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366 Using Quantity to Fight Quality

The offer was one which Li Yunmu couldn't ignore. If he could truly obtain the friendship of the Hall clansmen, many issues could be resolved easily in the future. After all, the Hall Clan which had around five hundred members had frightened Blue Moon Sect which had over ten thousand inner disciples. That was why Li Yunmu was well aware that the Hall Clan wasn't as simple as it looked on the surface. 

"Alright, then I will do my best. Fortunately, the environment around here is in accordance with the requirements of my rescue method. However, I hate three things to say..."

Li Yunmu raised three fingers and said in a louder voice, "First, I want your Widowed Nakht to be shifted to the region where the forest is the thickest and has lush vegetation. Second, when I will unleash my healing technique, all the plants and vegetation in the surroundings will die. In the worst case scenario, the entire forest might be ruined. Third, this healing method which I possess cannot be passed on to outsiders. As long as you all agree to bear the costs, I will try my best. And after I have succeeded, I must be allowed to choose one of the weapons used by your clan."

Li Yunmu firmly stated his price. 

Soon, the elders consulted for a moment and quickly agreed. Instantly, people standing outside came in to shift Widowed Nakht to the prescribed location. It was good that their stronghold was basically built in the abyss of the forest where the vegetation was the most dense. 

They only needed to shift the Widowed Nakht to the forest outside the house. Thus, all the preparations were completed in half a day. 

Li Yunmu then extended his hand and pressed it on the forehead of the Widowed Nakht. He had barely touched her head, when he sensed the evil spirit filled with endless negative will which began to rush towards his consciousness sea, moving along his finger. 

In fact, the magnitude of danger faced by Li Yunmu was extremely high. He was trying resist a higher divine power, which was extremely difficult. In fact, there was a high chance that he might also get indirectly cursed. 

But after the test with the three drops of sacred life water, Li Yunmu had a certain amount of confidence. 

When the death aura rushed toward his consciousness see, Li Yunmu didn't say anything and used the power of the two sun heavenly world to resist it. 

But the power of a two sun heavenly world was too weak. In the face of the ancient god level power, it could only last for some seven minutes. 

Then, Li Yunmu used his body's flux energy to increase the suppression. But this time, he could hold on for even less time. In an instant, his resistance was broken. Given how difficult Li Yunmu was finding his task, it could seen that Widowed Nakht of the Hall Clan was extremely formidable. 

The seemingly ordinary elder had surprisingly held out against the invasion of the death aura for eighteen days. What sort of joke was that?

After personally trying it out, Li Yunmu understood the difference between himself and her clearly. His flux energy, world power—all of them were exhausted within a quarter of an hour. 

But he had another power, and that was flame thunder energy. 

Get lost. 


In the center of Li Yunmu's chest, a steel gray thunder sun was aroused by his thought, and a power far surpassing the level of flux energy erupted. Li Yunmu had to accept that flame thunder energy was indeed worthy of being called as being on the divine level, something which was the target of quasi deities. 

Although Li Yunmu had only reached the minor threshold and accumulated only a bit of that power, it still allowed him to resist against the invasion of death aura. 

Although it was a higher level power source than the flame thunder energy, but the death aura had left its master, the ancient god's body, long ago and lost all control. 

Second, the main battlefield here was Li Yunmu's body. Because of that, not only did the flame thunder energy get the advantage of home turf, it also blended with the tribulation thunder of the world punishment. 

Tribulation thunder was the fiercest power in the world. Although the part of it which had fused into Li Yunmu's body was the lowest level of world punishment, it was about enough to deal with the evil spirit's power. 

With the support of the flame thunder energy, Li Yunmu got the opportunity he needed, and he began to rotate the Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal. 

Although the effects of this technique weren't as good as those of Major Reversal, Li Yunmu wasn't just saving a person at that moment. He was also resisting against the power of an ancient god with the power that wasn't just his own. He was using the life force of all the vegetation on Hall Mountain Island.

This was the basis for his confidence behind his claim of saving the Widowed Nakht. 

How many trees were there on the island?

The answer was simple - many. In truth, so many that Li Yunmu could use them extravagantly. With that, he had was certain that the fragment of the ancient god's will wouldn't be able to resist him. 

Come, let me see whether your power is greater, or that of the life force of the vegetation in this entire island.

Li Yunmu kept on rotating Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal. At that time, he stood barefooted on the ground, using it as the medium and himself as the core. 

Bearing the brunt of the technique were the trees in Li Yunmu's vicinity. They were extremely large and had been growing for a long time. Some of them were even older than a thousand years and reached the sky. Their girth was equivalent to more than ten people joining their hands to make a circle, and their height was more than several hundred meters. 

But at that instant, they were facing an unprecedented calamity. The enormous life force accumulated by them was being steadily absorbed by Li Yunmu. After passing through his feet, that enormous amount of vitality was transferred to his hands and used to resist against the power of the death aura. 

Time seemed to stop at that moment. Including Night, all the Hall clansmen were attentively watching each and every transformation happening around Li Yunmu's body. 

Right then, there were two different forces around Li Yunmu's hand. 

One was the terrifying death aura which was the invader. There wasn't much of it, but its level was extremely high. It was like a small spark which could not be extinguished regardless of how much water one poured on it. 

And the other power was the vast life force. By then, everyone knew why he had asked to come out of the house. Within a short time, the circle of trees closest to him had their vitality completely exhausted. And that calamity didn't stop. It continued to expand toward the next circle of ancient trees.