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331 Northern Fishermen Village

The cistern of the Nine Dragon Cave was one of the nine paths. The bandits had used this place as a water source as well as a prison where inmates would be soaked in water. 

After walking two hundred meters toward the depths, Li Yunmu's group reached the region where ten or so convicts would be imprisoned in times past. These convicts would usually be ordinary villagers from within a thousand miles who resisted the bandits.

Once descenders occupied Nine Dragon Cave, the pitiful villagers were freed from oppression and gained the freedom to return home.

At that moment, the four Sea Devil Monkeys were leading Li Yunmu's group of three on this path in search of something.

"Could the water prison have something hidden?"

As they got closer to the water prison, the four Sea Devil Monkeys began to react quite strangely. They seemed both excited and nervous, as if facing a powerful enemy.

The Origin World was different from their Earth, since countless unknown beasts existed within it. The four Sea Devil Monkeys nurtured by Demon weren't ordinary, but had been transformed by divine blood.

Moreover, because of the innate formidable strength of sea beasts, it could be said that the strength of these four transformed Sea Devil Monkeys was actually comparable to savage beasts like six-limbed Ape Gods.

Each one of them was five meters tall and muscular, while also possessing an extremely berserk nature. But at that moment, they were acting as if they had encountered a powerful foe, so Li Yunmu's group also put up their guards.

After they got close to the last water prison in the final row, the Sea Devil Monkeys didn't dare to take another half a step. No matter how Demon tried to urge or command them, they firmly maintained their distance while shivering continuously.

Li Yunmu took out a flashlight from his fluxer badge and flashed it a few times inside the water prison.

It's strange.

The three of them looked at each other. All of them sharing the same thought that if there was something in this water prison, then it was definitely in the pool of turbid water.

This pool of dirty water wasn't more than a meter and a half deep. Given how tall were the natives of the Origin World, it at most reached to their chest.

Clearly, a terrifying enormous beast couldn't be concealed inside. Then what was it that was causing the four Sea Devil Monkeys to feel so much dread?

"I will go and take a look."

Seeing the four Sea Devil Monkeys not budging from their position, their master Demon summoned the courage to go inside the water prison to investigate.

A small pool of turbid water became frighteningly deep at this moment.

Li Qinghong stepped forward and stopped him. "Something isn't right. My bloodline instinct is telling me that there is a terrifying danger hidden here. Master, we cannot take the risk; this isn't the Fifth Dimension. We cannot touch this place for the time being."

Li Qinghong rationally stopped the two people from taking any more actions.


Li Yunmu observed the water prison for a long time, but in the end didn't lose his reason and didn't let Demon proceed.

If the instinctual reactions of the four monkeys wasn't enough proof, then Li Qinghong's response forced him to act cautiously.

"Seems like this place cannot be touched for the time being. We will leave immediately."

Afraid that some change might occur, Li Yunmu, as the master, firmly decided to pull back.

When they quickly retreated from the water prison and left this path, they didn't notice that the water pool in the depths suddenly began to boil. Moments later, two blazing pupils which resembled strong headlights appeared.

Those blazing pupils seemed to be able to see through walls, for they stared at the position of Li Yunmu's group, which had already departed from the water prison, and began to follow their movements.

After the three left the path, Li Qinghong's sensory power immediately became clearer, and she fiercely said, "Wew, I don't why but I feel like I've escaped a calamity.

"There is certainly a terrifying creature there. I don't why, but it doesn't seem to want to come out of there. I also think that this water prison is connected to the river flowing under the Nine Dragon Cave. Maybe the origins of this cave aren't simple, but what a pity."

Demon couldn't sense anything, though. He was like Li Yunmu who also didn't notice anything, even if he possessed keen instincts. But the more they couldn't sense anything, the more fearful they became.

Given that Li Qinghong had reacted so strongly, the undying sage bloodline in her body must have sensed a mortal enemy or something even more formidable.

Therefore, it could only react in Li Qinghong, causing her heart to palpitate. Her reaction was exactly like that of the four Sea Devil Monkeys who relied on their bloodline instincts and were scared stiff before even reaching the pool. They lost all combat strength without anyone even showing up.

Were the Sea Devil Monkeys weak?

Naturally no. Given their berserk nature, the only explanation could be that the creature inside the water prison far surpassed the level with which everyone could deal.

"Seems like we can only return later to check it out."

Li Yunmu wasn't the least bit regretful. Originally, he had believed that the four Sea Devil Monkeys had discovered some treasure of the Origin World. However, even though there was probably a precious treasure here, the chances of them encountering a powerful foe were even higher.

Li Qinghong took out large amount of explosives from her storage badge, and the three of them buried these explosives at the mouth of the path. They then stepped away and blew the cave up to collapse the entrance to the path that had just taken.

In order to prevent others from accessing this region, the three of them had buried the explosives quite deeply, causing more than a hundred meters of the path to collapse. This way, as long as somebody didn't have any particular matter down there, they wouldn't go to investigate the water prison.

After this, the three of them rested for a while. Then, Li Yunmu calibrated the position of Blue Moon Island and inputted a dimensional stone within the transfer channel.

The next instant, the three of them left the desolate region.

When everyone opened their eyes once more, they saw that their surroundings were now completely different. Surveying their surroundings, they discovered that the region they were standing in was an empty plaza of another village.

But compared to Liujia Village in that desolate place, this one was very different for it was full of vitality.

This was a fishermen village next to the ocean. The whole village was very large and had close to three hundred households, and Li Yunmu's group had arrived directly at the empty plaza at the center of the village.

North of the village, there was a large ocean which disappeared into the horizon. The blue sky and boundless ocean with a faint wind that smelled of fish caused the three people to swiftly wake up.

They hadn't sensed that during the teleportation they had taken a long time, so what did this imply?

It was the distance, things were even more distant from one another than they had imagined. On their Earth, the three of them had used transfer channels many times, but they had never fallen asleep during the teleportation.

At the side of the transfer channel stood two people wearing leather armor and holding halberds. One of them said with curiosity, "Flux experts from far away, we welcome you to North Blue's Northern Fishermen Village. This is the territory of Blue Moon Island, how can I serve you all?"