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384 Little Lass Tutu

The lass was called Tutu, and she didn't have any family name because the descendents of slaves didn't have the qualifications to get a family name. According to what Li Yunmu knew, her father and mother had died long ago. They had been chased and killed by the people who worked for their master.

Thus, Tutu hadn't fared well in the last two years on the island. The other residents had extremely difficult lives themselves, so they didn't have the attention to spare for the seven year old lass.

Fortunately, the residents hadn't lost their humanity completely. Despite not being well-off, each household still cared for the little lassie.

It could be said that Tutu had survived for that long because of other residents' concern and her mouth. Although the second reason didn't sound pretty, it just meant that she lived by eating insects and bugs.

"Elder brother, Tutu is also very afraid of you, but…"

Tutu had matured beyond what someone would expect from a seven year old girl. She clenched her teeth and said after summoning her courage, "Tutu also wants to become a physical flux expert like you and become a formidable cultivator."

"Why do you want to be a physical flux expert?"

Li Yunmu was startled. He hadn't expected that a little girl who was struggling to survive would surprisingly hold such ambitions in her heart.

At least the other residents of Cloud Island didn't have any such ambitions. The other children only followed him from far away, hoping to obtain some candy.

"I just want… to eat my fill everyday," the little lass said with her head bowed. However her two eyes were still shining brightly.

"Only want to eat your fill…" Li Yunmu mumbled.

While looking at Tutu, he had to admit that his heart was moved. Her reason was very simple. It wasn't to become formidable or to take revenge, but only to eat her fill.

The little girl might have never experienced the feeling of being full.

But Li Yunmu didn't say anything in the end. Although the little girl was hoping that he would guide her on the path of cultivation, he wasn't that type of person. If being honest, Li Yunmu couldn't be considered a benevolent person. Although he wasn't stone-hearted, he wasn't overflowing with kind intentions either. There were many children in the Origin World whose fate was the same as that of Tutu.

It was impossible for him to take this girl under his wing just because he was slightly moved. He couldn't be willful and take this burden onto himself.

"You are too young for cultivation, but elder brother has something for you. This will slowly transform you as well as fill you up."

Li Yunmu pondered it for a moment and then took out a small pouch. It was his normal ration which included thousand grains of extreme grade power grain.

If Li Yunmu ate them himself without soaking in the medicinal bath to cultivate Meridian Nurturing Flux Point Technique, it would probably last him for ten-fifteen days.

But for Tutu it would last for a whole year.

Tutu was very disappointed, but she didn't lose hope and asked while forcefully restraining her tears, "Elder brother, what is this?"

Li Yunmu steeled his heart and explained, "This is food eaten by flux experts."

"Flux experts!"

The eyes of the little lass went wide.

From what she knew, physical flux experts were extremely scary. Since she could remember herself, she had heard all sorts of descriptions from her parents as well the other villagers about how formidable and fearless were those people.

She had heard a lot less about flux experts, but it wasn't because the slaves weren't aware of their existence.

Instead, they saw flux experts as far superior characters whom they would definitely never meet.

When Li Yunmu had stayed on Azure Dragon Island, the fishermen in the villages had rarely seen flux experts, then what to speak of the little island's residents?

"Yes, so there are some things which you must know. At first, you should only eat half a grain, and if you feel that your stomach is full, then you shouldn't eat anymore until you feel hungry again. Understood?" Li Yunmu warned her.

Tutu hadn't come in contact with any high level matters, so she just nodded with confusion on her face.

"Remember, if you wish to become powerful and later fill your stomach by relying on your own strength, you mustn't overeat or tell a third soul about what I gave you," Li Yunmu told her. 

It was the simplest method which Li Yunmu could think of to change Tutu's fate.

Even physical flux experts didn't get to eat extreme grade power grain. After eating it, even if the little lass couldn't find anyone to teach her to cultivate in the future, during the time she was underage, the power grain would have changed her fate enough anyway.

Naturally, the premise was that she followed his three warnings.

"Elder brother, if Tutu eats this power grain, will her body become strong and powerful like that of the physical flux experts?" the girl asked in response. 

"Yes, but no one other than us should know about it."

Li Yunmu nodded and then returned to his residence without paying anymore attention to her.

That day was already his seventeenth day on the island. Given that Zheng Quan had set sail a day earlier, it had already been eighteen days since the start of the voyage.

Li Yunmu decided that if they didn't show up in two more days, he would leave.

The innate flaw in his flux points had been removed, and he had also accumulated enough extreme grade power grain, so it was time for him to attack the boundary of becoming a great flux expert.

He wanted to return to Blue Moon Sect and exchange for the methods to open flux points. This was his target as well as the path which every descender would have to travel to become a great flux master.

In the following two days, Li Yunmu didn't enter seclusion. He leisurely strolled around, occasionally fished and entered ocean from time to time to catch some organisms in the shallow waters and put them in his heavenly world's spring.

Although the majority of them were salt water organisms and not suitable to fresh water, they didn't die for a long time. Seeing this, Li Yunmu realized that he couldn't underestimate the formidable life-forms of the Origin World.

After two days, four species had adapted to fresh water from the seventy three species he had collected. It was a pleasant accident.

In the two days, Tutu would appear by his side every day. But the little lassie was extremely intelligent and understood that Li Yunmu wouldn't be taking her with him because he didn't want the extra trouble.

Therefore, she stayed a distance away, remaining behind his back, silently watching his every action.

The only change was that after eating power grains for two days, color had returned to her face, and she seemed to have a hint of vitality.

Li Yunmu was unable to understand the actions of the little girl. Why was she still continuing to watch him from far? However he didn't bother to find out. He was just happy that she seemed to have followed his warnings.

In the two days, Li Yunmu hadn't sensed any residents learning about the power grain.

The twentieth day came and went away.

On the twenty-first day, Li Yunmu decided to leave. He walked out of his residence early in the morning, having woken up unusually early.