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346 Failure Means Death

 It wouldn't be the slightest exaggeration to say that the sect rules of Blue Moon Sect were extremely simple. There were few restrictions, which was in accordance to Li Yunmu's thinking. 

The house itself wasn't very large; it had only one room. In one corner, there was a basin to rinse the mouth and wash the face. Apart from this, there was also a four-legged table. 

In place of bed, there was a soft quilt, and that was it. 

Li Yunmu had to say that it was exceptionally simple and crude. 

He locked his door. Since the regulations of the sect determined that no one could barge inside someone else's room, he wasn't afraid that others would intrude without him knowing. 

On that night, he didn't do anything else and went straight to sleep. 

On the dawn of the second day, Suo Lei knocked on his door early in the morning and led everyone up the mountain to meet with Suo Lei's uncle master, who was also the senior apprentice brother of Bu Jie and cultivated within the mountain. 

It was said that his strength had already reached Great Flux Expert level, and he could be considered as part of the middle high echelon in Blue Moon Sect. Since Suo Lei's master had been assassinated, he naturally had to inform his uncle master. 

A Great Flux Expert wouldn't have any special position if put in a comparable position on Earth. However, none of the descenders believed that this was the case. 

The physical power and strength of the Great Flux Experts was not something which Flux Masters of Earth could compare. 

Simply speaking, the difference between the strength of Flux Experts and Fluxers was extremely large. 

Then what about the difference between Great Flux Experts and Flux Masters? According to the limited information collected by the system, it was highly possible that the strength of a Great Flux Master of the Origin World was comparable to a Nirvana Flux Master or even a Flux Sage who had recently entered the sage layer. 

Once Li Yunmu heard this conclusion, even though he was prepared in his heart, he was still so astonished that cold sweat covered his back. The person they were going to meet was actually formidable to the extent of being comparable to a new Flux Sage. 

Everyone climbed up the mountain for a long time, and finally at noon, they saw Bu Jie's senior apprentice brother. His name was Bu Da. 

When he learned that Bu Jie had been assassinated, he was enraged and decided to personally make a trip to Azure Dragon Island and settle all the responsibilities of the deceased. 

He reluctantly accepted Li Yunmu, Zheng Quan, Wang Yan, and Luo Honghua as his faction's disciples. As for Pan Shan, this teenager with innately extraordinary body constitution, Bu Da viewed him in favorable light and kept repeatedly looking at him. 

But although they had been reluctantly accepted into Bu Da's faction, there were almost no benefits. At least, until they gained several accomplishments among the inner disciples. Even if they all came from the same place named Azure Dragon Island, Bu Da didn't put them in his eyes just because of that. 

"This is flux bonding pill. Given that I am representing Bu Jie, this will be my gift on meeting you all for the first time. As for what use it has, that you can find out on your own. Now disperse."

Apart from Pan Shan who received many glances from Bu Da, others, including Suo Lei, were coldly commanded to disperse. 

"Senior Apprentice Brother Suo Lei, this uncle master Bu Da is too cold-blooded. We properly paid our respects to him, but he only casually tossed out a pill to us and asked us to leave quickly," Luo Honghua bitterly complained. 

"Uncle Master Bu Da is already quite liberal, you just don't understand. Pan Shan, who has innately extraordinary body constitution, should be the only one who attracted uncle master's attention."

Suo Lei looked at Zheng Quan's group of three with astonishment, feeling that these outsiders didn't make any sense. 

Given their shallow relationship, they had already received a flux bonding pill, so what were they unsatisfied with?

At least in the opinion of natives like Suo Lei, Bu Da's action was very ordinary. It could even be seen as generous. Suo Lei was unable to understand these people, what exactly were they resentful about?

In the opinion of natives of the Origin World, everyone should struggle by themselves to obtain their own opportunities. How could they hope that others would bestow things upon them for no reason? With this argument, the group from Azure Dragon Island parted on bad terms. 

When Li Yunmu returned to fifteenth residential area, he found that the place was bustling with many fellow disciples. The majority of them cultivated flux energy, but some of them were like Suo Lei who had recently achieved the peak of physical cultivation and had just entered. 

"Hey hey, have you heard, thirteenth rank is going to challenge tenth rank. Let's go quickly."

"Ma Wang is challenging Hei Mianshen? Interesting, let's go. We should hurry over and take a look."

Once Li Yunmu and the others returned to the residential area, they learned that something big was about to happen, which involve the challenge to the tenth rank. Li Yunmu and the others obviously wouldn't miss such a chance to see a battle between flux experts of the Origin World. 

Instantly, they followed after fellow disciples moving in a single direction. 

While hurrying over, they tried to gather information from. They spoke that within the past three months, no one had dared to challenge the masters of rooms ranked between one to ten in the fifteenth residential area. 

Yet at the moment, one person decided to fight for the tenth room. This then instantly made the entire residential area lively and bustling. 

While hurrying forward, Zheng Quan asked someone, "Brothers, are the top ten so powerful that no one dared to challenge them in the past few months?"

"Are you a newcomer? No wonder you asked this question. As for whether the top ten are powerful or not, just wait until you see and then you will know."

Quickly, people from everywhere in the fifteenth residential area ran to the houses at the front. 

When Li Yunmu's group rushed to the venue after everyone, the master of the thirteenth house, Ma Wang, had already began waiting for the challenged. 

Opposite him was a middle-aged man with a sinister expression on his face. Presumably, this was the master of the tenth house, Hei Mianshen. 

After gathering information, Li Yunmu learned that this seemingly middle-aged Hei Mianshen was actually only twenty-three years old. His face just appeared to be quite aged. 

"I was prepared to wait for another two months to become a hall master of some island, yet Ma Wang, you could not even wait for this short while?"

Hei Mianshen was in quite a bad mood after being forced to abandon his cultivation. 

"Two months is a long time. Today I will definitely seize the tenth house; otherwise, I will die," Ma Wang said with a flushed face, breathing heavily. 

Hei Mianshen walked out of his house. Heavy pressure radiated off him, but even though he didn't want to fight, he didn't have any choice. He had to pour his everything into this fight to keep his qualifications. 

"Then you better die."

Previously, he hadn't showed any killing intent towards Ma Wang, but now he was filled with it. 

In the four rules of Blue Moon Sect, killing wasn't permitted in private battles. But that didn't mean that there were any restrictions in public challenges. 

Whether someone died or was crippled, the sect wouldn't pay any attention to it. 

Thus, the masters of the houses ranked in the first ten would often kill all the challengers in order to intimidate others. 

It could then be seen that the fifteenth residential area wasn't a harmonious living area, but one filled with savageness and cruelty. Every day, several people would be killed in merciless challenges.