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Devil sea beasts usually couldn't be seen on the surface of the ocean. But if they did rise, it was certainly to take revenge.

And Li Yunmu, who had just wanted to summon a being to assist him in reaching Cloud Island, had surprisingly summoned a calamity class existence—a devil sea beast.

He was left dumbstruck, wondering what would happen if he mentioned his request. Maybe the other party would send a water stream at him to turn him into a mass of flesh.

"Speak, human. My time is very precious. We, sea breeze whales, are a devil sea beast clan which puts most emphasis on trustworthiness. As long as I can accomplish it, I will aid you."

The incomparably enormous devil sea beast moved its tail heavily in the ocean, causing large fluctuations in the water. Its words did not match with its actions.

What emphasis on trustworthiness, what acceptings all his requests—Li Yunmu wasn't a greenhorn who had just started cultivating. If he believed the exaggerations of the other party, he would be a true idiot.

But given the noisy actions of the sea breeze whale, Li Yunmu hardened his resolve and said with a bitter smile, "Sire from the grand sea breeze whale clan, I only wanted to quickly reach Cloud Island, not considering that my actions might disturb sire."

By the time Li Yunmu finished speaking, his entire body had stretched taut. He was prepared to make a run for it at a moment's notice, even if he didn't know whether he would be able to escape from the desolate class monster standing in front of him.

But he had already planned for the worst case. Regardless of what happened, he couldn't just sit idly waiting for his death.

It was said that all monsters which had stepped into the desolate beast level had one thing in common—they all had cruel temperaments, which came from their large bodies.

Naturally, among monsters, the larger one's body, the more powerful monster were they.

There was no doubt that the sea breeze whale in front of Li Yunmu wasn't only equivalent to a sage flux expert, since it was far larger than a standard desolate beast. It was highly possible that it was equivalent to the battle sage flux experts of the Origin World.

Such a terrifying devil sea beast would find it easy to deal with Battle God from War God Temple if he descended from Earth, let alone someone like Li Yunmu.

Sure enough, sea breeze whale's actions weren't similar to its kind words. When it heard Li Yunmu's request, it was startled for a long time. Once he grasped that he really just asked that, it was unable to control its mental state and began to roll around in the ocean to discharge its anger.

In a short while, just when Li Yunmu was about to make his exit, the enormous creature managed to control itself.

"Alright, it that's what you wish, then as I said previously, my sea breeze whale clan is considered as the honorable one among the eight clans. Come quickly, I will take you to that isolate isle at an extremely fast speed."

That faint message was transferred into Li Yunmu's mind in a voice which seemed to be suppressing extreme anger. It shook Li Yunmu's consciousness sea like an eighth grade earthquake.

He didn't dare to move and cautiously asked to confirm, "Really?"

"Human, you mustn't suspect the reputation of my sea breeze whale clan. This joke isn't the least bit funny."


After the confirmation, Li Yunmu realized that the other party had no intention to tear him apart.

The commotion created by the sea breeze whale had attracted the attention of some formidable humans in the distance. Noticing that, Li Yunmu, who didn't want to take any chances, ran into the ocean and climbed onto the enormous whale with great effort.

"Get lost."

Just when Li Yunmu stepped on the back, a shrill, explosive sound reached his ears. He was so scared that he almost jumped back, but from the corner of his eyes, he saw the sea breeze whale open its enormous mouth and shoot a jet of water.


A powerful explosion resounded far away. At that moment, the human figures which had been quickly closing in from the direction of the central region of Blue Moon Island were blown away.

After the jet of water scattered, Li Yunmu, who couldn't see the identity of the people approaching, could make out that the black figures at a distance were pushed away even farther.

He was completely shaken in his heart. Desolate beast, a catastrophe level monster of the Origin World was truly fearless. Perhaps only genuine deities would be able to control a sea breeze whale of such size. At that moment, Li Yunmu was certain that there would be an upheaval in Blue Moon Sect.

A devil sea beast suddenly appearing on the western coast of Blue Moon Island was enough to scare the entire upper echelon of Blue Moon Sect.

The people approaching the shore should have been people from Blue Moon Island coming to investigate the affair. Given their speed, their cultivations probably surpassed those of great flux experts.

However, they were still easily blown away like stray dogs by a jet of water shot casually by the sea breeze whale. No other thing Li Yunmu had experienced had allowed him to experience the deep water and scorching fire of the Origin World.

When a creature possessed that level of strength, it could easily fill a person with determination to reach its height. This was the true meaning of possessing unrivaled strength which allowed one to break all rules and seek what their heart desired!

Under normal circumstances, being willful was considered a bad trait; but if one possessed the capital to back it up, they would face no punishment nor have to pay any reparations.

Such realm of power would certainly fascinate everyone.

There will certainly be a day when I will reach it!

Violent waves were surging in Li Yunmu's heart while the surrounding scenery was changing rapidly. By then, he finally understood the reason behind the word breeze in the name of sea breeze whale!

It was because this creature moved like the wind over the water, its speed far surpassing Li Yunmu's imagination. What cruise, what devil serpent—in front of the sea breeze whale, neither of them even had the qualifications to be mentioned in the same sentence.

"Human, your request is extremely simple; it will lose face for my sea breeze whale clan. I will give you another chance—make a half-request."

While the surrounding islands and isles were being left behind quickly, the sea breeze whale's voice echoed in Li Yunmu's consciousness sea. Even if his spirit was refined, it was defenseless in front of a creature of that level.


By then, Li Yunmu had already calm down.

He was certain that the sea breeze whale wasn't doing it specifically for him; it was an innate arrogance and dominance possessed by that formidable creature.

The agreement signed between the eight clans and the demon lion Karl Werther were probably also a restriction.

"Yes, half-request. It isn't much, but it's also not too little."

When Li Yunmu heard it, he genuinely began to call the creature names in his head. What half-request—there was nothing specific about it. That sea breeze whale was completely shameless.

Perhaps only those requests which it found all right would pass the criteria of half-request. GIven that, Li Yunmu didn't have much hope that the devil sea beast would fulfill any of his wishes. After thinking about it for a moment, Li Yunmu was certain that the sea breeze whale was actually a petty and narrow-minded creature.

He suddenly thought of something and said, "I want to know the process of creating a flux binding pill. Can you tell it to me?"