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316 Li Qinghong Steps to the Top

Even though Li Qinghong and Demon had fused eight rainbow light devil king crystal armor with fifth dimensional armor, the difference was simply of heaven and earth. Regardless of whether it was the twelve rainbow light crystal armor or transcendent level armor, it was one level above those of Li Qinghong and Demon.

This was the true foundation, the foundation of four Barbarian Kings.

Regardless of what means Li Yunmu used to nurture his four followers, it was impossible for him to surpass the four barbarian kings. Him being able to nurture his followers to the level of overlords was already something to be proud of.

"Come, I don't believe that you can still escape from our clutches."

Zhan Wuya kept coughing blood as if his life was going to end, but then, he took out a small bottle, as did Ji Wuxin.

When the three barbarians saw them do that, a hint of astonishment appeared on their faces.

They hadn't anticipated that a trifling rookie disciple who hadn't even cultivated for long time would be able to force them to reveal their trump cards as well as get the people of War God Temple to use War God's blood.

Once Zhan Wuya and Ji Wuxin drank a drop of blood, the threatening aura emitted from their bodies became a lot more concentrated, and a profound presence spread out around them.

According to legend, the War God's blood was a specially refined blood essence taken from the War God. A drop of that blood essence would allow a fluxer to enter a quasi-battle mode which would last for roughly an hour.

It couldn't directly upgrade the cultivation of the person who drank it, but it could substantially upgrade their combat strength. The blood essence would used all the insights gained during battle to allow the user to enter a unique state.

Although the person wouldn't be a match for War God's unflawed realm, they would be able to display 100% of their combat strength during battle. In other words, they would reach a very high level in terms of combat.

At the same time, their crystal armor and a set of sixth dimensional armor also appeared on their bodies. They didn't have a twelve rainbow light king crystal armour, just a four rainbow light phantom king armor. However, their four rainbow lights had already been solidified.

After seeing this, the expressions of Demon and Li Qinghong became slightly better. Apparently not even heavenly talents could casually congeal twelve rainbow light crystal armor.

Compared to the descendants of the four barbarian kings, the two disciples of War God Temple—Zhan Wuya and Ji Wuxin—clearly didn't have sufficiently tyrannical presence.

After all, their companions were direct descendants of barbarian kings, and each Barbarian King only needed to nurture one of them, while War God Temple nurtured a group of reserve disciples.

Reportedly, the number of disciples in the current generation amounted to thirty-six. Zhan Wuya and Ji Wuxin were the two who had obtained seniority over others, but that was it.

Seeing this, Li Yunmu remembered the time when he had been invited to join War God Temple. If at the time he hadn't joined Battle Sage Vega's faction, he probably would have become just another member of the temple's current generation of disciples.

When he thought about it now, he clearly felt that it was totally not worth it. After all, the amount of geniuses being nurtured by War God Temple was great, so he wouldn't be able to obtain all the resources just by himself.

"I will keep a watch at the back."

Without anything else said, Luo Tian slowly retreated. He stopped in front of the transfer channel to guard it cautiously.

In the meantime, the three barbarians, Zhan Wuya, and Ji Wuxin tried to pressure Li Yunmu.

By then, this group of disciples of transcending powers had finally used some of their trump cards. If they had used these tactics during the siege of Nine Dragon Cave half a month ago, then it would have been impossible for the bandits' leader persevere for a moment, let alone drag Men Shen down with him.

It has to be said that during that night's raid, Li Yunmu wasn't the only one to hide his strength. All the other participants were the same.

By that time, Li Yunmu had seen a portion of the trump cards held by his opponents, but he didn't feel the slightest bit of fear. The only apprehension he had was from the unknown.

Bloodlines, king crystal armor, war god's blood, sixth dimensional armor—each of them could substantially increase a person's strength. What's more, the three barbarians had chosen the same path as Li Yunmu during the five times strengthening.

They had also strengthened their heart zone five times and their twelve rainbow light king crystal armor had also been equivalently strengthened, thus pulling down Li Yunmu's absolute dominance regarding corporeal body.

Perhaps the only field in which Li Yunmu maintained his superiority was in the strength of his cultivation technique being a level higher compared to those of the three barbarians. After all, even if they prioritized cultivating their corporeal bodies, they wouldn't possess such a hegemonic cultivation method as Great Sun Thunder Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets.

Not to mention that Li Yunmu still cultivated Devil Dragon Bone Refining Secrets which strengthened every part of his body. It improved his flesh and bones, and even the five viscera and six bowels.

At this time, Li Qinghong and Demon also finally revealed their concealed strength. Both of them congealed their eight rainbow light devil king armor, pushing their strength to the next step.

When Zhan Wuya and Ji Wuxin witnessed this, their complexions turned unsightly.

They had never expected that even Li Yunmu's followers would have congealed king crystal armor, and even devil king level, which was a level higher compared to their own.

"Unfortunately, it's no use. Without congealing any rainbow lights, it is just a crystal armor with somewhat more formidable defense and nothing more," Zhan Wuya sneered

"You have really found a king's true territory within Moro Mountain Tenebrous Hidden Domain?" Ji Wuxin asked with a mysterious expression, but Li Yunmu didn't respond.

This didn't stop her from laughing, though. "Unfortunately, the descending event came too suddenly. If you had been allowed to strengthen your foundation for two or three years, then your followers would probably have become formidable enemies for us."

Her words caught the attention of Coiling Tiger and the others.

A king's true territory? Who knows how many years had it been since one had shown up, and surprisingly it fell into the hands of this kind of person.

They knew that if a small family on Earth secretly came into possession of a king's true territory, then in ten years—or a maximum of a hundred years if its members were slow—it would become a large clan which could influence a whole continent.

Previously, the ancestor of Gongshan Clan had discovered a king's true territory a hundred years ago, and because of that, his family was able to rise to a domineering position. Even today the other clans of Northern Continent couldn't rise above it.

It was no wonder then that Li Yunmu's followers had become such freaks!

But after Li Qinghong's howl, Ji Wuxin couldn't smile anymore. Once Li Qinghong faintly turned her head upwards, and a projection of sungod bird appeared behind her body.

An orange-colored flame surrounded her body and slowly fused with the devil king armor. Slowly, it then transformed into a set of gorgeous battle armor - Phoenix Battle Armor.

At this instant, Li Qinghong seemed to have transformed into a female battle god. Her body was covered in flaming battle armor, she held the frightening imperial spear in her hand, and flames burned the ground wherever she stepped. The aura exuded by her gave others a feeling of being next to something extremely hot, as if they were standing in front of an erupting volcano.

"Phoenix Battle Armor? You-you completely refined the most precious founding treasure of Chaotian Sect?"

Once Ji Wuxin and the others saw Li Qinghong's transformation, they were all extremely startled.