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Time continued to pass, and another month was over in a blink of an eye.

One day, the atmosphere among the residents of Azure Dragon Town was exceptionally lively compared to ordinary days. All of them appeared to be in high spirits as if celebrating New Year.

The desolate air of being stuck in the same loop day after day every day had completely disappeared.

Early in the morning, the large clans and residents of the town woke up ahead of their usual schedule and hurried toward the only divine building in the island together.

The few females of rich families who rarely dressed up were moving around in groups of twos and threes while adorning stunning attires.

It wasn't just the residents of the town, though. Even the people from the four fishermen villages had also hurried to the town in large numbers.

If there was a satellite or dimensional space eye or any similar technology, this situation could be easily discovered by anyone watching through the omniscient view.

At this moment, it was as if honey had suddenly appeared at the center of the town, and the people of the entire island were rushing toward it from all four directions.

On this day, Island Hall was the main character. This was because today was the day of the once a year in the Origin World. This day which was known as Flux Expert Day was held by all the powers with unity regardless of how they viewed one another.

Flux Expert Day was also known as Reversal Day by the natives of the Origin World.

It was viewed as the cradle of warriors by the people of all social classes. On this day, it was foreordained that the fates of many people would change.

The slaves and civilians viewed this day as a chance to reverse their futures!

As for how much they would be able to change their lives on this day, it all depended on how they had prepared.

Apart from this, many unmarried women of the large clans used this day to choose their future husbands.

Naturally, landowners that were bourgeois or even officials used this day to attract formidable physical flux experts who showed potential and even some flux experts with their wealth. Those people would then act as protectors of their clans in the form of honored guests or guards.

"Have you heard, a ferocious person has appeared in West Fishermen Village this year. It's said that he's innately extraordinary, possessing godly power. Even though he is only twenty years old, he already possesses the strength of thirty-two oxen. Good god, the status of West Fishermen Village will definitely increase."

"Yes, I don't know what sort of good fortune West Fishermen Village possess to have gained such a guy. In the future, our three fishermen villages perhaps won't be able to contend against West Fishermen Village. Ai, our future days don't seem easy."

"Why stop only at not easy, You Family has already released information that after Flux Expert Day passes, the family will take him as the husband of their eldest daughter. That man reached heaven in one step."

Before long, the area outside the door of Island Hall at the center of the island filled with people of all social classes. Among this group, there were many who were discussing the ferocious character of West Fishermen Village who was known as Pan Shan.

Being innately extraordinary, he had already beaten all the opponents in the nearby eighteen islands by the age of twenty. For others, the innate limit of physical strength was the power of nine oxen, but because of something going wrong with his body, that youth possessed the power of thirty-two oxen.

His fists and kicks possessed the power to cut through mountains. According to rumour, he was a talent which appeared only once in hundreds of years in the entire territory controlled by Blue Moon Island.

Therefore, this Pan Shan's future was already determined. It was no wonder then that as the only officials in the island, You Family chose to sacrifice their eldest daughter to recruit this youngster who belonged to the lowest class.

"Ah, what a pity, the eldest daughter of You Family is such a beauty. I dream of her sometimes"

"Pah, you should stop dreaming, the eldest miss of You Family is like an immortal fairy. How could a trifling bourgeois like you think about her?"

Soon, the discussions among the people strayed further and further from the topic. Once the eldest daughter of You Family was mentioned, all the talks became centered around her. After all, exceptional beauties was a topic which everyone liked to talk about the most since ancient times.

As for the extraordinary talented Pan Shan whom they were previously talking about, all of that had no relation with these ordinary people.

Apart from discussing, these people knew that they weren't able to change the reality and quickly remembered of their status as spectators.

But the heart of Li Yunmu, who was also silently standing in the group, jolted violently.

Power of thirty-two oxen?

What exactly did this number imply? Even if he had already accepted that the natives had innate superiority, but a person who was so extraordinary that he possessed the power of thirty-two oxen was so out of bounds of possibility that Li Yunmu was no longer certain whether that guy could still be considered human.

The power of thirty-two oxen meant the strength of thirty-two tons, so how could a human possess it. Even if he was a native, the upper limit of base human strength couldn't possibly reach this level without practicing any body refining methods.

This terrifying level of strength was truly frightening. Just one of his punches would possess a strength of more than a hundred tons, and one kick would be like an enormous mountain.

How could anyone resist it?

At this moment, Li Yunmu was overjoyed at his foresight.

He, Li Qinghong, and Demon had been waiting for a long time for this day, but the three of them had calmly reached a decision to not place all of their eggs in the same basket.

Thus, Li Qinghong and Demon left Azure Dragon Island through the transfer channel, leaving the territory of Blue Moon Island.

Li Qinghong's goal was the Dragon Mountain Island, while Demon went to Submerged Sun Island.

Li Yunmu in the meantime continued with their previous plan to enter Blue Moon Island. In other words, his group of three had decided that each of them would enter three powers in the vicinity of each other. This way, they would be able to easily obtain intel from each other.

Until then, the plan had proceeded without a hitch. Li Yunmu was convinced that given Li Qinghong's strength, she would certainly be able to enter Dragon Mountain Island. If nothing unexpected happened, then Demon was also likely to proceed without any difficulties.

What Li Yunmu hadn't expected was that he would be the one to encounter something unexpected before the formal test had even began.

At this time, a group of people appeared not far from him. Each and every one of them smelled of fish as they tried to avoid the crowds.

There was no need for much introduction to these people. They were definitely fishermen from one of the four villages. After spending the past few months among fishermen, Li Yunmu was extremely familiar with this unique odor.

"Look, it's the people of East Fishermen Village. But what are they thinking by bringing so many people here, even women and children."

"Ohh, you mean you don't know about this? I heard that a group of outsiders appeared in their village not long ago. All of them are very powerful and they want to enter Blue Moon Island," someone whispered in answer.