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280 Taking Possession of Refining Pagoda

Barbarian Niu also made his decision at this time. He decided to advance with the test and, thus, repeatedly reminded Lin Jian, "Blade Overlord, I request you to take care of my younger sister on this side."

"You don't need to worry, leave all the matters of this world to me, Nangong Gongzi, and the others."

Then, Lin Jian left the black cover with complex emotions filling his heart.

No one had expected that a follower would surprisingly have the right to make a choice. The majority of people couldn't understand Li Yunmu's way of thinking.

Another one forfeited, bringing the number of forfeiters to nine. This left three hundred and one contestants to push onward.

"Then let's continue with the third round. I wish good luck to you all. When you reach the origin world, I hope will all remember to act as one. Regardless of which organization of the six continents you come fromt, you all represent the hope of our fifty-fifth earth's humanity."

Battle God concluded his speech, and the next instant, the black protective cover dispersed, allowing Li Yunmu and other three hundred contestants see the depths of the Black Dragon Island.

Currently, they were located at the head of the Black Dragon. If they entered the depths, they would be going through the large mouth of the enormous black dragon.

This time's test, as the Alliance's representative had informed them, was to use all methods available to them and reach the rear part of this black dragon. In other words, they needed to reach the black dragon's tail.

To reach the eastern end from the western end of Black Dragon Island required one to move past two hundred and seventy-two kilometers.

But could this test be so simple?

If the final test had been so simple, it wouldn't have caused the masters of the six transcending powers to appear together. Before the start, Li Yunmu and the other contestants were provided with a small insignia by the Alliance's representative.

The number fifty-five was engraved upon the insignia by some special method, and on the rear part, there was a famous sacred mountain rising out of the ocean. This mountain was the highest peak on earth and thus represented their world. It was known as "Sacred Beast Mountain". 

During the dark ages, this Sacred Beast Mountain was the habitat of the sage beasts which were only exterminated by the unwavering persistence of humans.

From then on, this highest mountain peak came to be known as the Sacred Beast Mountain. It had been the home to countless sage beasts as well as the sacred place which was the best representative of this world.

Thus, the contestants were all familiar with the number fifty-five at the front as well as the picture of Sacred Beast Mountain at the rear.

The number fifty-five represents our world's position and the Sacred Beast Mountain represents the highest peak in the world which is the best picture to represent our world.

Many people clearly understood the meaning of the insignia.

It didn't possess any special functions and was only an identification symbol. However, it had the power to remind all the contestants that in the end, they were all fighting for the same goal.

Only the small group of people who weren't aligned with any strong powers felt that there was some unfathomable mystery behind the number fifty-five.

But at this time, the third round had already began.

Almost all contestants chose to form groups. Social gathering was innate to humans, and under this sort of unknown circumstances, forming groups was the best choice.

Li Yunmu with his three followers entered the depths of the Black Dragon Island along with everyone. The people watching the live broadcast followed departing people with their eyes, the figures growing blurry as they advanced. Finally, their silhouettes disappeared within the dragon mist.

"It's as I expected. This dragon mist is indeed too queer, I can sense that I won't be able to use my flux energy as effectively as before."

As the contestants entered the dragon's mouth, the black fog continued to grow thicker and thicker, limiting the visibility to several tens of meters. Even fluxers who were said to have keener senses than ordinary people could barely see past thirty meters.

This black fog was known as dragon mist by the people.

When the Black Dragon Island was a forbidden island, even if a battle sage entered the dragon mist, he would also lose his life. But presently, the masters of the six transcending powers had joined hands to use some special method to remove the seal.

The Flux Disciples were able to enter the dragon mist, but they soon discovered the suppression of their flux energy. As they went deeper, the degree of suppression grew stronger.

It now made sense why the previous two tests were physical strength test and soul strength test. In all likelihood, they were just a preparation for this final test.

The people who couldn't clear those tests would basically be crippled after entering the depths with the dragon mist.

"The higher the cultivation base, the stronger the suppression. I've just confirmed that although some seals in this forbidden island have been removed, not all of them are gone, so only we can enter. If a Flux Master entered here, the outcome would probably be the same as before—they would wander lost here till the moment they died."

Any contestant who had reached this level could be considered one of the formidable flux disciples of the six continents, so naturally, they were quite knowledgeable.

Quickly, they speculated, analyzed, and concluded the present situation of the Black Dragon Island.

By now, the three hundred and one contestants had all separated into groups of twos and threes. There was almost no person that was acting solitary.

Many people didn't understand much. According to them, if the three hundred and one contestants formed a group and advanced jointly, then this final test should be quite simple, right?

"Brother Li, we meet each other again."

At this moment, Ye Qing led two other contestants toward Li Yunmu.

Under the astounded gazes of many people, Ye Qing walked to Li Yunmu and quietly said, "I wonder if Brother Li has brought the Void Disk with himself?"

"I have it on me and can exchange at any time."

Li Yunmu wasn't afraid that the opponent would launch a sneak attack after coming close. No opponent would launch a sneak attack on a person who possessed such terrifying defense unless they had some mental illness.

"Wonderful. Brother Li indeed keeps his promises."

A shine immediately appeared in Ye Qing's eyes. He immediately took out the two parts of the Refining Pagoda as well as an original manuscript.

That's right, two parts of Refining Pagoda as well as an A grade battle skills complete manuscript of Chaotian Sect was the full price decided by the negotiation between Chaotian Sect and Li Yunmu.

Li Yunmu hinted at Li Qinghong, and she immediately understood what he wanted. She walked forward to take the original manuscript. After skimming through it, she nodded, implying that the other party's manuscript wasn't fake.

"Good. From now on, all the accounts between Brother Li and Chaotian Sect have been settled."

Both sides immediately completed the exchange within the dragon mist which was becoming thicker and thicker.

Ye Qing looked with delight at the Void Disk in his hand, and both his eyes began to shine. He seemed to be in a daze, thinking of something.

Li Yunmu also revealed a slight smile. Both parties were satisfied with the trade.

"Brother Qing, I'm slightly confused. You're about to descend into the main world, so don't tell me that you brought the other five transcending sage tools with you?" Li Yunmu asked, feigning stupidity.

"Ohh, this doesn't need to concern Brother Li. I have methods to deliver this back to the sect."

Ye Qing's expression hardened for an instant, then changed to the widest smile. He then immediately turned and walked away with his companions without bidding farewell.

"There is something wrong with this Ye Qing. It's impossible for him to deliver Void Disk back to the sect," Demon whispered faintly.

"Those two companions of his are also quite dangerous. I saw them at the death zone too," Li Yunmu agreed, nodding.

Last time, Li Yunmu hadn't attacked them because he had some apprehensions about their mysteriousness. Their presence made him uncomfortable.

At this instant, Li Yunmu suddenly thought of something.

Could Li Qinghong's previous words about Chaotian gathering six transcending sage tools to create a killing spell and becoming the seventh transcending power have been false?

Instantly, Li Yunmu had a dreadful premonition. This Ye Qing was probably bringing the six transcending tools into the origin world. What could Chaotian Sect be thinking about?