get one."

Seeing the enormous ship, the children on the island began to whisper to each other.

Even a tens of meter large ship would be considered very large by those people. So when they saw the several hundred meter long one in front of their eyes, they were left dumbstruck.

"That's right, seems like they've come."

Li Yunmu's vision was sharper than that of the residents. He could already see a female figure standing on the deck, gazing at the island. That woman was Wang Yan. After a long time, the several hundred meter cruise stopped and everyone on the ship used speedboats to come to the island.

"Haha, Brother Li, you are really a person who keeps his word. I am excited to see you again."

Zheng Quan immediately took the lead and walked toward Li Yunmu in large strides and hugged him. His expression was completely honest, without the slightest hint of acting.

Wang Yan eyes were slightly moist, watching Li Yunmu with endless excitement.

"How are you all? What sort of obstacle did you encounter?"

Li Yunmu nodded toward the group to greet them. Everyone was a fellow resident of residential area fifteen, even if some faces looked really nervous. Although he didn't know everyone's name, they did seem familiar.

"Aii, it's hard to explain in a few words. We were fortunate when faced with great misfortune. We snatched back our lives back from gates of hell. Yet you Brother Li seem to have come long ago without any problems," one of the familiar people in Zheng Quan's group spat out fiercely, feeling excited by getting a new lease on life.

After that, the group found a temporary place to settle. After Li Yunmu heard the whole story from Zheng Quan, a strange expression appeared on his face.

"Brother Yunmu, if that giant beast hadn't given up on chasing us after we got close to Cloud Island, we probably would've been finished."

Wang Yan occupied the space beside Li Yunmu as if it was completely natural and began supplying details on the dangers they had experienced.

Her previous noble temperament was nowhere to be seen. She simply kept on smiling gracefully while sitting near Li Yunmu.

A male with sleek cheekbones, suddenly came forward and interrupted Wang Yan who was still talking, extending his hand to greet Li Yunmu.

"I am called Zhang Yuan, and I occupy the twenty-third room. Not long ago, I received an invitation from Maple Woods Union, so in the future we will all be on the same side."

The man had a rather fierce expression on his face which combined with his prominent facial features made sure that anyone who saw him would not forget his appearance.

Another relatively special thing was that given Zheng Quan's stature, he was clearly a noble. Wang Yan's cheerfulness disappeared after being interrupted, and she looked at Li Yunmu with anxiousness.

Li Yunmu didn't pay any attention to the other, but reached out to shake his hand with a smile. However the next instant he sensed that something was wrong. The other party was using a large amount of force to grasp his hand, sending his enormous power through the contact.

The amount of power was extremely great. If Li Yunmu had needed to face it before he had come to Cloud Island, when his physical strength was only twenty-nine oxen, he probably wouldn't have been able to endure it without being prepared.

But at that moment his expression only changed a little; he was completely relaxed.

[Zhang Yuan entered Blue Moon Sect last year. His ambitions are ordinary, but his conduct is rather fearless. There have been rumors that he had been involved in framing fellow disciples. Presently he occupies the twenty-third room which he obtained five months ago. His flux energy strength is one hundred and eighteen points, and his physical strength is thirty-two oxen.]

With only a handshake, the system had gathered all the data about Zhang Yuan's strength. It also provided all the basic information gathered about him from the fifteenth residential region.

After descending to the Origin World, the system could no longer use any internet services. Instead, it used the ten dimensional space eyes and gathered a large amount of information about the people of fifteenth residential region as well as some other residential regions of Blue Moon Sect.

Of course, it was all due to the dimensional space eyes. Li Yunmu had purchased three of them from the underground market, while Battle Sage Vega had provided him with ten more before descending.

He had to admit that being a representative of someone was indeed a great option. If he hadn't obtained so many trump cards from Battle Sage Vega, he probably would've had to face a lot more obstructions. It was obvious that the quasi deities had prepared for a long time.

Thirty-two oxen? Close to one hundred and twenty points?

Li Yunmu was secretly startled. The Zheng Quan who had stayed in the fifteenth residential region with that level of strength was certainly not simple.