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315 The Foundation of the Three Barbarians

Until today, no one knew that the power of eight shadows was accumulated within Li Yunmu's one punch. This was the biggest difference between him and Men Shen or others present in the Nine Dragon Cave.

This was also the reason why Li Yunmu had strengthened his heart five times. After all, each time it became more formidable, Li Yunmu would become nine times more formidable.

After activating the five times strengthened heart, its every throb was like a clap of thunder. Enormous amount of blood was being used to strengthen the flesh in his body, instantly making him much more formidable.

At that moment, Li Yunmu had completely transformed into a human-shaped T-rex.
His height increased to 2.3 meters from the original 1.8 meters. After activating the great tearing technique, his arms had swelled disproportionately compared to his body and resembled a pair of enormous pincers.

None of the enemies, including Zhan Wuya or Man Tian, were weak. As soon as Li Yunmu displayed his ferociousness, they felt a terrifying threat from him, and their pupils narrowed.

They had indeed greatly underestimated their opponent.


A fierce explosion echoed within the Nine Dragon Cave.

Li Yunmu fiercely launched his attack, his fist heavily slamming into Zhan Wuya, and the arrogant disciple of War God Temple was blown away as if he had been hit by a missile. Man Tian and the others hadn't been unaffected, either. They were forced to retreat under the shockwaves of Li Yunmu's punch.

Just one punch completely astonished the party from Desolate and Central Continents. They stabilized themselves only with great difficulty, as shock and astonishment spread across their faces. The power of Li Yunmu's punch had been unimaginably excessive; it was similar to a missile.

No, even if a missile had slammed into them, it wouldn't have been so terrifying.

When Man Tian and the others looked at Li Yunmu at this moment, they recalled their joint battle against the leader of the Nine Dragon Cave, and the nobody before them seemed like a countless times more powerful version of that leader.

"Cough, cough… Nine layers of power, impossible, how could your flesh burst forth with such terrifying power. Cough, cough…"

Zhan Wuya stood up with the support of Man Tian and the others.

Just with this one punch, this top disciple of War God Temple was injured to the extent of coughing up mouthfuls of blood. If not for Man Tian and the others supporting him and resolving the remnant power of the punch in his body, his present condition wouldn't be much better than that of Huan Beichen back then.

Li Yunmu still felt slightly disappointed, since the punch hadn't produced the expected result. Unfortunately, this place wasn't Dragon's Tail, so the flux energy of his opponents wasn't suppressed. Otherwise, Zhan Wuya would've been done for.

"We really can't let you leave this place. Everyone, seems like we need to attack without any reservations."

Coiling Tiger howled fiercely. His body began to swell quickly, and his clothes were soon left in tatters.

A projection of hell tiger appeared behind his body, and instantly, his threatening aura reached its peak. After he had stimulated the bloodline of Ancient Devil Hell Tiger, a king crystal armor emitting twelve lights covered his body. 

In the blink of an eye, Coiling Tiger had unleashed his bloodline and seemed to have become a completely different person compared his original looks. A faint bloodthirsty aura was being emitted from his body. At this instant, Li Yunmu felt as if he was being watched by an Ancient Devil Hell Tiger, and all the hairs on his body stood up. 

Twelve light king crystal armor—this was the first time that Li Yunmu experienced a twelve rainbow light king crystal armor of another person. Compared to his own, without any rainbow lights congealed, this was clearly more powerful.

After all, his opponent had already congealed four rainbow lights. In other words, he possessed four times higher flux energy reserves compared to Li Yunmu while the maximum flux energy he could utilize was also many times higher.

"It isn't only you who has congealed a twelve rainbow light king crystal armor."

Instantly, Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang callously looked at Li Yunmu and activated his blood.

The projection of an enormous giant appeared behind him, and his body also began to swell, reaching the height of three meters.

Compared to Coiling Tiger's 2.5 meter height, he was even taller. Clearly, Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang's bloodline was the inheritance of Mammoth Barbarian King.

A twelve rainbow light king crystal armor covered his whole body. He had also surprisingly congealed four rainbow lights, just like Coiling Tiger.

When Li Yunmu saw this, he sighed in his heart. When all was said and done, the time he had spent cultivating was just too short. Although he had obtained a King's True Territory, he didn't have enough time to utilize it to improve his strength and build a firm base for himself. 

Li Yunmu didn't feel the slightest bit of astonsigh by seeing the three descendants of Barbarian Kings possessing twelve rainbow light king crystal armor. After all, if these people didn't have the resources to accomplish this feat, then who on Earth would have?

At this time, Man Tian also activated his bloodline with a complicated expression. This was the first time that he revealed the form of his bloodline.

The projection of a Barbarian God emitting barbarous aura appeared behind him, and even Li Yunmu felt a hint of familiarity with it.

This was surprisingly similar to the Barbarian God that had appeared behind the Dwarf Witch King. But here, the barbarous aura was far higher and purer compared to what he had sensed back then, giving a sensation that no living being could look at it.

"Barbarian God's bloodline, Man Tian, you surprisingly obtained the inheritance of the first level of Barbarian Shrine!" Luo Tian cried out in surprise at this time.

Clearly, he also hadn't known that Man Tian had concealed himself so deeply.

Each of the four Barbarian Kings stood guard at one corner of the Desolate Continent, and there were four heavenly kings of the Barbarian Shrine.

Theoretically, all the descendants of these four had equal opportunity to obtain barbarian god's bloodline, and it had always been part of the internal struggle among the three barbarians. But at this moment, it showed up that Man Tian had already emerged as the victor.

After all, he had already fused with the bloodline of Barbarian God. If he was successful in obtaining the inheritance of the second level as well, then in the future, he could merge with Devil Barbarian God's bloodline. As for how much blood of the true Barbarian God was stored in the third level, that was unknown.

But even so, Man Tian merging with the bloodline of Barbarian God completely shocked the people of the Central Continent.


Five pillars of rainbow lights erupted toward the heaven. Man Tian had surprisingly congealed five rainbow lights, which was one more compared to Coiling Tiger and Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang.

The halo of the king crystal armor began to circulate around him, and at the center of it, a battle armor with the halo of the Sixth Dimension took shape.

This was clearly a transcendent level battle armor!