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313 The Finally Revealed Fangs

"Master, where are we going exactly? Does that Battle Sage An Jing also have some connections on this side?"

The three of them took turns to charge the transfer channel.

After doing it, they discovered that the time required to completely restore and activate this transfer channel would be seven-eight days at minimum, maybe even whole fifteen days.

Seeing that they would have to stay at Nine Dragon Cave for some time, Li Qinghong couldn't help but ask about their future.

"The place which Battle Sage An Jing told me about is known as Blue Moon Island. As for how many contacts she has in the origin world and what arrangements she made here, I have no idea," Li Yunmu explained while shaking his head.

Actually, the chess pieces like him didn't really know much. In the past half a year, they had barely crossed the dragon corpse jungle and nothing more. 

Because the gravity of the origin world was far more terrifying than that of their Earth and the origin world was also quite vast, traveling a long distance each day was just a delusion. Even if Li Yunmu had a formidable constitution.

After adapting to the gravity of the origin world for half a year, Li Yunmu had tested this. Even when he used his full strength, he could barely cover a hundred meters per three seconds and no more.

As for Ghostly Evasion, although his speed wasn't influenced by the gravity of the origin world, the consumption of flux energy far surpassed what he needed on his Earth It had risen by at least ten folds.

In other words, if Li Yunmu used Ghostly Evasion on his Earth, he could use it for several minutes, but here, he could barely maintain it for twenty seconds.

In other words, under the natural prison of the gravity of the origin world, the abilities which the descenders were most proud of were completely suppressed.

However, as they became more and more familiar with the origin world, they gained a profound admiration towards this world. Sometimes, Li Yunmu couldn't help but think that if the quasi deities came to this world, then to what extent would their heaven-shaking strength be suppressed?

All the descenders seemed to have reached a tacit understanding to not disturb others and take turns to charge the transfer channel. After all, almost all of them had only one intention, and that was to leave this place.

Thay were all eager to leave this place and enter the civilized area of the origin world, rather than remain trapped within this mountain range which was in the corner of the world.

Days kept passing, and thirteen days passed without anything happening.

Then, when Xiye Hanbei's faction had charged the transfer channel, everyone was informed that the transfer channel could finally be activated.

Instantly, everyone's mind was greatly jolted.

The transfer channel being activatable implied that they could finally leave this wretched mountain range.

"Everyone, take care of yourself, we will be leaving first. If in the future we meet each other, then let's use the fifty-fifth imprint to secretly contact each other."

Leading Zhao Mei and Fan Kong, Xiye Hanbei activated the transfer channel without waiting for anyone and vanished from everyone's vision.

When Li Yunmu looked at Zhan Wuya, he could see a hint of concealed killing intent flicker through his eyes. Although he hid it quickly, it still couldn't escape Li Yunmu's keen senses.

However, Xiye Hanbei, being the former most powerful person of the Fifth Dimension, wasn't easy to deal with. Furthermore, he had with him the unknown Fan Kong and Zhao Mei whose strength also wasn't lacking.

Thus, Zhan Wuya didn't decide to attack them. During his moment of hesitation, Xiye Hanbei led his faction and left through the transfer channel.

Perhaps Xiye Hanbei's group of three was also aware that being the only rogue fluxers in the group of descenders they had to leave quickly.

As for when they met each other in the future, Xiye Hanbei was convinced that he wouldn't need to fear the opponent's combat strength. From this instant, everyone had the same starting line whether they were disciples of transcending powers or rogue fluxers.

Without a superior background, these so called disciples of transcending powers wouldn't have any advantage.

"We will also leave. We will be going to East Field Eight Island Mountains. If the opportunity comes, we will meet each other."

The second faction to leave was the intercontinental alliance of Zhongshan Anling, Lu Bu, and Tyrant Jiang.

Although they had some background, but compared to others factions, they were relatively weak. Thus Zhongshan Anling's group of three didn't hesitate to inform everyone that they were leaving.

But at this moment, Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang stepped forward, near the transfer channel, blocking the three of them from activating it.

"You two can go, but he won't go anywhere," he said while pointing towards Tyrant Jiang. Man Tian and Coiling Tiger also faintly pressurized them.

Today, a crack hidden deep was finally revealed by the group of descenders who had been taking precautions against each other from the start. Internal strifes were everywhere indeed.

Li Yunmu didn't know why the other three of the four disciples of Barbarian Kings kicked Tyrant Jiang out, but he could see some a few things clearly. After all, only Tyrant Jiang wasn't a descendant of a Barbarian King. He had been taken in as disciple by one and hadn't expected that because of this fact, he would be viewed as an enemy by the other three.

"Don't be excessive. If you want to keep Tyrant Jiang behind, then I can guarantee that this transfer channel won't be able to remain intact."

At this time, Zhongshan Anling stepped forward and revealed proper authority as the leader of a faction.

Lu Bu also took a step forward. A thick pressure rose from his body, fighting against the three barbarians.

There was no way for them to retreat at this moment. Only by going all out would they have a chance.

After remaining silent for a long time, Tyrant Jiang said while looking at the three, "Beginning from today, I severe all relations with Desolate Continent. If you want to keep me behind, then I can stay, but I won't be restricted."

When Ji Wuxin saw things getting out of hand, she hurriedly spoke up to stop the brewing fight. "Okay then, everyone has come from the same Earth. This isn't the time for internal strife. Man Tian, even if you use force to break the melon from the vine, it won't taste sweet. Let them go."

"Good, Desolate Continent's traitor. We will wait and see if you can make your name in the Eight Island Mountains."

Coiling Tiger's killing intent kept rising, but in the end, he was forced to suppress it.

Even if he didn't want to suppress it, he had to, because the reaction from Zhongshan Anling's group was too fierce. If they really fought, then whether Tyrant Jiang died or not, everyone was clear that the first thing to break would be the transfer channel behind him.

This was the reason why Ji Wuxin had jumped forward to mediate the situation.

Without the transfer channel, none of them had the certainty that they would be able to reach their destination in a short amount of time, given the powerful gravity and the vastness of the origin world.

This wasn't a price anyone was willing to pay, and the three barbarians also hadn't expected that Zhongshan Anling and Lu Bu would be so determined to defend Tyrant Jiang.

Thus, after Ji Wuxin gave them a way out, the three barbarians quickly retreated. Finally, Tyrant Jiang's group of three entered the transfer channel and left, without saying a word.

"Everyone, we will also leave. I, Qianxue, and Lanzhi will be going to Kirkland Manor in the south," Hai Yue, who lead the two other girls, informed everyone.

This time, no one stopped them. Even If Zhan Wuya was looking at Xie Qianxue with a resentful expression, the other was together with Hai Yue and Ruyan Lanzhi.

"Take care of yourself," Hai Yue said to everyone, but for some reason, Li Yunmu felt that this line was meant for him.

"You should also leave quickly. Don't be careless."

At this time, Xie Qianxue's voice transmission reached Li Yunmu's ears. 

Her voice transmission at this instant revealed that she certainly possessed a three sun heavenly world. Otherwise, for a secret voice transmission, she would have needed to be in Nirvana layer.

Clearly Xie Qianxue was far from attaining this level and could have only accomplished this with the help of world power.

Li Yunmu nodded towards her, without any change in his expression to indicate that he had received her goodwill. Perhaps since they were both rookies from the same Heavenly Cloud City, Xie Qianxue had felt that she needed to warn him.

After Hai Yue's group left, the situation became somewhat weird.

Mammoth Barbarian Wuhang and the other five people looked towards Li Yunmu together. Coiling Tiger's group even moved forward slightly to cover the transfer channel behind their back.