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285 Unexpected Attack

"This passage is an incarnation of the flux ancestor?"

A hint of astonishment flashed through Li Yunmu's eyes. Is this really true? Instantly, something he'd been confused about cleared up.

"That's right, this is the biggest secret of this world. I only learned about it three days ago, after clearing the second test. Fancy that, I also thought that the flux ancestor was…."

Hai Yue forced a bitter smile, but didn't say anymore. Clearly, even if she belonged to the Ocean Temple, it hadn't been long since she had learned the truth.

"Then what about the Tower of Glory?"

Li Yunmu wrinkled his brows.

Ji Wuxin snorted, she clearly knew more about it. Seeing that only the three of them were here, she explained some of the matters related to the Heavenly Transformation.

"Hmph, it's nothing else but a way to keep the passage open. The flux ancestor needs to absorb the flux energy in its purest form at all time, otherwise, this passage couldn't be maintained for long…"

After Li Yunmu heard this, he understood the complete situation.

It was no wonder then that this time they had to cross the seventieth level to obtain the qualifications for the Continental Battle. It wasn't a real test, or if being even more accurate, it didn't need to exist at all. This assessment was only selected because the six transcending powers had reached an agreement with the fluxer guild to create a trap. 

With the qualification to the Continental Battle hanging as bait, they were able to get numerous formidable Flux Disciples to challenge the tower. Li Yunmu had seen that in just a short while, the number of people who had cleared the seventieth level of the Tower of Glory had reached a thousand.

But the hidden truth was that the number of people who would remain eternally within the tower because of this qualification bait far surpassed the number of those who had passed the test.

The energy absorbed from those proud sons and daughters from all the powers of the six continents who had died within the tower would provide the energy needed to open the descending passage for the chosen ones.

There is no free lunch in this world.

If the fluxers of the Fifty-Fifth Earth wanted to descend to the origin world in large numbers, a great price had to be paid. And it was paid by the countless people who had perished within the tower, thus supplying the passage for descension with sufficient energy.

At this time, Li Yunmu understood why the transcending powers hadn't tried to obstruct the flux ancestor. It was because they were also a part of his conspiracy.

It was certainly an enormous conspiracy, but they had no other choice. This was the only way they had found after negotiating it with the flux ancestor.

Compared to the life and death of all the people in this world, the sacrifice of a few weaker Flux Disciples wasn't even worth mentioning.

"This is fair, we had the strength to clear the seventieth level of the tower. Therefore, we have the right to use the power obtained by sacrificing other people. Those people who didn't possess sufficient strength but still hoped to gain more rewards can only blame themselves for being greedy without having the strength to back it up."

Suddenly, a male walked out from the dragon mist at a distant place.

"Dragon's tail, this should be the dragon's tail which supreme master was talking about, I've finally reached here."

Li Yunmu, Hai Yue, and Ji Wuxin simultaneously turned around and discovered a twenty year old youth. He was wearing a long white gown with a pattern made of silver thread on the sleeve of his arm as well as a character "North" printed on the left side of his chest.

Northern Continent's Frontline Heaven?

Li Yunmu narrowed his eyes and began to size up this unknown youth. The presence excluded by him made him appear friendly and amiable, but he didn't look the least bit friendly. Instead, he seemed to be quite arrogant.

When Li Yunmu saw this person coming here without having passed any tests, his heart grew cold.

Apparently, the idea spread through the world that transcending powers didn't intervene in the worldly matters and didn't meddle with the ruling powers of the continents were only empty words.

"Brother Beichen, you have come."

Hai Yue's expression slightly changed upon seeing the newcomer, and she bowed towards him from afar, then turned to Li Yunmu and said, "Brother Li, this is the disciple of Frontline God, Huan Beichen ."

After presenting him to Li Yunmu, she was ready to introduce him to the other part, but Huan Beichen waved her off. "I know Li Yunmu, the person whose fame has spread quite fiercely in the recent times. I heard Devil also died under his hands."

Huan Beichen looked at Hai Yue with eyes filled with surprise. For her to address a person like she had done just then caused Huan Beichen to feel a hint of astonishment. Given her background and personal strength, she definitely wouldn't address a rookie who had appeared this year like she had addressed Li Yunmu. This caused him to reevaluate this newcomer.

In this world, only power was considered supreme. Given Hai Yue's behavior, it was clear that Li Yunmu's strength had already gained acknowledgment of her and Ji Wuxin.

Within a split second, Huan Beichen's mind turned to scheming.

"That's right, I believe he should have the third part of the Azure Dragon Deity Battlesuit on him, so he must be killed," Huan Beichen said bluntly, not avoiding this sensitive topic.

Given that he was the disciple of Frontline God, it wasn't a wonder that he spoke directly about Devil's matter. Li Yunmu and him were destined to be enemies.

"Why didn't he need to pass the examination?" Li Yunmu asked Ji Wuxin and Hai Yue.

"Ha, we the main disciples of the six transcending powers already possess the qualifications to descend. Hai Yue and Ji Wuxin only wanted to test themselves and nothing more." Huan Beichen then changed the topic. "Say, do you have the Azure Dragon Leg Guards?"

Li Yunmu didn't reply to Huan Beichen's rubbish, and the atmosphere between the four people became extremely tense.

"Good, I hope that you have the courage to find me after descending to the origin world," Huan Beichen told him with a sneer.

"No need to wait for that. I will test you right now, to see whether you have the qualifications to descend or not."


Layers of cracks appeared on the ground.

Who could've expected that Li Yunmu would directly pounce on Huan Beichen who had just appeared out of the dragon mist without any notion to attack.

Not only were Hai Yue and Ji Wuxin caught off guard, even Huan Beichen was flabbergasted. He became extremely furious. How long? He couldn't remember how long it had been since the time he started cultivating that someone had had the guts to provoke him.

This Li Yunmu had a fortuitous encounter and some strength, yet he was thinking of challenging him.

"Great courage, since you have decided to take the initiative, then don't blame me for chopping you down in front of the flux ancestor's personification without caring for the general circumstances," Huan Beichen furiously bellowed.

However, Li Yunmu's speed was too fierce. Although there was quite a distance between the two of them, Li Yunmu unleashed the Spirit Pincer Step, and with giant pincers, he rushed towards his target in large strides as booms echoed in his wake.