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375 Devil Sea Beast“s Conscpicious Body

"Good, now you thirteen must focus on cultivating this method and becoming more formidable. Only when you have sufficient strength will you be able to ensure your race's survival. So cultivate properly."

After patting the head of Ba Ape, Li Yunmu didn't stay there for much longer.

As for the people who were spying on them recently, Li Yunmu thought about it and decided not to bring Li Yun and the other with him. The ten shadows were tantamount to ten Li Yunmus guarding the god apes.

This would ensure that until he returned from his trip, the secret of Refining Pagoda wouldn't be leaked out.

As for when he would need the combat strength of the ten shadows, one thought would be enough to recall them back to his side. It would only take a few seconds.

Li Yunmu collected six hundred and eighty kilograms of blood essence refined from vicious beast. The harvest was thus clearly must higher than the first time. 

He had also been pleasantly surprised the strength of ape gods increasing greatly.

After climbing to the western coast of Blue Moon Island, Li Yunmu took out the skull of the fire god's mount Karl Werther. It was carved from wood and used to identify the members of Hall Clan like the inscribed badges used by humans.

The wooden carving that Li Yunmu had was slightly different from the one which normal Hall clansmen possessed. It was used to signify that he was a foreigner friend.

It was a sort of reward, like a prize for being an exception.

But if someone thought that the wooden carving didn't have any other use than that, they would be gravely mistaken. There were actually three of them in total.

First, he could freely enter and exit the Hall Clans present in various regions of the Origin World without being attacked. He could even ask for shelter of the Hall Clan.

That wasn't just a flashy use, but a great reward. It was similar to political asylums on Earth before the Dark Ages. If he ever faced desperate straits when he would be at the end of his rope, that political asylum could be used to save his life.

The second use was intimidating monsters.

It was said that a hint of Karl Werther's presence existed in the wooden carving. Thus, the majority of enormous beast grade would be intimidated.

Naturally, this intimidation wasn't absolute.

After all the monsters were similar to humans. There were some people who weren't afraid of anything,so regardless of what one used to intimidate them, they wouldn't be scared.

And some beasts were also like that. But even being able to intimidate the majority of beasts was an a great ability.

The third use was the one which Li Yunmu needed to use immediately. It let one use the carved skull to summon the members of the eight races which had once been subservient to Karl Werther and have the right to request their assistance.

Li Yunmu found a region which was completely isolated and facing the ocean before lightly blowing inside the mouth of Karl Werther's skull.

That's right, the carved skull was actually a whistle.

The mouth of the whistle was the skull's mouth. As soon as Li Yunmu blew on it, formless energy fluctuations spread out into the distance without any actual sound.

Of the eight races which used to be subservient to Karl Werther, three resided in the ocean.

Regarding the mystical summon which was like a myth, Li Yunmu was both vigilant and curious.

Before blowing the whistle again, he waited for ten minutes. If after doing so three times at this tempo no beast was called out, it meant that there were no monsters from the eight races in a hundred kilometer radius.

Using that unique rhythm, Li Yunmu blew the whistle twice, but there was still no movement or change. Yet when he was about to blow the third time, a towering wave rushed forth in his direction from several nautical miles away.

"It has come. I only hope that its temperament is good."

At the sight, Li Yunmu shivered while waiting for the summoned being to appear.

Before long, the several nautical miles distance was covered in less than ten seconds. An enormous monster came close to the coast and slowly revealed its figure.

As the beast emerged from the sea surface, Li Yunmu felt an enormous shadow envelope him. The summoned being was surprisingly a desolate beast. Since coming to the Origin World, Li Yunmu had never encountered one.

"Oh? It's surprisingly a human? Whatever, our eight races have always relied on the token and not on the person. Speaking of which, since you are human, we won't be able to assist you in battle, but other than that, feel free to ask for assistance."

The enormous creature's voice jolted Li Yunmu's consciousness sea.

The beast had only revealed a portion of its body, but it was already several hundred meters high. Under the surface, its length would probably surpass two or even three thousand meters.

At that instant, Li Yunmu understood the real terror of the Hall Clan.

It was a primitive clan which had been sheltered by a deity in the ancient times. Unless they faced a mortal danger, no one would ever guess what sort of terrifying trump cards they hid.

And Li Yunmu had learned about one of their trump cards.

According to the Origin World's understanding toward desolate beasts, what Li Yunmu was facing should be a sea breeze whale. But he had learned that all beasts who crossed the size of a thousand meters were considered as desolate beasts. And the sea breeze whale before him was nearly three kilometers long. From that, it was clear that even among the desolate beasts, it held a terrifying position.

Li Yunmu fell in a daze. He had never anticipated that on his first time blowing the whistle, such a frightening creature would appear.

Desolate beasts, what did they signify in the Origin World? And what sort of existences were they?

At that moment, Li Yunmu recalled that sea breeze whales were actually an extremely terrifying existence whose name caused the residents of the islands to turn pale with fear. The desolate beasts living in Deep Ocean had another name—they were called devil sea beasts.

The region they inhabited wasn't the mid or deep sea region, but Deep Ocean, which was over thirty thousand meters below sea level.

In the opinion of ordinary people, one wouldn't see such a beast in their lifetime. And if one was sighted at the shores, a catastrophe would certainly follow.