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282 Courting Death

After experiencing the sudden shock, Li Yunmu forced himself to calm down. What concerned Demon and Li Qinghong, as well as the other contestants who had disappeared without any trace, he didn't believe that they were dead. Either they had accidently entered a place of illusions or their disappearance was just a temporary one and nothing more.

He turned his head to look back and saw that Barbarian Niu, who had cried out when Li Qinghong disappeared, also couldn't be seen anymore.

Li Yunmu once again surveyed the group of contestants around him. The originally large group had already fragmented. Because of the single event, close to half of the contestants were gone.

So many people had disappeared in front of everyone's eyes, yet not one had seen the slightest hint of anything.

It doesn't matter.

Although Li Yunmu had lost the protection of little shadow ancestor, after being in daze during the initial moments, by then he had completely calmed down.

All the mental and soul related attacks were effective toward him, but also ineffective at the same time. These attacks could affect his mind, but if the enemy wished to take his life, then they would still have to attack his physical body.

In this world, he hadn't yet encountered many people who had the power to ignore his defenses and directly erase his soul.

Since this was the case, then as long as he had his absolute defense, why should he be flustered? As long as he advanced forward, the worst outcome would be that he might get trapped and nothing more.

Li Yunmu also stopped worrying about his three followers for the time being. He had faith in them. And besides, they were only followers; they were supposed to protect him and not the other way around. He quickly advanced toward the remaining contestants who hadn't disappeared yet.

Gradually, those who hadn't disappeared reached a tacit understanding and joined each other to form a large group.

"This isn't an attack on one's soul, I'm certain of that."

Fortunately for the remaining people, Hai Yue hadn't disappeared.

Among all the people present here, her cultivation in the aspect of soul and spirit was the most profound. When she looked at Li Yunmu walking calmly toward them, a hint of surprise appeared on her face.

This was because she discovered that this person who had lagged behind in the second test had no hint of alarm on his face at this moment.

Quickly, the group began to advance forward at a slow pace under the leadership of Hai Yue.

Ye Qing had also disappeared durign this catastrophe, as well as Man Tian, Xiye Hanbei, Zhan Wuya!

While all the contestants were advancing forward cautiously, Ji Wuxin, the disciple of War God Temple, came to Li Yunmu's side and asked in low whisper so that only the two of them could hear it, "Mysterious Li Sect's disciple, are you representing your Li Sect or Battle Sage Vega?"

Li Yunmu wasn't in the mood to deal with Ji Wuxin's probing and bluntly replied, "Representing? None of them, I represent myself."

His words were filled with confidence, even if they were only halfway right. What did Battle Sage Vega or the humanity of the fifty-fifth Earth have to do with him? His aim for descending to the origin world was just to gain the slightest chance for himself.

If not for that, why would he take the initiative to become someone else's chess piece. He could've just stayed within the Fifth Dimension until he had accumulated sufficient strength to advance to the Sixth Dimension without needing to fear the fluxers there. Wouldn't that have been the best choice for him then?

"What a pity, you originally had the chance to replace Zhan Wuya and become the core of our War God Temple," the woman, Ji Wuxin, said.

Li Yunmu didn't reply, but he had clearly underestimated Ji Wuxin's schemes. She continued to speak, as if not sensing his disinterest. "You still have a chance, though. After descending to the origin world, when you find the limit of the assistance provided to you by the Li Sect or Battle Sage Vega, come find me.

"But pay attention, you should only find me and must not speak to Zhan Wuya."

After she finished speaking, she didn't wait for Li Yunmu to respond and quickly left his side.

As the more than a hundred contestants whose nerves had been stretched taut continued to advance, they began to relax. The strange disappearances seemed to have stopped. For a long time, no one else went missing.

The people still present were no longer able to look after their companions, so they followed closely behind Hai Yue, trying to reach the dragon's tail.

After a long while, Hai Yue suddenly felt that something was odd. She swiftly turned around to look at the back, and her complexion turned deathly pale.

Disappearances, those strange disappearances had started up again after stopping for a time.

Moreover, this time, the phenomenon became even more dreadful. Originally, their group was composed of around one hundred and thirty something contestants who were hurrying forward, but when she turned around to look at the back, several tens of them had already disappeared. Furthermore, it happened even more quickly and silently.

Even before Hai Yue, who had been advancing very cautiously, could sense anything, close to half the group had already disappeared. Instantly, the nerves of the remaining people already reached their limits, and the people's mental fortitude came close to crumbling!

Although the people here were all proud sons and daughters of heavens from the six continents and possessed great talent and ability as well as had a unique aspect to their strength, their mental fortitude was quite inferior compared to their formidable strength. They appeared to be dazzling characters from outside, but the majority of them had just been bitterly cultivating their entire lives and hadn't experienced many trials of the outside world.

"I want to return, I don't want to descend, I only wish to return to the familiar world."

A young female fluxer lost her control.

They hadn't descended yet, but only seventy something people of their group of three hundred and ten remained? The pressure exerted by this strange phenomenon exceeded the limits of many people's mental endurance.

But this female fluxer wasn't done yelling when everyone discovered that they couldn't hear her voice anymore.

Within a split second, all the remaining contestants turned completely silent.

"Hey, wasn't the Black Dragon Island only supposed to be three hundred something kilometers long? Given how long we've been walking, we should've already reached the tail."

Most of the contestants had already became mentally unstable, but the truly formidable people still maintained their calm. Ge Ya was also present within this group of people. When he saw the majority of people losing control, he sneered and a hint of disdain flashed on his face.

They kept advancing forward on their path, but Li Yunmu had a growing sensation that something wasn't right. According to reason, given their strength, their group should've covered the distance of several hundred kilometers long ago.

He was certain that they were moving in a straight line, however, their surroundings hadn't changed much.

What did this mean?

There were two possibilities. First, they were at the same place and had made no progress. Second, Black Dragon Island was larger compared to how it appeared on the outside. They had actually covered more than five hundred kilometers, but the island's environment still displayed no change.

There were only these two sensible explanations about why their surroundings weren't changing even after they had walked so much.

Li Yunmu was no longer willing to continue acting passively. In any case, what could happen to him? He firmly believed the system's opinion that in front of absolute power, all threats were just fleeting clouds.

He suddenly activated his tyrant body. He suddenly turned red like melted pig iron. Formidable people like Ge Ya, Hai Yue, Ji Wuxin sensed this sudden transformed and immediately looked at him.

"What are you doing?" Hai Yue asked, puzzled.

"I want to see what sort of mystery this Black Dragon Island contains."

Li Yunmu sneered, and the next instant, he unleashed Ghostly Evasion and transformed into a black ray, which instantly left them everyone far behind under the cover of the black mist.

His thinking was very simple. Since the situation couldn't be changed with him acting passively, then he would take the initiative in his own hands. Whether they were just stuck within the same region or this Black Dragon Island was larger than they had imagined, he would solve this riddle using the speed of Ghostly Evasion.

"Nice guts, youngster, you surprisingly dare to court death here. Let's follow him. Someone cutting the path open for us is not something we can get easily."

When Ge Ya looked at Li Yunmu's brazen actions, his strength also surged greatly and he chased after the other.

"All of us should follow."

A hint of hesitation flashed past Hai Yue's face, but the next instant, she decided to unleash her maximum speed to chase after Ge Ya and Li Yunmu.