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350 Hacking Life Points

Without anyone noticing, five days passed since Li Yunmu's party had entered Blue Moon Island.

In these five days, the four of them had always been together. They walked around the residential region and gradually became familiar with the struggles within their new living space.

During that time, Li Yunmu also received information from Li Qinghong and Demon through secret summons. Battle Sage Vega had prepared many resources for Li Yunmu before he had descended to the Origin World, and among them were a few summoning crystal cranes.

This sort of precious summoning treasure would be considered a family heirloom used only in the most critical situations on their Earth. But Battle Sage Vega had prepared four of them for Li Yunmu.

Naturally, the purpose of this was so that he would be able to exchange information with the people he knew in the Origin World.

Because of this, Li Yunmu and his followers didn't lose connection even after entering different subsidiary islands.

Li Yunmu was convinced that people like Man Tian, Hai Yue, Ji Wuxin, and others also possess similar methods. From this, he knew that becoming the representative of Battle Sage Vega had been the correct choice.

Otherwise, without the preparations and assistance provided by a quasi deity, it would have been incredibly difficult for him to establish a connection with his followers in the Origin World.

What he hadn't expected was that Li Qinghong and Demon would be able to infiltrate Blue Moon Island's other residential regions from their own subsidiary islands.

Li Qinghong had entered the twelfth residential area while Demon had sneaked into the sixth one. Presently, both of them could already be considered to have fulfilled their first goal. The main reason behind the arrival of their summoning crystal cranes was to inquire about the second objective.

Li Yunmu only gave them a short command, which was to quickly improve their strength and occupy one of the front ten rooms of their residential region.

It has to be said that although the summoning crystal crane was a precious treasure from their Earth, it was also able to tear across the stable space of the Origin World.

However, it consumed up all the reserve energy of the summoning crystal crane. Just one trip was enough to use it all up. Before a few days passed and the crane accumulated its energy, it wouldn't be able to leave to transfer back the information.

In the five days, as more and more people won their battles and arrived at Blue Moon Island, the remaining rooms in the fifteenth residential area filled up.

The several stone rooms which had been empty previously filled with people in the last few days. By then, all the three hundred rooms of the fifteenth residential area had their respective masters.

During this time, challenges became a constant thing. The majority of the newly entered disciples successively challenged the masters of the rooms ahead of them. They weren't willing to lag behind in terms of resources by staying in the rear rooms.

The newly entered disciples comprised of three types of challengers.

The first type was like Li Yunmu's group who were already flux experts. Regardless of whether they lost their challenges or won, they would be accepted as inner disciples.

Origin World's every administrative power or sect didn't pay much attention toward the loyalty of the members to the sect. At least the upper echelons didn't care whether the low level members were loyal or not.

As long as they were flux experts, they wouldn't be rejected. It was almost equivalent to accepting them unconditionally, allowing them to come and go whenever they wanted.

Therefore, this group of people had a certain amount of strength. It was highly likely that a number of them had some problems in their old sects and that's why they had changed sceneries.

Because of all sorts of reason, they had entered Blue Moon Island. This group of flux experts was the most active in the challenging phase. They had a certain amount of strength and were quite powerful individually.

Thus, although these people were newcomers, they weren't the least bit polite and consecutively raised challenges for several days until they obtained the rooms respective to their strength.

The second type of newcomers were naturally people like Suo Lei who were outer disciples related to hall masters.

As long as they satisfied the requirement of physical cultivation, they would be recommended by the hall master to enter the island and thus included in the ranks of the inner disciples. 

But these second type newcomers were quite weak and were regarded as the lowest rung in the inner residential region. Suo Lei had appeared to be quite formidable on Azure Dragon Island, but after entering Blue Moon Island's inner residential area, he would only be at the bottom. For the time being, he and the rest in this group could only obtain the rooms at the rear.

The third type of newcomers were quite high profile.

They were extremely few in number, but each one of them was extremely formidable. The direct result of this small group of people entering was changes in the masters of the top ten rooms of the residential regions.

The ten hegemons occupying the top ten rooms had held their positions for three months without any changes and suppressed the entire fifteenth residential region. But after every year's Flux Expert Day and entry of the third type of newcomers, the ten hegemons were challenged repeatedly.

Within a short few days, of the original ten hegemons, three people had already been replaced and suffered tragic ends by the third type of newcomers.

As for why they were so formidable?

The reason was very simple, because they were elites who had withdrawn from other administrative powers. They had left their original affiliations and entered Blue Moon Sect when they were unable to seize the top positions in their previous organizations and thus had rushed to become Blue Moon Island's inner disciples.

It could be said that the organizations that these people were related to were more formidable compared to Blue Moon Island.

The people in this group were very strong. Within a few days, they had already replaced three of the original ten hegemons. Perhaps in the next few days, even more people would be pulled down from their high horses due to the continuous challenges.

However, the instability at the top had basically next to no influence on Li Yunmu. If he used the combined power of the ten shadows, occupying one of the top ten rooms wouldn't be difficult.

But he didn't plan to do it for the time being. So in the five days, although he also was part of the army of challengers, he only advanced from two hundred something room to the fiftieth room and settled there. When there were some who were unwilling to accept this, Li Yunmu took the initiative to accept challenges from several people within a day and win.

Those who were unwilling soon realized that the master of the fiftieth room was even more powerful compared to masters of the rooms in the front.

After this, there was no one who came to challenge Li Yunmu, and he gained a bit of fame in the fifteenth residential region, because there was no one who dared to have any ideas for his room.

After becoming the master of the fiftieth room, Li Yunmu received two hundred and fifty life points every day, which was pretty good.

But he didn't pay much attention to the ownership of the room, but rather let his gaze fall upon the channels to quickly pile up life points.

Given that Li Yunmu possessed ten shadows, earning life points was quite easy for him.

Previously, he wasn't familiar with the residential areas and didn't think that the life points which were difficult to earn for other fellow disciples were actually quite easy for him to accumulate.