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344 One Step Closer to the Targe

"Alright, in the future, I will be indebted to sirs for their goodwill," Li Yunmu replied with a smile as if he had completely forgotten about the matter of Zheng Quan almost beating his follower to death.

It wasn't that he had a big heart, but because he wanted to see what exactly was the purpose of these three on Blue Moon Island.

He had a feeling that sooner or later, they would be unable to remain patient and take to action.

Given this, they were just delaying their death for the time being. It would be better to let them live for the moment, so that they could act as a shield for him and attract the attention of Blue Moon Island unto themselves.

After coming to the Origin World, Li Yunmu had received many psychological blows which forced to him to adapt to the circumstances. Those like Zheng Quan who hadn't yet realized the reality and still believed that they were proud sons of heavens were bound to suffer the most.

Because this wasn't their original world, Li Yunmu was extremely willing to follow them and hide himself.

Li Yunmu's reply made Zheng Quan's group overjoyed at the turn of events. It was especially so for Wang Yan. When her charming eyes fell on Li Yunmu, they lit up in delight.

During the past few days, she had been gradually attracted to Li Yunmu's extraordinary bearing. He didn't act like the people of the town or the four fishermen villages.

His tall but robust figure hidden beneath tight-fitted clothes, a calm and confident expression as well as the enormous potential which wasn't one whit inferior to hers caused Wang Yan to become increasingly more interested in Li Yunmu. Only problem was that she didn't know that Li Yunmu wasn't actually a native.

"That's excellent. With Senior Apprentice Brother Zheng and Elder Brother Yunmu, our group of four will easily be able to fight against all the other factions of the inner sect. Brother Yunmu, could you tell me more about the customs and people of Lanlou?"

With a delighted expression, Wang Yan went close to Li Yunmu.

"Good, actually there are some differences between Lanlou and islands of North Blue..."

How could Li Yunmu know about a distant region like Lanlou which was in the southern part? He had only weaved this story to deceive Zheng Quan's group.

Hai Yue had once mentioned that she would be going to southern region's Lanlou, which he happened to remember. As for what were the customs and characteristics of people of Lanlou he had no clue.

It didn't matter if he didn't knew though, because the system could immediately compile a heap of information for him. Given that the three of them didn't know anything about Lanlou, his story seemed completely true to them.

The false story prepared by the system appeared even more genuine compared to true facts. Under these circumstance, the party gradually entered Blue Moon Island.

Once they stepped on the land, the four were shaken by the enormity of the place.

Azure Dragon Island, where they had stayed previously, had the diameter of ten kilometers, while Blue Moon Island was several tens of times larger compared to it.

There was only one town which was naturally more prosperous than Azure Dragon Town. It had a population of approximately thirty thousand people.

According to Suo Lei, the people living in Blue Moon Island were actually several generations and relatives of the inner sect disciples. Apart from this, there were no outsider.

After learning this information, Li Yunmu secretly lamented in his heart. A large island which could even be considered as a continent and could house more than ten million people was being used to house only thirty thousand people.

It had only one town whose population wasn't even enough to call it a city.

It wasn't a joke, but rather the worldview of the Origin World. They didn't lack the amount of land, even if the world's population was staggering.

But simply wasn't concentrated. In fact, it thinly dispersed throughout many places.

Therefore, the masters of the Origin World weren't actually humans, since their strength wasn't sufficient to occupy the entire world.

Humans, various tribesmen, vicious beasts, sea beasts, and devils—the Origin World was actually dominated by these five races. None of them could be considered as a hegemon who could oppress the others.

The Origin World was extremely large, to the extent that none of the five races could take the whole world for themselves. Thus, this land was actually quite chaotic.

There were no determined rules and regulations, and everything was decided by one's fist.

Apart from the most suitable and convenient location where Blue Moon Town was established, t he true Blue Moon Sect existed in the deepest parts of the vast jungle.

That's right, Blue Moon Sect was the power which administered over all the humans of Blue Moon Island. This third rate sect had several hundred islands under its control.

Altogether, it ruled over a population of ten million people. But all of them were just a subsidiary power, the core of Blue Moon Island were its outer and inner disciples as well as the most important core disciples.

It could be said that there was no one from any external power present on Blue Moon Island. It was completely sealed off for its own protection.

At this time, Li Yunmu and the others could see that ninety-five percent of the entire Blue Moon Island was actually occupied by dense forests.

They possessed plenty of natural resources, small animals, birds, and normal beasts like a normal jungle, while the vicious beasts had been completely exterminated.

All of them had been wiped out by Blue Moon Sect.

Therefore, the people of Blue Moon Island didn't need to trade with people of the dry lands. The vast tropical forests of the island as well as the ocean made sure that they were self-sufficient and lacked nothing.

When Suo Lei led everyone into the town, he didn't stop anywhere and handed over those who had obtained the qualifications to become outer disciples to a fellow disciple.

Then he guided Pan Shan, Li Yunmu, Zheng Quyan, Wang Yan, and Luo Honghua to the depths of the forests where the true Blue Moon Sect was located.

Originally, Wang Yan and Luo Honghua didn't have the qualifications to become inner disciples because both of them couldn't even defeat a peak physical flux expert Suo Lei.

But given that both of them cultivated flux energy, Suo Lei subconsciously viewed them as flux experts. Therefore, he didn't dare to make any decision about them and led the two females to Blue Moon Sect.

After all, Blue Moon Sect treated the matter of foreign flux experts who desired to take shelter quite seriously. Although these two flux experts were as weak as chickens, they were still foreign flux experts and thus there was no reason to leave them behind with the outer disciples.

After spending another half hour, the party entered the only mountain of Blue Moon Island, thus entering the region which was restricted to outsiders.

By this time, the sun had gone down in the west and the color of the sky had began to turn dark.

"We will first go to the residences of inner disciples. Tomorrow, I will take you all to my uncle master who will make the decision about our Azure Dragon Island."

When all was said and done, Suo Lei was only a disciple of Bu Jie.

He naturally didn't have the authority to make arrangements for Li Yunmu and the others, thus everyone including Suo Lei arrived at the place where the sect provided them with command badges of the inner disciples of the sect. After registering themselves, they received inner disciple command badges behind which was engraved their residential address.

This year, Suo Lei's sustained efforts had finally come to fruition and he could now step across the threshold to become a genuine flux expert. The party quickly arrived at their residences which were in the fifteenth residential region.