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320 The Situation Changes

Because of the sudden change in the battle between Li Yunmu and the three barbarians, even Ji Wuxin and Zhan Wuya's battle couldn't advance anymore.

Zhan Wuya swept his gaze at Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang, who had lost both his arms and had a deathly pale complexion, and immediately began to panic. This was an outcome which he had never anticipated.

The three descendants of barbarian kings had been battling Li Yunmu for so long, but not only had they been unable to eliminate him, one of them had almost lost his life.

A fluxer of the Desolate Continent had been forced to deactivate his bloodline, and that could only imply one thing.

It meant that Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang had lost all combat strength. Even if he still had both his arms, he would have lost all combat strength for a period of time due to forcefully deactivating his bloodline.

With only Man Tian and Coiling Tiger remaining behind, the battle had become even more frightening and dangerous.

The most important thing that Ji Wuxin discovered was that because of increase in his confidence in this fight, Li Yunmu seemed to have transformed into a completely different person.

If the previous Li Yunmu was like a concealed blade waiting patiently for an opportunity to strike, then the current him had already come out in the open because he didn't need to hide any longer.

Because this blade felt that it could behead everyone.

"How can he be so formidable. Before descending to the origin world, he had only cultivated for half a year…" Zhan Wuya said in a daze.

This was something that everyone present on the scene wanted to know.

From the beginning, the six of them had been standing high above the clouds, forming all kinds of plans, giving off an aura of superiority.

Regardless of whether it was Li Yunmu's absolute defense or Xiye Hanbei's combat strength, Man Tian and Zhan Wuya had always felt that they could dominate these two.

But at this instant, the situation had changed completely.

There was currently a person standing calmly before them and informing them that they were weak. Moreover, when he looked at them, they could clearly see the disdain in his gaze.

This sort of reversal made the six arrogant people feel extremely uncomfortable.

Someone was telling them that they needed to show even more power... In the past, they had always been the people who told others that.

"You are very formidable, but regardless of whatever opportunity you have obtained, you will die. You shouldn't have used this sort of attitude in front of us; today you will pay the price for your arrogance and die an unsightly death,"

Coiling Tiger said with a gloomy expression.

Originally, he wasn't willing to do anything crazy. Before this, he hadn't even thought about it, because he was never someone who would sacrifice himself for others. But at this moment, for the honor of barbarian kings and to preserve everyone's life, he had to such a decision.

His expression turned sinister, and he took out a pair of leg guards from his fluxer badge. A bright halo surrounded them.

Man Tian seemed to have sensed something and his whole person was completely shaken.

"Man Tian, I want you to make a promise," Coiling Tiger said with an extremely gloomy complexion.

Man Tian managed to calm down himself and said, "Tell me."

"Forever treat the barbarians well."

"Yes, but you don't need to say anything. Being a Barbarian myself, I descended to help us barbarians to advance."

"Then, from today onwards, this is yours."

Coiling Tiger seemed to have lost his strength. Despair and disappointment covered his entire face when he threw this pair of leg guards to Man Tian.

This single action implied that from then on, he had lost all ability to fight with Man Tian for the position of Barbarian Emperor.

Zhan Wuya's heart clenched, and he couldn't help but say, "Hegemonic Deity Suit."

This was something completely out of his expectations. Barbarian King Coiling Dragon had surprisingly given this part of supreme battle suit to Coiling Tiger.

Then… what about the other three barbarians?

He subsciously looked at Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang who had retreated from the battlefield. At this moment, he took out a pair of gauntlets.

Yes, it was another part of Hegemonic Deity Suit.

"Take this too."

Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang kicked this pair of gauntlets toward Man Tian.

In a split second, Man Tian had obtained two parts of Hegemonic Deity Suit, and at that time, he took out the sixth dimensional battle armor which had fused with his crystal armor.

On his body, an extremely ancient battle armor too shape—Barbarian Battle Deity Armor. For a moment, Man Tian seemed to have transformed into a giant Barbarian God, after adorning the three parts of the legendary supreme deity battlesuit.

"People like you will always remain unable to fathom what sort of foundation our Barbarian Shrine possesses."

After adorning the three parts of Hegemonic Deity Suit, Man Tian could clearly sense that the difference between him and the most powerful person on Earth, Battle God, had been reduced once more. Currently, the only thing he needed was time to mature. 

Being in possession of the three parts of Hegemonic Deity Suit, he had confidence that in the future, he would certainly surpass Battle God and become the most powerful person on Earth.

As for the human-shaped monster Li Yunmu standing in front of him?

From this moment onwards, he no longer put him in his eyes. Regardless of how talented the enemy was or what sort of bullsh*t background the mysterious Li Sect possessed, all of them weren't important.

In the end, the enemy would never be able to understand what sort of unimaginable existence were the four barbarian kings who controlled the entire Desolate Continent.

"Reportedly, the four Barbarian Kings had entered a deity's relic and each of them obtained a part of Hegemonic Deity Suit there. If all these parts were assembled on one person, they would become the Barbarian Emperor," Luo Tian, who had been guarding the transfer channel ignored by others, mumbled with a complex expression, which included both frustration and despair.

On this day, he was witnessing the birth of Barbarian Emperor, the new master of Barbarian Shrine.

The fact that the four barbarian kings had obtained four parts of Hegemonic Deity Suit was actually known to everyone. However, because these parts weren't collected by a single person and none of the four barbarian kings paid allegiance to one another, no one cared about it.

Yet they hadn't expected that this impossible matter would become a reality in the origin world. Under the pressure of Li Yunmu's tyrannical defense, the three barbarians had come to a unanimous decision at the most crucial moment.

Man Tian had received the most benefit, and it wouldn't be the slightest exaggeration to say that he now stood at the peak of the entire Desolate Continent. After all, he was its future emperor, his position even higher than that of the four barbarian kings.

With his overflowing talent and the three parts of Hegemonic Deity Suit, this was something bound to happen sooner or later. From this moment on, Man Tian's status was higher compared to everyone present on the scene.

People like Zhan Wuya couldn't even be brought out for comparison. He wasn't a direct descendent of Battle God, and it was impossible for Battle God to give him the four parts of Barbarian Battle Deity Suit.

Even Luo Tian who belonged to the ruling power of the Central Continent was overshadowed by Man Tian at this moment, because he was nothing more than one of the successors.

Instantly, everyone's gaze concentrated on Man Tian's body.

"Li Yunmu, although I didn't want to battle you," Man Tian said calmly, "but unfortunately, we belong to different sides, so today you will only go this far."