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342 Deeply Concealed Secre

 Just when the third descender, the male who had the highest strength, was about to step on stage, an unexpected event happened. 


A 1.8 m tall lad suddenly rushed ahead of the male descender and stepped onto the stage. Compared to the other natives of the Origin World, he wasn't too tall. 

On the contrary, a height of 1.8 m was considered very short among the natives of the Origin World, but he held a weapon in his hand which caused everyone to take a deep breath. 

The copper pillar he held was three meter long and extremely thick, more than ten tons in weight. 

When the youth lightly landed on the ground, everyone could sense the whole stage shaking. 

"It is Pan Shan, my god, Pan Shan has finally arrived."

Many residents of the town who recognized the short lad began shouting one after another. 

Even Li Yunmu's interest was caught by Pan Shan. This was a person who had extraordinary innate body constitution?

He was a young lad born in an ordinary fishermen family who hadn't cultivated his physical body but still possessed the strength of more than thirty oxen before he was even twenty years old. From the first glance at him, Li Yunmu knew that it wasn't just empty talk.

Motherf*cker, this is truly bad. A native possessing more than thirty tons of strength. Only in this enormous world could such a monster appear.

Pan Shan looked towards Suo Lei and said, "Elder brother Suo Lei, I won't be polite and will start attacking now."

"Come, if you can beat me, then I will privately impart a body refining method to you. I will also impart the skills that I have collected so far."

"Good, let's fight."

Pan Shan was very excited after hearing this. Instantly, his medium-sized body erupted with energy like a volcano.

Raising his three meter long solid copper pillar, he struck towards Suo Lei without using any sort of skill. 

A pillar cutting through wind with enormous power sounded just like a cannon ball exploding in the sky. The turbulence created by the enormous explosion scared the spectators to be scared, and they all retreated. 

Some people with weak bodies lost their hearing due to the sound created by the copper pillar. After turning dizzy, they left the audience while bitterly supporting themselves out. 

This was extremely terrifying! 

At this moment, even the system was so astonished by the data of Pan Shan's strike that it repeatedly notified Li Yunmu about this sort of offense breaking through the horizon and still rising successively. 

After the initial one hundred and eight tons, the attack power rose due to the powerful shockwaves that erupted from the strike. The system estimated that the impact's power was a staggering seven hundred and eighty-six tons.

Li Yunmu was stunned to his feet by this native. 

An attack with the strength of more than seven hundred tons was simply too terrifying. It has to be known that Pan Shan only had the strength of roughly thirty oxen. 

His one punch, without any battle skills, had the strength of one hundred tons.

But for this fight, he chose a copper pillar which weighted more than ten tons. According to Li Yunmu's estimation, even a fluxer from his Earth who had just entered sage layer probably wouldn't be able to resist such a strike. 

It wasn't that sages were weak, but that this lad was too ferocious. 

It was especially so when his innately formidable constitution was combined with an extremely heavy weapon. At that time, his offensive surpassed what the two strengths would be after being simply added together. 

Thus, Pan Shan's attack couldn't be evaded by Suo Lei, and he was blown away from the stage. This result was something that even Pan Shan himself hadn't expected. 

It wasn't that Suo Lei wasn't thinking of resisting or avoiding, but he couldn't because this enormous explosive power was just too terrifying. The copper pillar was both long and heavy, and in fact Suo Lei had been blown away by the shock wave created by the pillar coming toward him. 

This turned to be a fortune for him, though. Otherwise, if he had taken this strike head on,, then his grid-shaped muscle defense would probably have been shattered completely. 

"Good, good lad, you win. Our Azure Dragon Isle has finally produced a fierce person. Pan Shan, you will definitely be treated with extreme importance by Blue Moon Island in the future."

Although Suo Lei was blown off the stage, he didn't feel the slightest bit unhappy. Instead, he was pleasantly surprised. 

After this, the town residents shuffled back to the stage and erupted in loud cheers, yelling Pan Shan's name. 

All of them rushed forward and encircled him. 

Everyone was clean on the fact that Pan Shan's future prospects were boundless and he would become a hero of Azure Dragon Town who would represent it in front of the whole world. 

However Li Yunmu's heart was heavily jolted by Pan Shan's terrifying power. What was absolute power? This was absolute power!

Compared to the several insights he had gained previously about absolute power, none of them were as profound as the one he received from Pan Shan today. Although this Pan Shan hadn't learned any skills and was only the lowest class ordinary fisherman, he could sweep through everything only with his innate strength. 

A strike approaching a thousand tons—this sort of attack could certainly blow everything away. Even if his pillar struck upon a mountain, the mountain would be shattered. 

God only knew what stage Pan Shan would be able to reach once he cultivated flux energy in the future.

In front of Pan Shan, even Li Yunmu had a deep feeling of helplessness. Probably even his absolute defense wouldn't be able to hold on against that attack. 

With Pan Shan's name spreading through the whole arena, the fervor of this year's Flux Expert Day reached its peak. 

Li Yunmu and the other male descender also challenged Suo Lei. But in front of a dazzling star like Pan Shan, their victories didn't attract much attention.

After all, Suo Lei wasn't a flux expert. So it could be said that the difficulty this year had substantially decreased due to Suo Lei representing Hall Master Bu Jie in accepting challenges.

Perhaps ordinary descenders would find it difficult to win against a peak physical flux expert who didn't have any weak points, but given Li Yunmu's strength, he could easily thwart Suo Lei. 

During the fight, Li Yunmu didn't use the slightest bit of flux energy. He only relied on his physical strength together with the united offense of the ten shadows and easily obtained the qualifications to become an inner disciple of Blue Moon Island. 

Li Yunmu was able to keep the fact that he was an external flux expert a secret by relying on his formidable physical power which didn't lose even to that of a physical flux expert of the Origin World. 

Even the three descenders didn't realize that Li Yunmu was a descender and mistook him for a native.

All of this was as Li Yunmu wanted. 

When faced with an extraordinary native, the attention of the enemy descenders was divided. Li Yunmu's plan thus succeeded smoothly, with him entering Blue Moon Island while keeping a low profile. 

After three days, Suo Lei delivered Li Yunmu, Pan Shan, and Zheng Quan as well as other challengers who had obtained the qualifications to become outer disciples to the main island. 

While they were being transferred, Li Yunmu hid his killing intent towards the three descenders. For the moment, he wanted to see what was the aim of these descenders from other planes. 

He had a feeling that if Battle Sage An Jing had asked him to investigate Blue Moon Island, then it definitely wasn't simple. Otherwise, with such a large Origin World which had myriads of powers, why would these descenders coincidentally choose to stay in Blue Moon Island. 

His intuition told him that if he could figure out their aim, he would get close to the truth.