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With inquisitive eyes, Li Yunmu looked at the wooden bows held by the Hall clansmen. The moment his gaze fell on them, his heart skipped a beat in fear.

The power emitted by those wooden bows...

Surprisingly, it was extremely close to his flame thunder energy. Unexpectedly the aboriginals possessed divine level power source.

Li Yunmu finally understood why Blue Moon Island's people had apprehensions about the Hall clansmen.

With this group, all of whose members possessed a power source surpassing quasi deity level, even if it didn't belong to them personally, it would still be enough to terrify others.

Night's arrival alarmed all the Hall clansmen in the stronghold. A large number of men and women came out from all corners of the stronghold and began to loudly converse in a dialect which Li Yunmu couldn't understand.

There were both men and women, elderly and children. There was even a group of the latter who were sizing up his strange face with curious eyes. They were puzzled why Li Yunmu's skin color and general appearance was so different from theirs.

That's right, the Hall clansmen had one major difference when compared to humans, which was that they had a small horn rising towards the sky on their forehead.

Apart from this, their skin color was also very strange. Li Yunmu sneakily observed that the children's skin was yellow. It looked rather sickly when compared to human skin. While looking at them, Li Yunmu didn't feel comfortable at all, since it gave him a sensation that they were infected by bacteria.

The first impression given by these children to anyone would definitely be that they were extremely ill. Although Li Yunmu wasn't someone who judged people by appearances, but this sort of deep rooted bias still existed.

When the children became adults, they underwent a major transformation. Their skin changed color from sickly yellow to mild purple, which gave them a mysterious appeal.

So the reason why Night covered her whole body and face should be because of her light purple skin? After all, she is also a Hall clansman, right?

If that was true, then how did she infiltrate Blue Moon Island and been accepted inside? However, Li Yunmu didn't have the time to ponder over this question for long. Soon, they were led to the biggest house at the center of the stronghold by the numerous clansmen.

After that, other than Night, all the Hall clansmen immediately knelt and kowtowed in front of Li Yunmu by knocking their heads against the slab.

"What are they doing?"

Li Yunmu dodged to the side, not wanting to accept the Hall clansmen's kowtow.

"Our Widowed Nakht is dying quickly, and they came to request you to save her," Night translated for him.

"What is a Widowed Nakht? Let's go." While speaking, Li Yunmu already walked into the house.

There, he saw an old woman lying on the bed, her body emitting a large amount of death aura. Although she hadn't yet stopped breathing, she looked more dead than some corpses.

"What is this going on? This isn't the mark of poisoning, is it?"

Li Yunmu's heart sank. Although he understood that saving a person for whom four extraordinary source manuscripts had been taken out wouldn't be so easy, he hadn't expected what he saw.

Only when he was finally led to the patient did he become aware that the Origin World had a lot of unknown and bizarre things. According to Night, Widowed Nakht didn't have any vitality, but she hadn't died yet.

And although Li Yunmu was a meter away from her, he could already sense the sinister presence hiding within her body that seemed about to erupt at any moment.

"Widowed Nakht is like our mother. Her body isn't infected by some highly toxic poison, but has been cursed by the evil spirit of an ancient deity."

Night didn't hold much hope toward Li Yunmu. If he wasn't a noble and hadn't come from the central part of the Origin World, she wouldn't have even brought him since he was someone who had just entered the sect.


Li Yunmu felt a little awkward. This world's strangeness was indeed hard to fathom.

Before this, he had absolute confidence in saving someone because of two facts. First, he possessed a bottle of sacred life water. It wasn't the few drops he'd obtained himself, but rather one of the trump cards prepared by Battle Sage Vega. It was little surprise she did that, since there was no better alternative than sacred life water for saving someone's life at a critical juncture.

Besides it, he also had Plant Essence Innate Healing Reversal. With this SSS grade technique together with sacred life water in his arsenal, Li Yunmu had full confidence in saving any person.

However, that was only until he learned that the sick person was under the curse of an evil spirit of some ancient deity, which was simply frightening.

In his lifetime, he hadn't met any humans who had entered the deity realm, but at that moment he had encountered the traces of an ancient deity. This woman who had been cursed by one, who knew what secrets she was harboring.

Li Yunmu felt that he had encountered a serious matter! Yet the source manuscripts were extremely important to him.

"I will try my best."

After some hesitation, Li Yunmu hardened his resolve. Since he had already come here, then how could he miss on those source manuscripts?

He first took out the sacred life water.

When he removed the cork, the dusky room instantly filled with a lifeforce which was full of vitality. Noticing this, a hint of hope appeared in the eyes of the Hall clansmen.

After all, when all was said and done, this was a life-saving treasure from the Seventh Dimension. Even in the Origin World, this sacred life water could be considered as a rarely seen precious treasure.

It had to be known that the entire Seventh Dimension had only a few sacred life trees from which sacred life water could be obtained.

If Battle Sage Vega hadn't prepared it for Li Yunmu, then it would've been impossible for him to obtain a full bottle. Yet even though it was a full bottle, it only had thirty drops. 

Ordinary people on their last breath would only need one drop to come back from the dead, but for Widowed Nakht, Li Yunmu used three drops.

When they entered her mouth, there was an immediate transformation.

The effects showed up almost instantly. The death aura which previously was spread across the entire body of Widowed Nakht was forced to retreat by a ball of green light.

"The death aura is retreating. I hadn't expected that you would actually accomplish it."

For the first time, a fluctuation appeared in Night's voice. However, before her second sentence was finished, the death aura, which had been retreating because of the effects of sacred life water, began to retake its ground.

Although it was very slow, but at that speed, the three drops of sacred life water could at most suppress the death aura for half a day.

The Hall clansmen who had been cheering at first turned silent, despair spreading across their faces.