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"Come here for me," Li Yunmu commanded once more.

The mountain peak trembled, and unable to resist the power of the command, it began to rapidly flow toward Li Yunmu. Soon, it fell into his palm.

"Ehh, what is this?"

Li Yunmu opened his palm, but the enormous mountain peak from before couldn't be seen anymore. Only a ball of mud lay in his hand.

Li Yunmu applied some pressure on it, and the soil dripped away, revealing a fingernail-sized rhombus-shaped scale. It was deep green with some deep purple added to the mix, and it was clear at first glance that it was an extraordinary item.

Could it be that this scale belonged to Goddess Medusa?

Li Yunmu was slightly shaken, but the female ancestor had no such emotions. After having waited by the side for a long time, she could no longer control herself and transformed into a black light that rushed into the scale.

Even though Li Yunmu tried to stop her, he couldn't do it in time.

"F*ck this, I've completely lost all connection with the little shadow ancestor."

Li Yunmu was extremely astonished as well as baffled.

The little shadow ancestor had disappeared. After she entered the scale, it was as if she had entered another dimension. This was the first time Li Yunmu had completely lost all connection with her.

This piece of scale, what exactly is it?

Why was the little shadow ancestor so excited about it? And why as soon as she saw it, she rushed inside without caring for anything else? Li Yunmu had not the slightest idea about how to answer these questions.


Once the source of energy holding the dreamland disappeared, the world and the sky collapsed, and the dreamland shattered. When Li Yunmu opened his eyes again, he discovered that he had already returned to the outside world.

"One hundred sixty-seventh contestant, Central Continent's Li Yunmu has passed the second round."

When Li Yunmu awakened, he immediately heard the loud voice of the Alliance representative declaring his rank.

More than a hundred people had awakened before Li Yunmu, but he was completely indifferent toward it. He had reaped good harvest from the test. As for his rank, it was useless.

With the little shadow ancestor by his side, if he had wanted to break from the dreamland, he would've just needed to wish for it. If not for the little shadow ancestor noisily insisting that he should reach the mountain, he would've been the first person to clear this round.

Wait a minute, mountain, scale, the little shadow ancestor entering the scale… What about the scale I obtained in the dream?

Li Yunmu didn't care about the peculiar gazes of the people around him in the least and immediately opened his hand to take a look. To his surprise, he discovered that his hand was completely empty. There was nothing in it.

Then, when he was suffering from the unspeakable despair of having lost not only the treasure but the little female ancestor as well, a faint flicker of a peculiar light came from his palm.

A green snake scale with purple designs on it suddenly appeared in the hollow of his hand. It was real! The snake scale which he had grabbed in the dream was surprisingly genuine and had somehow merged with the hollow of his palm.

That meant that the little shadow ancestor was still in his possession. At this moment, Li Yunmu had a feeling that she had discovered something unknown to him within.

But as long as the snake scale was under his control, the little shadow ancestor would return. It was something he was sure of instinctually.

Li Yunmu had been quite late in waking up. By this time, many people had already cleared the test. When he surveyed his surroundings, he discovered that even of his four followers who were participating in the Continental Battle, three had woken up before him. Li Qinghong, Lin Jian, and Demon had come to his side, which only left Barbarian Niu.

At this moment, the few quasi deities who were paying attention to Li Yunmu, couldn't help but sigh. Li Yunmu's strength had increased at an unusually terrifying rate. Even the word 'abnormal' could be used to describe it. th his unparalleled defense as well as the Great Sun reaching the major threshold.

His unparalleled defense as well as his Great Sun reaching a major threshold made even the quasi deities sitting on the platform think highly of him, but the soul strength test had caused all of them to shake their heads simultaneously.

Two hours and thirty six minutes to clear the second test? 167th rank?

No one had anticipated that Li Yunmu, who had shown so much potential and strength previously, would surprisingly slip up in the soul strength test. Although he had passed, his performance fell way short of everyone's expectations.

After all, the soul strength test's meaning was to test the strength of one's soul. It included one's resolve and perception, willpower as well as mental fortitude.

This test was extremely complex and more important than the previous one.

If the first test showed the probability of the contestant being able to enter the sage layer in the future, then the soul strength test revealed whether that person would be able to congeal his sacred domain and become a real domain sage.

If one couldn't congeal a domain and become a battle sage, then there was no need to even speak of reaching the next layer and becoming a quasi deity. As for the level above that, it shouldn't even be mentioned.

"Haha, apparently Li Yunmu is quite impressive, but it's all useless. His mental fortitude is this weak. I'm quite disappointed to have thought of him as a formidable opponent previously."

Ge Ya began to laugh, while Xiye Hanbei revealed a hint of disappointment mixed with disdain. Before today, he had treated this newcomer fluxer as a rival since he'd made him feel a sense of oppression, but only disappointment was now left in his heart.

"Elder sister, this is the first time you've made an error in judgement," Qing Yue said in faint voice to her sister Hai Yue.

When Hai Yue looked at Li Yunmu's expressions, a hint of suspicion rose in her heart. But she didn't say anything, even if she trusted her intuition. Previously, when Man Tian and the others had felt that Li Yunmu wasn't an opponent on the same level as them, she had sensed that he wasn't so simple.

Now that he revealed such a big weakness, she couldn't understand the situation.

"I hadn't expected that the person considered to be the most difficult to kill in the Fifth Dimension would have such a huge weakness. Interesting, truly interesting."

Although Ye Qing didn't reveal his feelings, he began to scheme inwardly .

Li Yunmu had spoilt the plans of the Chaotian Sect many times by then, and the hatred born from it was irreconcilable. Everything they had done till now was just for appearances. There was no way they could establish a friendly relation with someone who'd foiled them so many times.

At this moment, each of the contestants sitting in front of the sculpture was quick witted, and all of them were thinking about the same thing.

In fact, all the people who had qualified for the Continental Battle could be considered rivals. Once an Overlord level character revealed such a huge weakness, many noted it down.

Li Yunmu's wasn't feeling good, either. He had really reached his current level very quickly; it wasn't that long that he'd started his cultivation.

The weakness of his soul had always been a problem. Previously, with the little shadow ancestor by his side, he could ignore everything, but things had changed now. Due to the scale he obtained within the dream, he lost the protection of the little shadow ancestor for the time being.

Whether it was a bane or a boon, only time could tell!