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319 Change in Mentality

He had grabbed this chance very quickly, without giving other a chance to react. Using Spirit Pincer Step, he had suddenly rushed forward, so Man Tian and Coiling Tiger were a step slower than him.

With the great tearing technique unleashed, Li Yunmu's pair of enormous pincers grabbed the enemy's shoulders and fiercely tore them apart.

This deadly move was indeed domineering.

With the combined power of Li Yunmu's formidable physical body and the five times strengthened heart as well as the instantaneous boost in power from Spirit Pincer Step, his move surpassed hundred of tons of offensive power.

One of the two rainbow lights still present on Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's body was instantly extinguished. If it were any other person, they would've already been defeated by the power of this deadly move.

Earlier, the two intact rainbow lights were sufficient to protect Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's body. As long as they were around, his arms wouldn't be torn.

However, with this attack, Li Yunmu's own power formed only the first layer of damage. It was followed by the eight shadows subsequently pouring their energy in the two pincers.

Thus, when all people believed that Li Yunmu's attack couldn't possibly rip Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang apart, an astonishing event happened.

Once the eight shadows used their power, the complexion of Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang changed. He could clearly sense that Li Yunmu's arms possessed an enormous power against which he couldn't resist.

Under it, the final body protecting rainbow light protecting him was immediately extinguished. After tearing apart his king crystal armor, the surplus energy forcibly broke through his final layer of defense, the sixth dimensional battle armor.

Each of the nine layers of energy contained at least a hundred tons of tearing power, so how could Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang not feel terrified in front of such destructive energy?

He had never anticipated that Li Yunmu would have concealed such terrifying power. At this moment, he had no hope of escaping this tearing technique which had been used on him so suddenly.

The enormous power pouring through the two pincers that were holding onto his shoulders completely suppressed him, to the extent that he couldn't even move a muscle. Soon, this insufferably arrogant barbarian was going to follow in Huan Beichen's footsteps, being torn in two.

Suddenly Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang burst forth with astonishing will to survive and managed to fight back. This descendant of a barbarian king was worthy of his name, for surprisingly he was still searching for an opportunity to live in such dire straits.

He was unable to resist the enormous force on his shoulders, so he scattered the bloodline of the battle giant.

Instantly, his body returned to its previous size from the three meters, and this move of shrinking down saved his life.


This sound which caused everyone's scalp to go numb rang out on the scene once Li Yunmu ferociously tore apart two strong arms from his opponent's body.

A blood-curdling scream left Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's mouth. But even so, he forcefully preserved his consciousness and under the enormous pain was able to maintain his calm to kick Li Yunmu away.

When he deactivated his bloodline, his strength had substantially dropped, so his kicked couldn't cause any damage to Li Yunmu who was akin to human-shaped T-rex. But using the recoil power of this kick, Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang was able to quickly escape and thus saved his life.

Bang, bang!

At this time, Coiling Tiger from the right and Man Tian from the left punched Li Yunmu, blasting him away.

"Good, it's really amusing, I'm quite delighted right now."

After being blown away by the two, Li Yunmu quickly stood back up. With his absolute defense, he was akin to a god of destruction. Seeing this, even Coiling Tiger who was usually unbridled, felt a chill run down his spine.

While holding the arms of Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang which were still dripping blood, Li Yunmu became thoughtful. Until then, he hadn't known the exact limit of his own strength, but after battling with the three barbarians, he had finally gained a clear understanding.

The so-called barbarians and disciples of transcending powers were just so-so. After losing their trump cards, they had basically no ability to resist against the nine-layered power of the eight shadows and Li Yunmu.

Regardless of whatever methods they used, regardless of how many deadly moves and secret techniques they had practiced, in front of enormous power, everything was just fleeting clouds.

Right then, he gained a deeper understanding regarding the absolute strength preached by the system.

What was this absolute power?

In the past, he had always taken an indirect route when comprehending the concept of absolute power. The true absolute power wasn't the secret techniques he practiced or the treasures or sage tools that he obtained.

All of them belonged to the supporting role or perhaps it was better to call them accessories; none of them were actually the main character. His real absolute power actually came from the shadows!

That's right, only the shadows were something Li Yunmu could truly rely on. The more shadows he possessed, the higher his absolute power would become.

Everything was just this simple!

At this moment, he clearly understood the reason why experience points were so precious, yet only possessed one usage and that was congealing shadows.

After all, shadows were the core product offered by the system.

Since experience points could only be used to congeal more shadows, ability points were to increase his personal strength.

Just possessing many shadows didn't make him formidable, because only when he increased his own strength would the strength of the shadows also increase proportionally.

And currently, this was precisely the reason why Li Yunmu had far surpassed these barbarians and disciples of transcending powers.

As long as the disparity between his strength and the enemy's strength wasn't enormous, then by joining hands with his shadows, he wouldn't lose to anyone.

This battle had allowed Li Yunmu to gain a thorough understand of the path which he had to take in the future, one that didn't need to follow conventional roads that others used.

He could definitely carve out a path unique to him because the others would never possess his ability to produce shadows.

He had to admit that the descendants of barbarians were very formidable, though. Originally, he believed that he would be able to kill Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang with his last attack. But even after failing in his expectations, he wasn't the least bit disappointed; on the contrary, he was filled with fanatical excitement and fervor.

After all, today's battle had proved to him that the descendants of barbarian kings and disciples of transcending powers who had been in front of him all this while were no longer able to suppress his rise. This one little thing had caused his consciousness to undergo an enormous transformation and gave a boost to his confidence.

"Come, right now, I want to use my real power. If you only have that little ability you displayed to me previously, then you proud sons and daughters of heavens are nothing more than worthless mud before me."

Li Yunmu remained standing his ground, not attacking hastily, however.

After his conscience and confidence had transformed, all the apprehensions that he had toward the trump cards of the top layer Flux Disciples were swept aside. He glanced at the state of battle between Zhan Wuya and Li Qinghong and coldly said, "Only if you can all decide on the price you're willing to pay for today's battle will you have the power to resist me."