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327 He Really Is Alive

Originally, Ape Gods were at rainbow crystal layer and had exhausted their bloodline's potential. But because each of them had been fed a drop of divine blood by Li Yunmu, they had awakened their ancestral bloodline and evolved to six-limbed Ape Gods.

Thus, the upper limit of their potential been upgraded to Nirvana Layer. After cultivating Chaotian Sect's Great Sun Secret Technique for so long, they had also accumulated sungod flame energy within their bodies. Because of this, their strength far surpassed that from when they were captured.

Furthermore, Li Yunmu had also produced some cultivation relaying globes for Chaotian Eight Steps, which he had obtained from Ye Qing in exchange for the fake Void Disk.

Chaotian Eight Steps was an A grade method cultivated by Chaotian Sect's core disciples and was a modification of an ancient technique used in Dark Ages.

The cultivation of this technique mainly increased the acceleration of the practitioner until he reached the highest speed. This happened in eight steps.

The increase in speed with each step was 30% higher compared to the previous step. If a practitioner could cultivate these eight steps perfectly, then the movement speed they could instantly burst forth with would be 2.4 times greater than normally. As for the speed boost, it had unimaginable effect.

Therefore, Chaotian Eight Steps was actually a pinnacle cultivation method for short distance dashes which could be used in short duration melee combat. Previously, this technique was extremely famous among the six transcending powers on Earth.

When compared to Li Yunmu's Spirit Pincer Steps, it provided an even greater speed boost. But the distance covered using the speed boost as well as the time for which it could be used were simply too short.

At this moment, Li Yunmu discovered that some of the outstanding Ape Gods had already cultivated to the third step in the brief period of some half a month This sort of cultivation speed was simply monstrous.

There were records that long time ago, each continent had Ape Gods cultivating humanity's cultivation methods and that their talent far surpassed that of ordinary flux disciples. 

After seeing the present scene, it appeared that this wasn't just a rumor, but rather the truth.

Li Yunmu even discovered that after the Ape Gods were fed a drop of divine blood and awakened their ancestral bloodline, their intelligence had also increased.

At this rate, these Ape Gods would become his important helpers before long. Not only were they large in numbers, each of them was also extremely formidable. As long as they were provided with sufficient cultivation methods, their future accomplishments would surpass that of any elite fluxer.

But naturally, the most important thing was that they were extremely loyal.

Li Yunmu was quite pleased by this fact. Both his followers, Li Qinghong and Demon, also felt that this group of Ape Gods had a promising future.

However, Li Yunmu didn't possess the means to cultivate these Ape Gods.

First, he didn't possess many high grade cultivation methods and secret techniques. Second, there was a price for manufacturing cultivation relaying globes. Although each one only required a hundred space elements, it would be equivalent to thirty thousand space elements for three hundred Ape Gods.

After descending to the origin world, Li Yunmu hadn't yet found a stable means to harvest space elements, so he couldn't be reckless with the small amount he had accumulated previously.

Therefore, Li Yunmu didn't put much attention on nurturing the Ape Gods.

"Alright, release Ye Qing's mortal soul."

After the three of them had entered the heavenly world, Li Yunmu was no longer afraid that Ye Qing's mortal soul would be able to escape.


Li Qinghong nodded in agreement. She shook her Frightening Imperial Spear, and the resentful soul which looked like a dragon serpent opened its mouth and spit Ye Qing out.

Li Yunmu was very curious; after all, this was the first time he witnessed a human cultivating to a mortal soul.

Under the illumination of the sunlight, Ye Qing's mortal soul couldn't hide. From the distance, it resembled a transparent life-form which appeared exactly like Ye Qing. However, his lower half didn't have two legs like a human, but was a tail instead.

The upper half was identical to a human's body, while the lower half only comprised of an outline of a tail. Regardless of how it looked, though, this was definitely a transparent ghost that was only the size of Li Yunmu's fist.

As soon as Ye Qing's mortal soul was released, it fled with the speed of a gust of wind.

It was said that mortal souls were almost weightless, thus they had extremely fast speed. This made it so that others couldn't catch them.

But this was Li Yunmu's heavenly world, so Ye Qing's mortal soul was just wasting its strength in vain.

"Come here."

Li Yunmu made a grab in the air, and the next instant, the mortal soul which had already fled to the end of the heavenly world was dragged back by a formless power which it couldn't resist and fell into Li Yunmu's hands.

"What is it shouting?"

When Li Yunmu looked at the mortal soul in his hand, it appeared that Ye Qing's mortal soul was shouting something with an expression of resentment on its face.

But Li Yunmu's group of three couldn't hear what it was saying. Clearly, the mortal soul couldn't produce sounds like humans.

Demon was also unable to hear it and shook his head to express this fact. Although he had cultivated the bloodline of the ghost clan, he wasn't yet a true ghost clansmen.

"We can make it write characters on the ground. We will ask and he will answer."

Li Qinghong swiftly formed a plan. This suggestion caused Li Yunmu's eyes to shine brightly, and he immediately asked, "What does your Divine Religion know about the origin world, quickly spit it out."

He loosened his grip and gave 'freedom' to Ye Qing.

After obtaining its freedom again, the mortal soul congealed its facial features once more and kept staring at Li Yunmu with eyes filled with hatred.

After which, it surveyed the surroundings. When it saw the two suns in the sky above its head, it immediately gave up all hope.

It finally understood why Li Yunmu was able to catch it again. This was a heavenly world, a two sun heavenly world.

While he was alive, Ye Qing was quite familiar with such things since he also had a heavenly world. However, after his death, his heavenly world disappeared into the void.

Finally, it gave up on escaping and hatefully descended to the ground where he wrote with his tail, "Don't even dream of it."

Seeing this, the trio looked at each other and could clearly see the amazement in the other's eyes.

This Ye Qing had truly cultivated the legendary mortal soul. It was rational, unlike the resentful souls which only knew resentment, and completely conscious and clear-headed.