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283 Ignite, My Sun!

When Li Yunmu suddenly took action, this spelled suffering to the remaining people. This was because woon, Ge Ya, Hai Yue, Ji Wuxin, these super Overlord level characters also chased after Li Yunmu, forcing the rest to strain themselves to keep pace. 

However, since Li Yunmu had unleashed his Ghostly Evasion, how could those people catch up to him? 

In the blink of an eye, the seventy something people were immediately divided into different groups. The group of people who could barely match the speed of Li Yunmu included only Ge Ya, Hai Yue, and Ji Wuxin. Behind them there was another group of four, while the third group had even more people following behind them. 

Those at the far back quickly lagged behind, unable to keep pace with the people in the front. 

At this time, the first group that included Hai Yue was extremely astonished—Li Yunmu's Ghostly Evasion was just too fast. It was fast to the extent that even these super Overlords began to feel pressure to keep pace with him. 

"What sort of technique is this person using? How can it be so fast? It's even faster compared to when Devil was using it. Argh!"

Ge Ya's temperament wasn't very good, and he had been the first to chase after Li Yunmu. 

He had wanted to make him the scapegoat who would clear the path for them. Initially, he thought it was good opportunity, but before even a few minutes had passed, he discovered that he had greatly underestimated the other party's speed. 

From the beginning, Ge Ya had burst forth with his full strength, yet he could barely keep up. Soon, after using his full strength, he discovered that he didn't have the strength to continue on, able to only blankly look at Li Yunmu quickly pulling away from him and disappearing within the black mist. 

It wasn't like Ge Ya wasn't knowledgeable about people with great speeds. After all, Devil had been publicly acknowledged as the fastest person in the Fifth Dimension. 

However, this had been before the signs of the Heavenly Transformation, when most powerful people of the Fifth Dimension hadn't yet revealed themselves. At that time, Ge Ya had been extremely confident about his speed, too. 

He was convinced that if he burst forth at his full speed and employed a movement technique, then his speed wouldn't be much inferior to that of Devil. He was thus now completely shaken by the speed displayed by Li Yunmu. 

This rookie character Li Yunmu, how exactly did he cultivate? His strength was simply unbelievable. He not only possessed a terrifying defense, but had also concealed such a terrifying speed. 

It was way faster than what Devil had ever showed!

Finally, Ge Ya also renounced. He slowed down and then halted. At this time, the sound of air being cleaved reached his ears and an azure flood wave rushed past him. 

It was Hai Yue. 

At this moment, Hai Yue was using a secret skill. She had already removed her shoes and was rushing forth using an azure flood wave, which made it look like she was floating. However, her speed wasn't slow, and she quickly passed Ge Ya. Surprisingly, she still had the energy to go after Li Yunmu. 

Ge Ya received a psychological blow.

He knew he possessed great strength and battle prowess, but when he saw Hai Yue standing upon the azure flood wave and rushing forth, it was as if his mind had fallen into a ninth level of hell. 

This was the power of Ocean Temple's foundation and reserves. 

Hai Yue had always been a person of few words and never appeared in the limelight, but when she displayed her strength at the crucial moment, it made Ge Ya feel feel inferior. 

She was definitely using a supreme sage level technique. This secret technique could be said to have surpassed the level of ordinary flux cultivation battle skills and entered an entirely different level. 

"Ge Ya, you can only give up."

Before long, Ji Wuxin's wretched voice reached his ears. 

Ge Ya wasn't on good terms with this woman since long ago. If not for the fact that he couldn't see through her strength, he would have made her experience why flowers are so red.

Right then, however, he could only look with his eyes wide open as she quickly flashed past him. An instant before, she had still been behind him, but the next instant she was way ahead, appearing a hundred meters in front of him as if she had rushed forward like a falling meteor, with her figure flashing a few times in succession. 

"Battle God Martial Step, you actually cultivate Battle God Martial Step!"

Ge Ya recalled something and understanding immediately flooded him. 

Unexpectedly this Ji Wuxin has been handed the Battle God Martial Spep. Then is that Zhan Wuya only a nominal representative of Battle God? What exactly is going on here?

"Good, good, good, so you're the true successor of Battle God," Ge Ya loudly yelled out from behind. 

He used to believe that whether in terms of strength or determination, he wouldn't lose to anyone. But damn it, this time he had lost to the reserves of the transcending powers. 

Ge Ya who had lagged behind was finally left alone. At this moment, he suddenly felt something and quickly surveyed his surroundings. An unprecedented fear flashed onto his face. 

"Oh, no—" he begun to say in a broken voice, but he was cut off, and the next instant, he disappeared. 


At this time, Li Yunmu with his Tyrant Body, activated completely, sometimes resembled a load of melted iron while at other times appeared like a small ball of fire rushing forward. 

With Ghostly Evasion at the tenth level, just as Ge Ya had noticed, it was more than triple the speed which Devil had reached. The two of them were on completely different levels. 

But this still wasn't Li Yunmu's peak speed. In order to preserve his strength, he was only displaying the strength of the fifth level of Ghostly Evasion. 

But even then, it was sufficient to cause Hai Yue and Ji Wuxion to grow apprehensive.

Regardless of whether it was the flood wave or Battle God Martial Step, both of them were presently using supreme level techniques, yet could barely match pace with a rookie who had been cultivating for just half a year. 

But how could they know that Li Yunmu didn't need to adjust his mental state to cultivate a secret technique nor practice it for a long time. How could they know that as long as he had enough ability points, he could instantly cultivate to the tenth level or even higher?

The three of them were moving in a row, traversing through the dragon mist which kept getting thicker with each passing moment. 

A minute passed. Under normal circumstances, the three of them would've certainly crossed more than a hundred kilometers with this speed, but who could say if that was true. The sense of something being wrong here only kept growing within Li Yunmu, for even after he had used Ghostly Evasion for a long time, the surroundings hadn't changed much. 

How is that possible? The Black Dragon Island could only be so big... Could it be that I've really entered some sort of maze?

Li Yunmu's heart grew cold. But at this moment, he recalled the principle of absolute strength which the system had explained to him previously. 

That's right, it doesn't matter whether I've entered some sort of illusionary maze or the Black Dragon Island is larger than anyone could've imagined, why should I care about these mysteries.

I will unleash my strength to the pinnacle and break through it all. 

As Li Yunmu comprehended the meaning of absolute strength more and more, he realized that it wasn't as simple as it might seem at first glance.

If he had attained the level of being called absolute in terms of speed, then regardless of whether it was an illusion or reality, regardless of what trapped him, he could use that absolute speed to break through it. 

Reaching this conclusion, he hardened his resolve.

"Ignite! Burn it all, my sun!" dye her in blood