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365 Li Yunmu“s Saving Method

It was the first time Li Yunmu had encountered a problem which couldn't be solved by sacred life water. 

For such a thing didn't exist on his Earth. Regardless of whether one was ill or had been poisoned or even cursed by some evil spirit— all of it could be resolved by the sacred life water. 

Thus, the matter of Hall Clan's Widowed Nakht being under curse was an unprecedented affair for him. Because of it, Li Yunmu was completely convinced that this was truly due to an ancient deity. 

Otherwise, why would the death aura remain suppressed for only half a day even after she had been given three drops of sacred holy water?

"System, what's the power source of this death aura?"

Li Yunmu was startled by this, so he asked the system to analyze it. 

[Insufficient data, system is unable to analyze it. However, it is certain that this death aura's power source should be higher level than your flame thunder energy, so system is unable to analyze it for the time being.]

The system was unable to help him. Yet it still told him that the death aura was surprisingly at least a level higher than a divine power source. 

Li Yunmu once more experienced the depths of the Origin World's waters. 

He then suddenly recalled that when they had descended to the Origin World, they had found a several hundred kilometers long dragon corpse which resembled a mountain range. 

Even if that dragon had died long ago, there was still a formless might around it that pushed down everyone. In fact, just because of that corpse's existence, the jungle and mountains of that area had surprisingly been blocked from the powerful gravity of the Origin World. Whenever Li Yunmu thought about that level of power, his heart began to pound heavily from fear and trepidation. 

"Is it at the same level as that dragon corpse's power which we saw after descending?" Li Yunmu asked. 

[Unable to compare, the level of the formless power emitted by the dragon's corpse is definitely several levels higher than that of this death aura. This much, however, is certain,] the system replied without the slightest hesitation. 

Li Yunmu's thinking proved to be correct. The pressure emitted by that dragon's corpse was enough to suppress the system, which was definitely something to which the death aura couldn't compare. 

Gradually, Li Yunmu started to understand the classification of power sources in the Origin World. Clearly, the physical flux experts were the lowest level, possessing only physical strength. 

Flux experts formed the next level, and they possessed the combined strength of flux energy and corporeal body. 

Great flux experts formed the third layer. Their flux energy had fused with the dark flux energy to form deadly might. 

Sage flux experts were the fourth level. Their power source was the sacred deadly might formed after a quantitative change in the deadly might. 

Beyond that was the divine layer which was reached after sacred deadly might transformed into divine deadly might. This was the power level to which the quasi deities were trying to break through. 

And because of a combination of coincidences like the Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets, heavenly world's world power as well as the Origin World's world punishment, Li Yunmu had also accidentally stumbled upon it. 

He thus possessed the flame thunder energy which was classified as divine deadly might. However, although Li Yunmu possessed it, the bitter reality was that it wasn't cultivated by him but created because of fusion with Origin World's world punishment. Thus, he couldn't cultivate or strengthen this power surpassing his level.

Then the level of power infecting Widowed Nakht of Hall Clan had to be higher level divine might...

For the time being, Li Yunmu classified it as ancient god level power source. As for the dragon corpse, that level of power source far surpassed his imagination. 

Li Yunmu could only establish it as the highest level of power he had encountered in his life. 

In this way, Li Yunmu quickly classified the Origin World's powers into physical flux experts, flux experts, great flux experts, sage flux experts, divine flux experts, and ancient god level. 

Whil he was pondering about all this, Night spoke up by his side. "Do you have any other methods?"

Li Yunmu put away his sacred life water and said, "Since this death aura cannot be suppressed by the sacred life water, there's no need to increase our loss. I will try another method."

He thought about it for a time before sighing gloomily.

He planned to never reveal major reversal in front of others, since this skill was one of his biggest hidden trump cards. Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal and Ghostly Image Substitution were the most reliable life saving techniques in his arsenal. 

But if he didn't use major reversal, the job wouldn't get done, and he didn't plan to renounce the meat pie in front of him.

Li Yunmmu sighed deeply, hardening his resolve. "I have another supreme life saving technique, but it will require compatible environment to work. Translate my request for them."

After hearing that, a shine passed through Night's eyes, and she began to translate Li Yunmu's words for the Hall clansmen inside the room. All those who could enter Widowed Nakht's room were elders who possessed the highest authority in the clan. Once they heard the request, they immediately expressed that regardless of whatever needed to be done, they wouldn't hesitate to pay any price as long as there was a way to save Widowed Nakht. 

Previously, Li Yunmu hadn't been exactly clear about the position occupied by Widowed Nakht in the eyes of the žclansmen, but at that moment, he understood everything. 

"We request you to help us. Allow me to say in the name of all of the Hall Clan's elders that as long as you successfully rescue our Widowed Nakht, then besides the inheritance source manuscripts, you will also obtain the friendship of the Hall clansmen," Night said as she raised the monster statue in the middle of the room.

Li Yunmu had a profound impression of that wooden statue and felt a deep awe toward it. But compared to it, Night's words that he would be considered a friend of the Hall Clan made his heart beat much swifter.