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281 Strange Disappearances

As more and more time passed since the contestants had entered the dragon's mouth, they began to gradually relax.

However, how could this final test be so simple?

The people who were of the cautious type certainly didn't think it could. They didn't relax in the slightest, instead becoming more and more vigilant. If this place was so simple, then why would the quasi deities have made them go through the previous two tests.

Sure enough, fifteen minutes things changed.

As everyone went deeper and deeper into the dragon, the black dragon mist surrounding them became more and more profound. Everyone's senses grew weaker with each step, while their visibility was gradually restricted to a distance of ten meters.

Under this situation, if any dimensional beast of the Black Dragon Island attacked them, it could definitely catch them unaware.

What caused the contestans' hearts to palpate twas that as the dragon mist grew more profound, the degree of suppression on flux energy grew increasingly more severe. Among the three hundred and one contestants, the group with the weakest foundation and least pure flux energy became unable to endure anymore.

They had no option other than removing their flux energy protective covers, the most fundamental layer of defense which could act as a cushion.

After a minute passed since then, the degree of suppression on flux energy became so great that the majority of contestants were forced to remove their first layer of defense, the flux energy cover.

There were barely forty or fifty people with the firm enough foundation to support their full defenses.

Li Yunmu's group was part of these forty-fifty people. Dread filled the hearts of others at the sight of this.

If only Li Yunmu had been able to endure to this stage, then others certainly wouldn't make a fuss. But… Li Qinghong, Demon, and Barbarian Niu's performance was even more formidable compared to the majority of contestants. This really made many people feel discouraged.

"Li Yunmu has definitely discovered a King's True Territory. He and his followers have all surprisingly congealed king crystal armor."

Some attentive people had already connected the facts. King crystal armor was congealed by only few fluxers, but today, among the group of the most powerful Flux Disciples from all the six continents, this number certainly wasn't small.

After all, this group of people were those standing above all the flux disciples on Earth.

However, when Li Yunmu and his followers used their crystal armor, they looked excessively extravagant. Instantly, some people guessed that the group had discovered a King's True Territory.

If this news had been revealed at ordinary times, then he would've certainly been attacked by many people for harboring such a precious treasure. But right then, most people didn't have this notion.

The most important thing in their eyes at this moment was to reach the goal of descending into the origin world after clearing this round.

Like Battle God had said previously, all of them represented the future of the fifty-fifth earth's humanity. Any internal strife now would only weaken their overall strength.

Most representatives of various powers already knew that after they descended to the main world, they would not only have to confront the threat of the natives of that world, they would also have fight against enemies from the other sixty-five projected Earths.

Thus, everyone had gathered together now. Even if they had some enmity between them, they acted rationally, suppressing their grievances for the time being.

"I can't hold on anymore. My flux energy is quickly withering. Brother Bai Mu, I would request your help now."

Finally, after another fifteen minutes, one of the contestants was no longer able to endure it. He not only removed the flux energy protective cover, but also withdrew his flux energy crystal armor. This action signified that from now on, not only would his combat strength decrease greatly, but he would also lose all protection they gave him.

He basically turned into a weakling. If he hadn't cultivated a body tempering technique, then his strength wouldn't be much higher than that of powerful ordinary people. An ordinary sharp sword could easily deal with him.

However, this contestant was fortunate, because his companion was an Overlord who had formidable strength. Bai Mu was walking with alertness in front of him, to obstruct any danger that might come his way.

"According to rumors, Brother Bai Mu's sense of justice is incomparable. Today, I have the fortune to witness that it is exactly so…"

Ye Qing, this restless person, attracted attention regardless of where he was. It seemed like he had come up with many schemes and had great ambitions regarding this descend, as he kept wandering between the small groups of contestants, taking the initiative to form friendly relations with everyone. 

At this moment, seeing the opportunity, he walked toward the Overlord named Bai Mu and took the initiative to make friends. However, the next moment, the words he had prepared to say got stuck in his throat, and he began to tremble. With both his eyes open wide, he shouted out, "Not good, Brother Bai Mu has disappeared!"

Ye Qing was the first person who had discovered Bai Mu's disappearance. He loudly yelled out, which instantly caused everyone's hair to stand up.

"How is it possible, Bai Mu had extraordinary strength! How could he disappear in the blink of an eye?"

Many people weren't convinced, but with the dragon mist obstructing their vision, they could only question in loud voices.

"I-I personally saw him walking in front of me, and then he suddenly disappeared," Ye Qing said with absolute certainty, and at the same time, he continuously retreated, returning to the protection of his two companions. 

Suddenly, another contestant, standing not too far away, started yelling.

"Ahh, Feng Huang has also disappeared! What sort of demonic place is this, she was just walking by my side? I was distracted for just a moment, then when I turned again, she was gone without a trace!"

Soon after, all the contestants began to experience the nightmare of their companions disappearing one by one.

"Master, Demon cannot be found," Li Qinghong, who had been walking behind, said to Li Yunmu. She was sticking so close to him that he could even feel her firm bosom.

But the words uttered by Li Qinghong at this moment caused Li Yunmu's blood to run cold. Demon? Cannot be found?

He quickly turned around to look, and sure enough, of the three followers that had been walking less than one meter behind him, only two people remained. Neither Li Qinghong nor Barbarian Niu had any idea when Demon had disappeared.

"System, what exactly is going on here, is it due to some illusions?"

In terms of physical strength and defense, he had become invincible long ago. But what he was afraid of, had happened. His weakest point was related to the soul type attacks, and that's where he'd been struck.

This was the only region which he had not strengthened. While strengthening the twelve rainbow light crystal armor, if he had strengthened the celestial point in the brain five times, then he certainly wouldn't be facing this situation now.

However he had chosen to strengthen the heart stimulation position five times, and the little shadow ancestor had entered the snake scale of Goddess Medusa, so he now had a glaring flaw in his defense.

Right then, he took note of an even more terrifying thing—because of the cover of dragon mist, he had lost all connection to the system.

At this moment, Barbarian Niu spoke up behind him. "Not good, Qinghong sis also disappeared."