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That's right, they were expanding. In simple terms, the flux points were expanding and so were the meridians.

However, when the warm current from the red sun flowed through them, these expanding flux points and meridians seemed to have become even firmer and tougher.

"This, what is going on here? How is it possible… How can the opened flux points and meridians still expand? What sort of trick is this?"

Li Yunmu was extremely astonished in his heart.

What is the meaning of this?

Even if he wasn't completely clear about it, but even an ordinary person could understand that if circulating this cultivation method once could slightly expand the flux points and meridians, then after accumulating over many days and months, this small difference would become very large. It must be known that Li Yunmu had never heard of this sort of cultivation method which could expand one's flux points and meridians in the fluxer community in his Earth.


Instantly, he thought of one important point. Don't tell me?

[Yes, according to the system's analysis, this is the reason why Earth's quasi deities have been unable to enter the realm of deities. They think that it is because they have been trapped in this natural prison and are unable to escape Earth, but their thinking is actually skewed. We have also thought wrong…

[The real reason as to why they haven't entered the deity realm, according to the current analysis is because there aren't any cultivation methods on Earth which can expand their flux points and meridians. From the time they began cultivating, they have never improved their foundation. And because it is insufficient, it is foreordained that Earth's quasi deities, regardless of their power or talent, will eternally remain unable to enter the deity realm.]

The conclusion by the system was extremely shocking.

If Li Yunmu hadn't personally experienced the changes in his body, hadn't noticed his flux points as well as meridians expanding and strengthening, then being a native of his Earth, he would probably be the first one to deny the system's conclusion.

No one could easily believe the words said by the system.

"This is really too unimaginable."

Usually, the true facts are lamentably ridiculous like this. But why had no one ever thought of creating a cultivation method which could expand their flux points and strengthen their meridians?

For a while, Li Yunmu was unable to make sense of his situation. It was impossible that all the elders of his Earth could have been so muddleheaded.

[Host may not known that the flux points and the meridians of the natives of this origin world have much times greater potential compared to people of our Earth. This sort of innate difference directly decides the upper bound for humans.]

After this, the system turned silent for a long time, seemingly trying to find the root cause of all this.

"Are you saying that it is because of the gravity?"

[That's right, the gravity of the origin world far supasses that of our Earth, so the innate constitution of the native people here as well as their future growth is much greater. Because of it, the potential of their flux points is also a level beyond.

[It is possible that it is not that the quasi deities hadn't thought of expanding their flux points, but rather that they have already researched this sort of foundational method to the peak. As for building an even stronger foundation, that is limited by the body constitutions of the people of our Earth.]

"Then how can we explain the upper limit of the innate constitution of our people? What if we first cultivated our body to the peak in the same environment as the origin world?" Li Yunmu hastily asked.

[According to the analysis, even if the people of Earth strengthened their corporeal body to the level of the natives of origin world, it would still be impossible for them to attain the potential of natives.]

System gave another psychological blow to Li Yunmu, but it had no other option besides putting an end to his thoughts.


[Because the people of Earth cannot start cultivating from the time they are in the fetus. Moreover, the body of the mother from our Earth cannot achieve the standards of native people of the origin world.]

As if a thunderstrom had come on a sunny day, Li Yunmu ate many one shocking news after another. He became slightly clearer about the system's words that they had already lost at the starting point by losing the innate advantages. 

The genes of ancestors as well as a mother's body constitution resulted in the infants developing different body essence and constitution.

Him trying to rely on formidable power in the future to temper his body in an attempt to battle this disparity was just a pipe dream.

Perhaps Li Yunmu could temper his body to become even more formidable than those of the natives, but his innate genes and body composition had been finalized long ago.

Regardless of whatever he tried, he could never change that.

"Then you mean that even if I possess this Great Sun Thunder Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets and expand my flux points as well as meridians, I still won't be able to achieve the peak potential like the natives who are born with it and will never be able to enter the deity realm?" Li Yunmu asked with a heavy heart.

[Theoretically, yes,] the system replied with absolute certainty. In its opinion, the life-forms of the two planes with comparatively large differences between them naturally couldn't become identical.

However, the system didn't declare it to be a fact, because it knew that it would fill the host with despair.


However, Li Yunmu's personality was completely different from those of others. He was different from other people of his Earth, since he possessed the system which had formidable deduction and calculation abilities as well as a heavenly world.

Just this alone made sure that his future path to the ultimate peak wasn't complete severed.

He then suddenly realized something.

"System, you are wrong. If things really couldn't be changed, then the quasi deities of the Earth wouldn't have found agents to descend into the origin world."

Perhaps because of the circumstances, the quasi deities were innately defected and would remain unable to become deities, but that didn't mean that this group of people which stood at the top of world were completely without ideas.

Li Yunmu didn't dare doubt the wisdom and ability of people which stood above hundreds of millions of any plane. Since the quasi deities had acted in this way, then it was clear that this innate deficiency could be corrected.

Otherwise, quasi deities wouldn't have went to search for representatives to descend to the origin world and just given up.

[Maybe, just as you think, the information obtained by us is incomplete. That it is not impossible. Every deduction may be wrong because the information we posses is limited.]

System didn't refute his idea.

The outline of this concept became more and more clear in Li Yunmu's mind. He knew that regardless of whether he obtained the opportunity or not, if the descenders from his Earth wanted to break through to the deity realm, they would certainly have to fulfill a strict condition which was that they must possess a cultivation method which could strengthen and expand their flux points as well as meridians. And presently, he was extremely, extremely fortunate to have obtained one such cultivation method.

According to Li Yunmu's deduction, the first step was to cultivate this method. and then, in the future, as long as he obtained another chance to complement the innate disparity, it would settle everything.

Thus, the value of the Great Sun Thunder Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets had been completely changed in his mind. This was definitely a cultivation method which was extremely important. 

Fortunately, he had already reached its first layer. When he cultivated, he could only make twelve rotations at the maximum.

After two hours had passed, he circulated the technique twelve times. When he tried to cultivate further, he suddenly discovered that regardless of whether it was his meridians or flux points, a sensation of burning pain rose from them.

[Warning, host shouldn't proceed with cultivating. If you forcefully cultivate further, your flux points and meridians will rupture.]

Although the system couldn't offer higher level energy essence to upgrade the cultivation of this profound method, it could still monitor Li Yunmu's cultivation situation.

After all, when all was said and done, the Great Sun Thunder Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets was just a variation of Great Sun Tyrant Body Muscle Marrow Secrets.

After rotating the thunder energy twelve times through the flux points, Li Yunmu felt a profound difference. He could sense that his seventy-two flux points which were fully saturated with flux energy previously could again absorb flux energy. This was a difference, a small one, but a difference.

Just after cultivating for one day, he could already see the difference. From this, it could be clearly deduced that even if the flux experts of this world were on the same level as the descenders, there was a large disparity in their combat strengths.

As for how large was this disparity exactly, he had yet to find out. He now wished to meet with a flux expert of this origin world, hoping to test the limit of the opponent's power.