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334 Endless Experience Points

According to the Origin World's structure, the present status of Li Yunmu's group was that of slaves. 

The reason behind them being automatically classified as servants was because they had descended from Earth. They didn't any proof of identity nor any tile that would prove their status. 

As long as a person didn't have a this status tile, they would be automatically classified as people from the bottom run, which was no different from being a slave. 

If the group was discovered by anyone or captured, they would be classified as property of the person who found them. At that time, even their life and death would be in the grasp of their master. 

Naturally, no one within the fishermen village even considered that Li Yunmu's group of three might belong to the lowest rung. After all, they had come via a transfer channel. 

Only the powerful who were qualified could use transfer channels. Ordinary bourgeois class people had the most basic qualifications, but in any case, the fishermen didn't even dare to think about it. 

Li Yunmu had used a transfer channel which had been abandoned for countless years in an unknown desolate region, and not from one administered by an official organization. Otherwise, given that they didn't have any status tiles, no guards would have ever approved their teleportation. 

Therefore, the most important task for Li Yunmu's group was to obtain a status tile of the Origin World. It was without doubt that if they just aimed to become physical flux experts, then as long as they underwent the inspection at the Island Hall, they would immediately gain the status of a bourgeois. 

For the fishermen, this was equivalent to reaching heaven in one step.

But the thing that Li Yunmu wanted clarified the most were the conditions required to become a flux expert. Perhaps, all the descenders were facing this question at the moment. 

Next day at dawn, a hint of white appeared in the sky, but by then Li Yunmu had been awake for a long time. However, there was someone who had woken up even earlier than him, and it was Li Qinghong. 

After thoroughly refining the undying sage bloodline, her strength had rapidly progressed the past few days. Every day, Li Yunmu could observe her presence slowly changing. 

If she was allowed to consolidate her cultivation for another three months, she would become strong enough to contend on equal footing with Zhan Wuya when he increased his strength twice, using Battle God's blood and Battle Devil. She may even win a bout against him under these conditions. 

"How many days has it been since Demon infiltrated the Azure Dragon Town?" Li Yunmu asked in the morning.

"Today is the tenth day. If nothing unexpected happened, he should rejoin us as we agreed," Li Qinghong replied without much thought. 

In order to avoid rousing the suspicions of the guards of the Azure Dragon Town, Li Yunmu didn't have this whole group enter the town. For the sake of cautiousness, he only dispatched Demon to obtain some information. 

Demon was one of seagod's people and had lived most of his life in the ocean. Moreover, he was also quite tall, so sending him to investigate wouldn't make anyone suspicious. 

"Then we continue to wait."

Li Yunmu hadn't expected that the vastness of the Origin World would become the first problem confronted by the descenders. After a careful calculation, he realized that it had already been nine months since the descenders had arrived in the Origin World. 

No one could've thought that even after almost a year, they would still be only planning to infiltrate their targets. 

Fortunately, the transfer channels in the Origin World were far more common compared to their Earth, to the extent that even an ordinary village of fishermen also had one. Otherwise, it probably would have taken Li Yunmu eight to ten years to reach Blue Moon Island of North Blue. 

After the two of them ate breakfast, they continued on with their usual life. Li Yunmu went to the backyard to fish, while Li Qinghong acted as a physical flux expert who had the power of eight oxen and so joined the fisherman squads. These past few days, this was what they did all the time.

Given Li Qinghong's strength, even if a part of it was concealed, she still quickly obtained the respect of the fishermen. With her power of eight oxen, gaining their acknowledgment was a child's play. 

In the Origin World, there wasn't much difference between men and women. So soon, this extremely formidable female obtained a fixed position within the fishermen village and had access to news about all sorts of incidents happening every day. 

Apart from this, she also pocketed many silver sand coins and quickly became the only person with some savings in the village. At least all the fishermen in the village thought so. 

If they learned that Li Yunmu had already amassed a mountain of corpses of savage sea beasts from North Blue, they would all be completely astounded. 

According to system's data based on fishemen's words about the value of materials and other sea products, mountain of corpses accumulated within Li Yunmu's heavenly world in the last ten days was sufficient to allow him to become an official. 

The sea beasts eliminated by him in the past few days could easily sell for a hundred million silver sand coins. Even if he didn't become a flux expert of the Origin World, he could rely on this enormous amount of wealth to easily enter the officials class and gain a certain about of authority within the Origin World. 

This was his main asset in the Origin World. Thus, during the past ten days, every hour of every day, Li Yunmu used shadow hack. 

The group of shadows rampaged within the ocean, killing sea beasts. Naturally, each sea beast they killed far surpassed the ones killed by fishermen in terms of value and rarity. 

Thus, the eliminated sea beasts were put into Li Yunmu's heavenly world so that they wouldn't rot as time passed due to the sun's protection. 

As for how large North Blue was? Li Yunmu hadn't been able to find that out. After all, he could only access information from a trifling fishermen village filled with civilians. 

However, the territory controlled by Blue Moon Island was something he clearly understood. In comparisons of size, it was almost equivalent to half of the Central Continent. 

And this Blue Moon Island was reportedly only a third rate power among the influential organizations in the Origin World. 

After learning this, whether it was Li Yunmu or Li Qinghong, neither of them could speak anything for a long time. 

They simply couldn't imagine that a trifling third rate power which barely had the qualifications to enter the influential clan was surprisingly in control of an area which was almost half the size of the Central Continent. 

Suddenly, Li Yunmu felt that humanity within this Origin World was miniscule. Even those whose strength reached the level of quasi deities and who were viewed as half gods by the humans would feel tiny facing the vastness of the Origin World.

[Ding, congratulations host, after hacking sea beasts for several days, your experience points have reached ten million, which is sufficient to congeal the ninth shadow. Do you wish to confirm?]

System's congratulatory message pulled Li Yunmu back from his daze. 

Day and night, the eight shadows had been hacking incessantly. After a lot of time, Li Yunmu finally accumulated ten million experience points. 

This was the first good news that he had heard after coming to the Origin World. An extra shadow meant that his strength would increase to another level. 

Even if his flux energy cultivation had been delayed because of coming to the Origin World, his strength would continue to increase as long as he continued hacking and congealing more shadows. 

It didn't matter if he could learn the cultivation system of the Origin World since he still had a terrifying capital to rely upon. 

Li Yunmu smiled. This was the disparity between him and the other descenders which they would never be able to beat.