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336 Descenders from Other Planes

It was unknown what was under the Ocean Core since the natives had yet to reach that place.

Shallow Sea, Mid Sea, Deep Sea, Deep Ocean, and Ocean Core were the five different layers of North Blue and held organisms of different strength.

Ocean Core, which was somewhat known, extended up to two hundred thirteen thousand meters. The humanity had yet to reach the ocean bed, but it lacked the strength to dive any deeper.

The known depth of Earth's ocean was twenty seven thousand meters. In other words, the known depth of North Blue was already ten times greater.

But this wasn't what was the most terrifying since humanity had already reached three hundred and thirteen thousand meters in West Blue.

Given these facts, Li Yunmu found it extremely difficult to imagine the vastness of the Origin World. Just North Blue was so deep and immeasurable that even the natives were helpless.

But all of this didn't have much relation to Li Yunmu for the time being. He only knew that hacking twenty-four hours a day everyday in the boundless North Blue wasn't too difficult.

Given that an extra shadow was participating in the hacking now, the harvest of experience and ability points had increased, paving the way to the twenty million experience points. Once he collected that much, he could congeal the tenth shadow.

According to Li Yunmu's estimate, it wouldn't take long. If he continued to hack without pausing, it would take him around a month to reach his target. This was the disparity between Earth and the Origin World.

If Li Yunmu hacked unceasingly in the Fifth Dimension, god only knew how long it would have taken him to accumulate the ten million experience points for his ninth shadow. Half a year? Maybe even more.

He didn't know.

The present circumstances were different, however, which led to both good and bad things.

The amount of natural resources in the Origin World were endless, and he could conceal his secrets better. But after spending so many days here, Li Yunmu discovered that there weren't any dimensional crystals in this world.

His shadows had killed countless sea beasts, but not even a single of them had formed a dimensional crystal.

This was a problem!

If the Origin World didn't have any flux crystals for flux experts, then how did they exist in this world? It couldn't have just born out of nowhere, right?

Li Yunmu wasn't without hope, though. He was certain that since his Earth plane and the Origin World were connected, then the energy components had to be linked together.

Even if he hadn't discovered any flux energy crystals, this didn't mean that they didn't exist in the Origin World. This world also had to have the space elements which Li Yunmu desperately needed. 

The reason he couldn't find them had to be because his experience and understanding of the Origin World was too lacking and that's it.

This point should gain some clarification after Demon returned.

As for the 10.76 million ability points which Li Yunmu had amassed, he decided not to use them for the time being. He wanted to wait for a good opportunity before using them all up.

Apart from this, the system had once mentioned that after it had been upgraded to the tenth level, it could provide another energy unit to increase his cultivation. It would be different from ability points.

This type of higher level energy source, which was the goal of quasi deities, could advance the flame thunder energy which Li Yunmu now cultivated.

Therefore, he had already started collecting his ability points in advance. Once the system was upgraded to the tenth level, he planned to exchange these ability points for the higher level energy.

Since all quasi deities chased after it, he decided to call it divine energy for the time being.

Two days passed without Demon returning on their agreed date.

During them, Li Yunmu came to a conclusion that Demon must have met with some accident. But on the dawn of the third day, a man wearing torn and bloody clothes walked into the fishermen village with unsteady steps.

When the sick old woman and children left behind to take care of the houses carefully enquired about his persona, they realized that he was one of three people who had entered their village half a month ago. Thus, they instantly delivered the seriously injured Demon to Li Yunmu's wooden house.

"What exactly happened? Fortunately, you possess Ghost King's constitution; otherwise, given how seriously injured you are, you wouldn't have made it this far."

The moment Li Yunmu saw him, he took out the dark spirit pill given to him by Battle Sage Vega before descending. He used it forcefully pull Demon from the gates of hell.

Demon swallowed the pill, and the formidable efficacy of the healing medicine kicked in. His condition stabilized, but he had already lost a lot of blood. If a lot of supplement wasn't used, his recovery would be very slow.

"While returning, I was attacked by a mysterious group. I have a suspicion that they are the same as us, but they certainly aren't from our Earth."

"You encountered descenders from another plane?"

Li Qinghong came over with a glass of water and handed it over to Demon.

"Correct. They were using flux energy, and not this world's origin energy used by the flux experts. But the power used by one of them was quite strange. It caused my Ghost King body's recovery power to lose effectiveness. If not for the dark spirit pill, I would have found it difficult to recover."

When Demon talked about the descenders from another plane, a hint of killing intent appeared on his face.

On Earth, he had never eaten a loss to the point that he was almost killed. If not for Ghostly Image Substitution, perhaps he really wouldn't have been able to escape.

"How powerful were they? How many of them were there? Did they also appear in the Azure Dragon Town?"

Li Yunmu was extremely astonished.

Blue Moon Island was only a third rate power in the Origin World and there were several hundred such powers in North Blue. Azure Dragon Island was one of many such islands under the control of Blue Moon Island. He truly hadn't anticipated that he would encounter another group of descenders in such a place.

"Very formidable, their group had three males and four females. The person who attacked me was one of the males. If I hadn't quickly withdrawn my four sea devil monkeys, then all of my beasts would have probably suffered a deadly blow.

"Also, that male wasn't their leader, but just one of the followers. I had no chance to counterattack, yet their leader was even more powerful. When I sensed his presence, he gave off a sensation of being a king among those on the same level, his power deep and immeasurable. Our troubles have just began."

When Li Yunmu and Li Qinghong heard this, they almost lost their minds. This level of strength definitely surpassed that of Li Qinghong and was almost equivalent to Zhan Wuya when he had swallowed Battle God's blood and activated Battle Devil.

And this was just the strength of one person out of seven. It only made sense then that the leader who suppressed the six would be a person with strength equal to that of Li Yunmu.

"In any case, their arrival is proof that there is something strange about Blue Dragon Island. Otherwise, Battle Sage An Jing wouldn't have sent me here. Our path is correct. As for troubles?"

Li Yunmu suddenly smiled. On Earth, he wasn't afraid of trouble, and after coming to the Origin World, he was even less afraid of it. On the contrary, he wanted to see just how powerful were the descenders of other planes.